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UPDATED: Homeowners with guns confront burglars in Gig Harbor, Bonney Lake

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 5, 2012 at 10:48 am with 30 Comments »
April 5, 2012 11:15 am

UPDATED at 11:09 a.m.:

Pierce County law enforcement officers are investigating two burglaries this morning – one near Gig Harbor, one in Bonney Lake – in which the homeowners pulled guns on the would-be thieves.

In the Bonney Lake incident, the homeowner fired a shotgun at the suspect’s truck as it drove away, officer Todd Green said. It wasn’t immediately known whether the shot hit the truck or the would-be thief was injured.

The homeowner told Bonney Lake officers he was taking a nap in his home in the 8000 block of 205th Avenue East when he heard the door bell ring just before 9:45 a.m., Green said.

He ignored the bell. The homeowner told officers he then heard what sounded like kicking at his front door, Green said.

The homeowner grabbed a shotgun and went to the front door. He opened the door and confronted the suspect.

The suspect ran to his truck and started to drive off, Green said. The homeowner told officers he fired one shot at the truck.

Officers have yet to find the truck, which is described as an older model blue Ford pickup with a stepside and black ladder and pink bicycle in the bed, Green said.

The suspect was described as white, in his 30s, 5 feet 8 and 160 to 170 pounds. He had a stocky build and wore a beat-up black leather coat,  mirrored sunglasses and  light grey, wool gloves, Green said.

No shots were fired in the Gig Harbor-area incident but a woman did pull a gun.

According to Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer, two young men rang the front door bell of a home in the 3200 block of 19th Avenue Northwest.

When no one answered the door, the suspects went around back and started to kick in a dog door in an attempt to get inside.

The woman, whose husband is a soldier, heard a commotion. She grabbed a gun and showed it to the two burglars. They fled, Troyer said.

The two were described as white, in their late teens to early 20s and wearing dark, baggy clothing.

The armed confrontations come one day after a retired Puyallup police officer shot and killed a burglar who broke into his South Hill home. Three others involved in the burglar were not injured. Two are in custody; a third is being sought.

Troyer said the burglars were using a common tactic – ringing the door bell to see if anyone is home. He said if homeowners see a stranger at their door, they should ask what the person wants before opening the door.

Don’t necessarily ignore the door because you don’t recognize who is on the other side.

“Be safe and let people know you have called police,” Troyer said. “If you are home and you are armed, make sure you know how to use them so they are not turned on you.”

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  1. surveyor1 says:

    It’s too bad that thieves probably don’t read the news as they may decide that thier chosen profession seems to be getting a bit more dangerous!

  2. surveyor1 says:

    It’s too bad that thieves probably don’t read the news as they may decide that their chosen profession seems to be getting a bit more dangerous!

  3. surveyor1 says:

    Soon it will be against the law not to answer the door if someone knocks or rings the doorbell.

  4. royboy361 says:

    Warning to criminals.
    People are shooting back!

  5. Wrapper98439 says:

    The guy that shot at the truck is up the creek unless the truck driver was shooting too. Shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

  6. gonefishin69690 says:

    This headline could have read “Homeowners without guns,assaulted/raped killed/robbed by burglars” ..much rather read this.

  7. mojjonation says:

    So much for everyones theory that Obama would take everyones guns away. Not one word on any gun control front since he went into office and more people are sick and tired of idiots coming into their homes. It’s taken a number of years, but people are starting to fight back. Criminals beware.

  8. skippythedog says:

    I LOVE THIS TREND ! The cops cannot help you in a home invasion unless you can barricade yourself in a safe place. Even then, if the the perps don’t think you have a gun, you may be toast!
    People are finally becoming fed up w/ our hamstrung Police departments. If a dirtbag comes through your window, you can’t really be accused of “profiling” now can you? If this trend continues, the publics values may change. Juries won’t convict hardworking, taxpaying, honorable citizens who are defending themselves or their property. We really need to change the deadly force law to include protection of property.

  9. PiecesOfYou says:

    My husband and I firmly believe in gun control….it means using both hands.

  10. MikeCammer says:

    Burglars and Armed Robbers aren’t afraid of the Police anymore. The Police are overworked and always busy. The Criminal Justice System is broken and the Prisons let dangerous Felons out on a daily basis (not enough room to house them “humanely”) The ONLY thing that keeps Criminals from coming into any home and taking or doing whatever they want is the fact that they don’t know which homeowners are armed and capable to defend their families, themselves and their belongings. No these Freak-shows don’t read the paper or watch the news. Things will only get worse. Take care of your Families and yourselves! If you don’t want a firearm in your home, fine, get an axe or a machette, a pitchfork, whatever…just be ready to defend what you have.

