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Death of retired Kent firefighter considered first line of duty death this year

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on June 7, 2012 at 5:23 pm with 9 Comments »
June 7, 2012 5:23 pm

A retired Kent firefighter died Wednesday, and officials said his is the first line of duty death this year.

Ernie Rideout died of multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that affects white blood cells and bone marrow.

The department said his cancer was contracted due to his profession, which is why his death is considered to be in the line of duty. Rideout will be honored at next year’s state Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service.

He joined the Kent Fire Department in 1978 and spent 32 years with the department.

In addition to working as a firefighter-engineer and deputy fire marshal, Rideout served in the fire prevention division and was responsible for checking fire safety systems in new constructions and remodels.

He retired in July 2010.

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  1. family_man says:

    I read what was written – I don’t know if I understand/agree the term of line of duty death – but it is still great that they will honor him. 32 years is a long time to devote yourself to helping people.

  2. Pecksbadboy says:

    According to the Mayo Clinic:

    Although the exact cause isn’t known, doctors do know that multiple myeloma begins with one abnormal plasma cell in your bone marrow

    Genetic abnormalities associated with multiple myeloma include:

    A defect related to chromosome 14 in which a piece of one chromosome moves to a different chromosome (translocation)
    Extra copies of certain chromosomes (hyperdiploidy)
    An abnormality in which part or all of chromosome 13 is missing.

    This sounds nothing of a worked related death.

  3. deanfuller says:

    According to the State of Washington, specifically RCW 51.32.185, multiple myeloma is considered to have been acquired on the job, as a firefighter, unless proven otherwise. The burden would be on the state to prove otherwise. This is why the death is referred to as line of duty; death due to a disease acquired on the job.

  4. papasan says:

    Thank you, deanfuller for patching up the holes.

  5. Good grief people! The firefighter served 32 years and gave his life doing so.

  6. Pecksbadboy says:

    I am sure they will not bother to do testing, just make sure the family get extra compensation and sympathies for the public.

    Who cares we charge the public,they fall for anything.

  7. Pecksbadboy says:

    (1) In the case of firefighters as defined in *RCW 41.26.030(4) (a), (b), and (c) who are covered under Title 51 RCW and firefighters, including supervisors, employed on a full-time, fully compensated basis as a firefighter of a private sector employer’s fire department that includes over fifty such firefighters, there shall exist a prima facie presumption that: (a) Respiratory disease; (b) any heart problems, experienced within seventy-two hours of exposure to smoke, fumes, or toxic substances, or experienced within twenty-four hours of strenuous physical exertion due to firefighting activities; (c) cancer; and (d) infectious diseases are occupational diseases under RCW 51.08.140. This presumption of occupational disease may be rebutted by a preponderance of the evidence. Such evidence may include, but is not limited to, use of tobacco products, physical fitness and weight, lifestyle, hereditary factors, and exposure from other employment or nonemployment activities.

    (2) The presumptions established in subsection (1) of this section shall be extended to an applicable member following termination of service for a period of three calendar months for each year of requisite service, but may not extend more than sixty months following the last date of employment.

    (3) The presumption established in subsection (1)(c) of this section shall only apply to any active or former firefighter who has cancer that develops or manifests itself after the firefighter has served at least ten years and who was given a qualifying medical examination upon becoming a firefighter that showed no evidence of cancer. The presumption within subsection (1)(c) of this section shall only apply to prostate cancer diagnosed prior to the age of fifty, primary brain cancer, malignant melanoma, leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bladder cancer, ureter cancer, colorectal cancer, multiple myeloma, testicular cancer, and kidney cancer.

    (4) The presumption established in subsection (1)(d) of this section shall be extended to any firefighter who has contracted any of the following infectious diseases: Human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, all strains of hepatitis, meningococcal meningitis, or mycobacterium tuberculosis.

    (5) Beginning July 1, 2003, this section does not apply to a firefighter who develops a heart or lung condition and who is a regular user of tobacco products or who has a history of tobacco use. The department, using existing medical research, shall define in rule the extent of tobacco use that shall exclude a firefighter from the provisions of this section.

    (6) For purposes of this section, “firefighting activities” means fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency medical services, rescue operations, hazardous materials response, aircraft rescue, and training and other assigned duties related to emergency response.

    (7)(a) When a determination involving the presumption established in this section is appealed to the board of industrial insurance appeals and the final decision allows the claim for benefits, the board of industrial insurance appeals shall order that all reasonable costs of the appeal, including attorney fees and witness fees, be paid to the firefighter or his or her beneficiary by the opposing party.

    (b) When a determination involving the presumption established in this section is appealed to any court and the final decision allows the claim for benefits, the court shall order that all reasonable costs of the appeal, including attorney fees and witness fees, be paid to the firefighter or his or her beneficiary by the opposing party.

    (c) When reasonable costs of the appeal must be paid by the department under this section in a state fund case, the costs shall be paid from the accident fund and charged to the costs of the claim.

  8. Pecksbadboy says:

    Pretty open ended………..

    Another joke on the tax payers

  9. Numerous studies have proven that the risk of being diagnosed with cancer is higher among firefighters than the general population. One such study, conducted in 2006 by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, reviewed 32 studies on firefighters to determine the cancer risk. The study’s results confirmed previous findings of an elevated risk for multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, prostate, and testicular cancers. Eight additional cancers were listed as having a “possible” association with firefighting. In a three-year study completed in 2005 by the University of Cincinnati, researchers concluded that firefighters face a 102% greater chance of contracting testicular cancer than any other type of worker, a 53% greater chance of multiple myeloma, a 51% greater chance of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a 39% greater chance of skin cancer, a 32% greater chance of brain cancer, a 28% greater chance of prostate cancer, a 22% greater chance of stomach cancer, and a 21% greater chance of colon cancer. “Firefighters are exposed to numerous cancer-causing substances,” said head researcher Grace LeMasters. “I think obviously they have not got enough protection from that exposure. We feel that the protective gear that protects them from acute exposures, such as heat and carbon monoxide, doesn’t protect them from the chemical residues that cause cancer.”

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