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Maurice Clemmons’ sister to be released from prison after serving 2 years of a 5-year sentence

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on May 17, 2012 at 6:10 pm with 23 Comments »
May 17, 2012 6:10 pm

Cop-killer Maurice Clemmons’ sister will get out of prison in July after serving two years of the five-year prison sentence she received for helping her brother’s getaway driver following the massacre of four Lakewood police officers in November 2009.

The Lakewood Police Department issued a statement today saying it is “disappointed that LaTanya Clemmons is not being required to serve out the full term of her five-year sentence for her involvement in the case involving the murder of our four officers.”

Selena Davis, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections, said Clemmons, as a nonviolent offender, qualified for a 50-percent reduction in her sentence after behaving well in prison.

Further, Clemmons received credit for 301 days she spent in the Pierce County Jail awaiting trial and sentencing, Davis said.

The state Legislature recently reversed the law authorizing the 50-percent reduction but not until after Clemmons was sentenced, Davis said. The repeal was not made retroactive.

“Her release date is not ‘early,’ it is in accordance to law,” she said.

A Pierce County jury in June 2010 convicted LaTanya Clemmons of two counts of rendering criminal assistance.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Arend a week later gave her an exceptional sentence of five years in prison.

Prosecutors convinced jurors LaTanya Clemmons helped her brother’s friend, Dorcus Allen, evade police after he gave Maurice Clemmons a ride to and from a Parkland coffee shop where Clemmons gunned down Sgt. Mark Renninger and officers Tina Griswold, Greg Richards and Ronald Owens.

Maurice Clemmons later was shot and killed by a Seattle police officer following an intense two-county manhunt.

Renninger’s widow, Kim Renninger, told KIRO-TV on Thursday she’s learned that LaTanya Clemmons was moved to Ratcliff House, a work-release center in Seattle, six weeks ago. That means Latanya Clemmons can leave the facility during the day to go to her job and return at night.

“And she’s out walking the streets, pretty much free,” said Renninger, who told the station she’s “angry at the system” because Clemmons is not serving the full five years.

A Pierce County jury in May 2011 convicted Allen of being an accomplice to four counts of first-degree murder for helping Maurice Clemmons, and he is serving a 420-year prison sentence.

Four other people also were convicted and sentenced to prison for helping Maurice Clemmons in the wake of the massacre.

The News Tribune could not determine late Thursday what their prison release dates would be.


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  1. justmyopinion01 says:

    Well, yes it IS an early release date. Just because its in accordance with the law doesn’t negate the fact that she is out before her full sentence has been served. They are following a law that allows for early release. It’s unforunate that the (now) repealed law doesn’t apply to this case, and there’s not much we can do about it now. But its disheartening she has been released so soon.

  2. weethepeople says:

    I remember watching a segment on 60 minutes about 20 years ago. A Mexican national said if your going to commit a crime, do it in the US. Not much has changed in 20 years.

  3. I hope people remember things like this when they vote in November. The legislature ultimately makes the rules, not the correctional facility.

  4. Rowdy_Rob says:

    Hug-A-Thug mentality continues from our fine elected officials…smh

  5. jeffm209 says:

    Too bad she wasn’t sentenced under common law. 5 years and out in 2?

  6. The irony here is that we vote these people in so they pass bills we complain about. Its about time the citizens of this state and country start taking responsibility for who they vote into office. How bout we start with vetting our current president a little better.

  7. skippythedog says:

    What’s the point of a sentence? A sentence length should be fixed. The only disincentive should be ADDED time for bad behaviour.

  8. johnnywombat says:


  9. Cut her some slack…she was a dupe. Are you a PERFECT Human being?

  10. killerdorito says:

    Where’s her photo? Just in case.

  11. justmyopinion01 says:

    ruckus…no, of course we are all far from perfect. But anyone who would assist people who murdered anyone let alone police officers is a sick, troubled, offensive individual. This is an example of a time I’m okay with sounding self righteous. Good people just wouldn’t do something like this.Explaining it away as she was a dupe? What a pathetic cop out. Why would anyone cut someone like her any slack? I cut slack to the victims, not the offenders. I’m not saying she needs to be killed or harmed or anything, that would be very wrong. But she deserves far more time behind bars than what she received.

  12. harleyrider1 says:

    Angry at the system? This is the system and has been in place for many, many years. In Washington state, the hug-me-sanctuary-state, any sentence given by a judge is automatically reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 if you “behave” in prison.

    Liberals like this. It makes them feel better for sending someone, anyone really, to prison.

    I don’t understand that type of thinking or those people. But it is why illegals from all Countries and felons from all states come here.

    Oh, that law could be easily changed, but then you would have to change the make-up of this state.

  13. modyfied says:

    Justice is cometh, and cometh soon. Patience.

  14. nofelonies says:

    blame, blame, blame…

  15. GeronimoV says:

    She served her time for what little she did. Legalistic justice has been satisfied, even if vengeful lust has not.

  16. Justice will come her way soon…she will re-offend. It is in her blood.

  17. hooks21 says:

    She will re-offend, it’s in her blood? I think helping out a killer is horrible, even if it was a family member, but seriously, it’s in her blood? Where do you get off?

  18. ozdaddy says:

    Last name Clemmons. Wasn’t that the worthless cop killer’s last name too? It would seem it’s in her blood.

  19. Ruckus must be a family member. How else do you explain your pathetic statement. She should rot in jail. The liberals are f…ing up our state, and our country. Think before you vote, please.

  20. Gregoire has the power to block and adjust the early release. But she won’t. Based on her recent morality decisions, we should not be surprised.

  21. NooWaay says:

    Absolute – bullcrappy…………….

    If we can’t even keep cop-killer helpers in jail – I fear greatly for the legal system….Oh – I forgot…..there’s lawyers and the law – and then there is justice….

    Never the twain shall meet…..

  22. bullman120 says:

    you go sista, all the way back to louisiana

  23. interWOLFone says:

    Sickening. Absolutely sickening. Every damned one of that family (or friends) who aided and abetted Clemmons should be down for the count.

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