  11. Beware vermin!!! My cat eats the small ones. Felony attracts bullets.

  12. BlaineCGarver says:

    Not a good idea to shoot when the BGs are retreating….My little terrier knows when someone is anyplace near my house. When thugs get the idea that being hurt or killed is the new price of doing business, maybe break-ins will cease.

  13. BlaineCGarver says:

    Not a good idea to shoot when the BGs are retreating….My little terrier knows when someone is anyplace near my house. When thugs get the idea that being hurt or killed is the new price of doing business, maybe break-ins will cease. Crime is always higher in gun free zones.

  14. guidocarmasi says:

    Unfortuntely thieves read the news and now they will probably be armed as well. Very scary indeed. Not good news at all!!!

  15. Ortingmom says:

    Don’t worry…I don’t think these thugs read the news. Maybe just occasionally on-line with the Laptop they just stole

  16. pescatore says:

    I love it! This is why I keep my dogs underfed and my Rugers loaded.

  17. Rowdy_Rob says:

    Fight Crime…Shoot Back

  18. jiffyjet2 says:

    Bravo, I just upgraded from a 380 Auto to a 357 mag! And yes, I will shoot.

  19. It’s all the same tough, macho talk. Nobody in their right
    mind wants to shoot somebody. They’d rather just avoid the
    situation. Shooting somebody just leads to complications that
    go on forever.

  20. cclngthr says:

    Sometimes shooting is absolutely necessary. When I bought my firearm I had that in mind. However, when it comes down to the safety of myself and friends, I will use tactics, including lethal force to protect myself and those around me against those who try something I don’t want the person to do.

    The police can’t protect you from everything, or be around when things happen. It is up to the individual person to protect themselves from mutants who try to invade someones space.

  21. surveyor1 says:

    @Alinup – You are most certainly correct that no body (non-criminal homeowner that is) wants to shoot anyone, but when someone has kicked in the front door to your home and is kicking down your bedroom door, or coming at you with a crowbar, what other choice do you really have?

  22. guidocarmasi says:

    Man the torpedoes Tacoma is loading up !!!! Time to move to a civil environment like >>>>>

  23. whatthehell says:

    I know I’m in the absolute minority here, and although I’ve never been in that position so therefore not sure what I would do, but unless I was protecting the life of a family member, I think I would rather take a bullet myself, and indeed die than to take the life of another.

  24. Dave98373 says:

    To any anti-gun people out there: it’s easy to impose laws that restrict law abiding citizens and that meet your political au jour of the day. It’s quite a different story when you are defending your own life, the life of your loved ones as well as that of your children. While tragic, there is still a reality out there of the dangers and evils that most people can’t seem to grasp.

  25. catriley says:

    Sorry to the fools that keep parroting the NRA/Glenn Beck tripe that President Obama is going to take your guns away. Wow.. paranoia is a serious disorder, and should be treated promptly. There were actually more restrictions on your civil liberties under Bush, than under Obama. But the NRA and the gun mfg lobby thanks you for driving up gun sales with your hysteria. lol.

  26. rocketman says:

    whatthehell,Never get a gun,they will take it and use it on you.Just hide under the bed,criminals thrive on people that think like you.

  27. NotPoliticallyCorrect says:

    catriley- You may want to do some research. If you think Bush era policies were restricted, obama has only enhanced them. Check out the patriot act, NDA just to name a couple. This administration is the first to seriously look at the UN referendum regarding small arms, granted that would need the vast majority of congress to approve. (another one to check out)

  28. sigger40 says:

    Seems this is a growing trend. Criminals have no consequences for their actions. A slap on the hand by the courts are not helping. Americans need to stop depending on government, state, and city agencies to protect them and start helping themselves. At no fault to law inforcement we need to remember they can’t be everywhere. Police investigate crimes not prevent them. We have the freedoms in this country due to guns. Guns have gotten us where we are. Think about why we have not had a war on American soil. 98 percent of home owners have a gun. If you choose to own a gun, or carry a gun you should be properly trained and familiar with your weapon. Those of you who disagree with guns rights remember guns gave you that choice.

  29. Zummytummy says:

    Sigger40 – I’m right with you. We FOUGHT for America, and everyday normal American citizens carry guns to preserve that right, and to keep them safe if a deadly situation presents itself. Gun owners don’t buy a gun to kill people or feel above the law because they can shoot one. We own guns to protect ourselves, and families. Many robbers run at the sight of a gun, what if you didn’t have one? What then? Guns can save lives and can end them aswell. If your thinking about getting a gun for the first time have some time for self reflection, and think about if you are a suitable candidate for owning one. But atleast own a weapon to protect yourself. Times are changing :/

  30. jeny marter says:

    it will be against the law not to answer the door if someone knocks or rings the doorbell.

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