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UPDATED: Suspect still sought in deadly burglary at retired Puyallup officer’s home

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 5, 2012 at 9:00 am with 14 Comments »
April 5, 2012 2:08 pm

UPDATED at 2:07 p.m.

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies continue to search for a man suspected of taking part in a burglary Wednesday afternoon that left one of his accomplices dead.

Deputies know who they are looking for but haven’t found him yet, sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said today. The suspect’s identity has not yet been released to the public.

Meanwhile, a woman arrested on suspicion of taking part in the burglary made her first court appearance this afternoon. Prosecutors asked that she continued to be held as the Sheriff’s Department investigates the deadly shooting.

While the woman was being held in jail on suspicion of first-degree murder, chief criminal deputy prosecutor Phil Sorensen said prosecutors have not yet decided what charges she would face.

The woman’s arraignment was scheduled for Friday.

Investigators say four people – three men and the woman – went to the home of a retired Puyallup police officer about 4:20 p.m. Wednesday. The retired officer was asleep inside the home in the 14300 block of 134th Avenue East but woke up when he heard a noise.

The burglars had kicked in the door and were inside the house, Troyer said. The retired officer fired a gun at the intruders when one came at him with a crowbar.

The suspects – three men and a woman – left in a pickup truck.

The wounded burglar was dropped off at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup about 20 minutes later. He died shortly after 5 p.m.

The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office has not released any information about him. An autopsy is scheduled for today.

Officers found two of the other suspects in the truck in the hospital parking garage. The remaining suspect had jumped out of the truck at a gas station on the way to the hospital.

The woman was booked into the jail Wednesday night.

The man, who’s suspected of driving the getaway truck, was booked into the jail on suspicion of second-degree murder and first-degree robbery. Because he was booked after midnight, he will not make his first court appearance until Friday.

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  1. PiecesOfYou says:

    3 comments here:

    1) Why is she being charged with 1st degree murder and he’s not? It’s seems to me if they both willingly participated they should get equal charges.
    2) If the local LEO’s know who this offender is then post a picture (or wanted poster) of him so that we all know who to look for.
    I’m a concerned citizen and should be able to identify the suspect, the added bonus is if we all know what he looks like he can’t hide for long.
    And lastly to the retired officer, THANK YOU!! I’m very sorry you had to go through ( and will probably continue to go through) alot of emotional, mental, and legal issues now, but know that there is at least one person out here that loves you for taking a stand.

  2. rocketman says:

    Maybe some criminals will start realizing the public is sick and tired of being ripped off by lazy losers,Its not just the police and jail they have to be afraid of anymore,its citizens and death.learn it and live it scumbags.

  3. Can we get rid of this maurice loser please?

  4. Pat_riot says:

    Bravo.. now if all responsible citizens without criminal records would arm ourselves, and start killing these low life scumbag thieves on a more regular basis, we’d be a lot better off.

    Why is she charged with murder though? Who’d she kill.. I thought her accomplice was shot by the ex-cop?

  5. PiecesOfYou says:

    Pat- I think she may have been charged with murder because she was a willing accomplice in a felony which resulted in a death. At least that’s how my co-worker just explained it to me. I still don’t understand why she got the higher charge.

  6. HaleRevere says:

    So the ex-cop shoots and kills the perp who invaded his home, and the female accomplice gets the murder charge? Seriously? Am I reading this correctly? Somebody pinch me and tell me I’m dreaming!!!!!! This has to be the greatest example of poetic justice if ever there was any. This is too good to be true!!!!!
    Please let these charges stick. I’m not emotionally prepared for the disappointment that would result in a not-guilty verdict.

  7. ddavisnwdusa says:

    Yes, Please post a picture of this guy – This took place less than a mile from my house!
    My sympathy goes out to my neighbor….for having to defend himself in his own home! I have no sympathy for the 4 who were committing the crime.
    For those who advocate gun control – especially pistols, the best gun control – is hitting your target!
    Please take solice my neighbor, you have a lot of people behind you and will stand beside you – you did what the constitution allows you to do.
    Signed – A fellow Armed Citizen !

  8. NotPoliticallyCorrect says:

    In most cases, if there are multiple suspects, and somebody is killed in the act of committing a felony. As in this case, one of the suspects being killed, the others will face murder charges. Besides charging the suspects with the higher crime, can be downgraded. But they will most likely not be upgraded, as an example from manslaughter to murder.

  9. Maurice3 says:

    how do they even know the perp had a weapon? did he take it to the hospital with him? I smell another lying murdering pig!

  10. Alaska47 says:

    Too bad that the other three survived.At least one will not reoffend.

  11. pescatore says:

    @Maurice3 You my friend may want to have someone read to you RCW 9A.16.050 In case you don’t have any it basically states homicide is justifiable “when there is reasonable ground to apprehend a design on the part of the person slain to commit a felony or to do some great personal injury to the slayer or to any such person”. Note the part to commit a felony or do … injury. The unfortunate idiot that advanced on the retired officer did both. Home burglary is Class B felony, the ex officer had every right to blow all three of them away. Approaching him was his second and last mistake, at that point this class A idiot made his 2nd and last mistake. Never take a crowbar to a gunfight.

  12. #I.feel.the.struggle, don’t turn yourself in! Stay on The run. They won’t sho any love regardless. Ure gonna be parked when they catch u no matter what. So stay out any 1 and every 1s visual. Take care of everything u need to on the streets, get stuff organized incase they do catch u. Lawyer, phone numbers and addresses, money. All that. For some reason I think u had a reason to do what u did. Hopefully u take care of the things that mean the most to u, and are the most important before anything else happens. #don’t like this comment. Oh well. I say what I want. This is my opinion. So eat it! BizLaddin

  13. kristinasunshine says:

    jayshun… Shut up.

  14. I’m pretty sure the woman had entered the home and the other guy must have stayed in to vehicle. So this is why she is being charged with more.

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