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WHAT IS THAT: Police activity on Orchard

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 19, 2012 at 8:44 am with 14 Comments »
April 19, 2012 2:17 pm


Tacoma police have arrested a man suspected of crashing his vehicle, trying to hide stolen items and guns in nearby bushes and then running from officers this morning.

The man has since been booked into Pierce County Jail on suspicion of second-degree burglary, resisting arrest and possession of a stolen firearm.

Officers suspect the man was driving a pickup truck and towing another vehicle shortly before 7 a.m. today, police spokesman Mark Fulghum said. He lost control of the truck in the 3800 block of South Orchard Street, crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into the hillside.

The man got out and was reportedly trying to hide some items in the bushes, Fulghum said. The items included guns, at least one of which had been reported stolen.

When officers arrived, the man fought them off and ran into a heavily wooded area west of Orchard Street.

Officers found him a short time later. He again resisted arrest but was taken into custody, Fulghum said.


We’ve got a few emails/questions regarding police activity this morning on Orchard Street.

Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum reports officers responded to an accident. Officers spotted stolen items in one of the vehicles.

The occupants fled. Officers are looking for them now.

Orchard is closed at Emerson and at Center streets.

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  1. VNHLNFAN says:

    Drove by right when the 2 cops tried to detain the driver and they were no match for this guy.Looked like pretty intense situation.

  2. I could not return home after dropping off my daughter at school. The whole area was (is) tied up over some stolen property? I hope there is more to this than just leaving the scene of an accident and some petty theft charges. This has impacted the entire area, massive overreaction, school buses turned away, yet children still out waiting for them. Not to mention people walking their dogs within earshot of the scene.

  3. Same happened to me. The cops wouldnt let me go home as I live between the closed streets. I drove around in circles trying to find a way to get home. The guy at 7-11 said he was told the accident hit a power line and started a fire. I had to park on center street and sneak through apts to walk home because when I tried to talk to the officer in the unmarked car he screamed in my face and acted like he was trying to fight me. This is completely ridiculous.

  4. Maybe wait to judge until we have all of the answers. Put yourself in the cops’ shoes. Probably you getting to your home right now is the least of his worries. You’re interfering with a dangerous situation. People need to learn to chill out, go to the grocery store, go get a cup of coffee, whatever. Be flexible. And yes, I understand, maybe you were trying to get home to get changed for work. But I also understand that if the occupants of the car fled, there’s a reason. Perhaps once they ran those plates, they realized that these are some bad mamma jammas and this is a dangerous situation. So make the best of how the day is shaking out.

  5. JimmyJames says:

    The police are doing their job. Stay out of the area. We have no idea what the danger may be…..criticize them later if they deserve it.

  6. Stay out of the area? I live there. As I said earlier, there were several people on foot (not in uniform) milling about, curious I suppose, point being if the cops were trying to maintain a perimeter they were unsuccessful. The fact that children were left waiting at school bus stops in the area, leaves me to believe the public was not in any danger.

  7. I have to agree with Rj45acp. Who said I was “interfering with a dangerous situation”? I was not. I simply asked a lone cop that just pulled up in the middle of the street if I could drive my car a mere 50 feet, that was a long way from the crash site. A little lady with a small child does not deserve to be treated like a criminal. There were at least 30 kids I saw up and down the street waiting for their buses and people waiting for the city bus to go to work. If people lost their jobs to this, it’s a dang shame.

  8. gonefishin69690 says:

    “The man got out and was reportedly trying to hide some items in the bushes, Fulghum said. The items included guns, at least one of which had been reported stolen.” ……Now you whiners know why your lives were so inconveniently interrupted. And just think, had you been allowed in the area, this guy could have possibly used YOU, at gunpoint, to aid him in his getaway! Now THAT would have been an REAL inconvenience wouldn’t it?

  9. @gonefishin: Lucky for him that our paths did not cross, he would be residing in the morgue instead of the county jail. Had a Light Weight Combat Commander on this morning, and had not downed my first cup of coffee.

  10. Traci909 says:

    Lost job or lost life? For one, if something like this caused a person to lose their job, that job blew. Anyone that would fire someone for something like this out of their control is a jerk. But, if someone were to get killed, having a job wouldn’t matter to that person any more.

    You were probably being condescending, confrontational, and whiny. Maybe the cop was already having a bad day. Do you ever have a bad day? Do you ever get a little cranky when things are out of control at work?

    Furthermore, he was probably stressed out about how to get an out of control situation full of unpredictable children under control and keep everyone safe, including himself.

    “A little lady”? Geez, woman. Put your big girl panties on and be an adult. Like he should coddle you more than anyone just because you’re a little lady. For crying out loud. I don’t expect to be coddled because I have a uterus.

  11. surveyor1 says:

    angieT – You need to chill out. Did you not read the part about how the guy was resiting arrest, got away and was somewhere in the neighborhood? Oh yea, and how about the fact that he had guns?
    Maybe the police couldn’t keep everyone from being in the area, but they were trying to keep people from putting themselves in danger by traveling into an area that there was someone who possibly had a gun.

  12. gonefishin69690 says:

    Angiet must live in Fircrest.

  13. You all jumped the gun more than I had… We posted before the update. Talk about confrontational… Some other people need to chill. That said, my kids wait at the bus stop, so I am still a lil “whiny” about the way this was handled if in fact, a man was running loose with weapons. I understand they were doing their jobs and had considered what they went through, and highly respect the police force; It was a fact that the situation was handled poorly. Quit putting insinuations in the air. You missed a lot.

  14. Frankly123 says:

    I happened upon this scene too but don’t recall dozens of people/kids walking about. Still, immediately in this area are dozens of apartments. In that case, those people are already IN the perimeter and there’s no stopping lookie-loos. But that doesn’t mean then need or want more people entering the area, more movement, more distraction, more opportunity for the perp to escape. Hello…..he had guns and a stolen one at that! He resisted arrest! You think he’d hesitate to use you if needed?

    One aspect of law enforcement and the legal systems itself, is that if they error, they will error on the side of safety. If that’s inconvenient, so be it, and rightly so. You whiners know darn good and well that IF, you were let through or no perimeter were even attempted AND you ended up a victim in any form, whether the perp stole your car, assaulted you, held you captive or even damaged your precious property, that you’d be all fired up and ready to sue the police and city. Inconvenience is no reason to cry foul in this situation. I suppose if there were a bomb threat you’d just want to go get your purse, just for a minute and complain when they wouldn’t let you. Shame on you.

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