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Spanaway: Man arrested on suspicion of stealing baby formula, hot dogs

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 3, 2012 at 6:49 am with 21 Comments »
April 3, 2012 6:49 am

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies arrested a 27-year-old man Saturday after he allegedly stole a can of baby formula and pack of hot dogs from a grocery store, then bit a loss prevention officer.

Court documents provide the following information.

Loss prevention officers at Safeway spotted the man inside the store in the 15800 block of Pacific Avenue. They watched him hide a package of hot dogs in his clothes.

The man then went to the deli counter and bought an item.

A prevention officer then saw the man grab a can of baby formula and place it in his bag with the deli item.

The man left the store.

Officers contacted the man out the store and showed their loss prevention badges.

The man tried to run. He bit one of the officers during a struggle.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and took the man into custody. He admitted that he left the store without paying for the baby formula. He also said the loss prevention officers attacked him.

Apparently, the man didn’t mention the franks.

The man was charged Monday with second-degree robbery.

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  1. Look`s, like shoplifting to me.

  2. rocketman says:

    How sad,just a sign of hard times,Guess the baby went hungry? Did the police check his residents to see if there was a child in need? Stealing is not right but,seems his concern was for a child,not alcohol,drug addiction or cigaretts.probably be held longer than the punk who stole a car.

  3. Rocketman, I agree with you.
    I hope someone did a welfare check to see if there was a baby who needed the formula.

  4. Misunderestimated says:

    Oh, I get it, it’s ok to steal if it’s for a baby?
    It’s not like we don’t already offer Food Stamps and WIC and a myriad of other help for the poor.
    The man was a thief and was caught.
    Now he can do his time…

  5. shipyarddog says:

    Yeah that makes sense, lets spend a couple thousand incarcerating him over a couple dollars, no waste there, and of course he will learn a lesson that will change his behavior in the future I am sure. He’s obviously a hardened criminal, you can tell by the wontoness of his crime. Gotta have a home to get food stmps, lots of people don’t have those these days and since he’s male there is no WIC for this family so guess thats out…guess what, maybe he needed to feed a baby…what a disgusting slimeball…shoot him. Curious what you will do when( and I pray this never happens) it is your turn to do what you have to do for your kids…you’ll find that rules are a lot less important than your kids at that point…besides, learn to have a little compassion, you’ll be a happier person when you do, really it is true, I have no reason to lie. Compassion does not make you an idiot, anger does and I am not saying that to counter your meanness with more of hte same, I literally am saying that anger causes people to behave in a way that non-angry people universally desribe as idiotic..just saying…

  6. shipyarddog says:

    Besides, no one said it was ok to steal, they said they hoped someone did a welfare check on the baby on two and called it shoplifting on the third and your post is the fourth so what are you possibly talking about?

  7. if he smokes, I bet he had smokes. Hang him on the courthouse steps.

  8. hiatt3325 says:

    there are programs in place to assist with food/formula but it can takes weeks to get an appointment, while I agree theft is wrong I can’t help but recognize that he didn’t take alot just enough for a couple of days.

  9. KooKooKitty says:

    I gotta go with baby or not, this is still theft. Safeway on Pacific Ave? This guy was in an area with ALOT of “safety net” measures. Remember he DID buy something at the deli, was that for the baby too?
    IF there even is a baby-there should be a baby doctor somewhere, yes most dr’s that accept infants/children have a bunch of formula- sample sizes to full size cans available to their clients for the asking. No they won’t take on the obligation of feeding YOUR baby for the first year (till they’re off formula) but will certainly help out in a pinch or tell you where you can get some.

  10. crimestoppers could buy him some baby food, slap his wrist and let him

  11. georgerosie4u says:

    Hey folks, he probably did have EBT(Food Stamps) and WIC, but they have all been used up with previous purchases for all the real good nourishing foods for his family, like chip, dips, sodas, etc. You understand that he was buying this junk food when he should have been thinking about his babies belly and life. Another dirtbag looser, and no I do not have any compassion for this crook who is stealing, especially when you and I, the Taxpayers are supporting their lazy life style. Then at 27, he should be out looking for employment vs the bloob tube. Then he bites a “Loss Prevention Officer.” Here is a good fatherly role model for his children when they get older. I can say this as I see this each and everyday at work, yes in the retail grocery business!! Thank you much-just keep those Tax dollars flowing!!

  12. georgerosie4u says:

    Some have asked, “what did he buy at the Deli, if it was even for the baby?” Rest assured he didn’t buy for the baby. He is concerned with himself and the children he has brought into the world come second. There are plenty of good people that have lost their employment, due to no fault of their own, and they know how to use the system as it was meant to be used during the hard times. Those folks, I do have compassion for and they are not expecting me and all the other retail groceries to cater or bow down to them during their struggles. But, our society has the habitual free-loaders, with a totally different mind set. There should be a limit to the time and duration of the State & Federal handouts. Then perhaps our State would not be in the “red” as deep as we currently are experiencing right now. Then we have those that are really in dire need of some help, and they can not get it, for whatever reason – but they do make it and survive! Plus, they have gone to work and are trying to make the best of the present bad times!

  13. rocketman says:

    misunderestimated, You missed the point,I was commenting about the theft being for a baby,doesn’t make it right but he wasn’t stealing common lowlife stuff like,cigs,alcohol,lotto tickets,and yes,a theft is a theft,and he will be charged just like the guy that stole cigarettes,5 hour energy pills,beer and candy bars.Suppose he could have robbed a citizen for cash or broke into a home instead.probably would have got away.Glad your life is so perfect,its obvious some people don’t wanna work or help themselves,but some people seriously got hit with this economy.guess you got lucky and kept your job.

  14. garrycrouse says:

    MY GOD> so many haters!!

  15. How do they get 2nd-degree robbery?

  16. TheLawOfUnintendedConsequences says:

    ROFLMAO, I just love the losers on here backing the theif over a “supposed” baby.
    Nowhere in the article is a baby mentioned.
    Do you think that just maybe this scumbag grabbed the formula because it was handy on his way to the exit, and he was already feeling lucky?
    Scumbag theives belong in jail

  17. mdawg2110 says:

    Bs10964 when you steal something and assault someone during the commission of the theft thenit becomes robbery. In this situation…..turd stole hot dogs (theft) + bit the loss prevention officer (assault)= robbery

  18. constitutionman says:

    Supposedly there were three or four witness to these so called”Loss Prevention” officers beating the crap out of this man.The witnesses were said to be videotaping with thier phones.I’m not condoning what this man did,but the level of violence unleashed on this guy was absurd.They beat him senseless.Remember folks,your only hearing one side and sum of you are rushing to harsh judgement.One of the “Loss Prevention”officers was overheard saying he was “going to kill” this man.Anyone with a recording please do the right thing and let the media have a copy or post it on you tube.A video can really shine some truth on what went down in the parking lot.Anyone ever remember someone caught getting a beatdown by the authorities on video?And yes,he does have a baby.

  19. constitutionman says:

    Thank you Defender 23 for your integrity.I hope you will be there when the time comes to testify.Although this man is being charged with some serious charges,the greater danger is the obvious use of excessive force in dealing with the situation.Remember people,this could be your brother,sister,mother ,father or friend.The Safeway store is at approx 160th& Pacific Ave.

  20. lpjustice23 says:

    First off no one here has any of the facts straight. I was a actual witness from the beginning to the end. The LP Agents did identify themselves by badge and told the man they we store security. The gentlemen began resisting the officers with out cause. the shoplifter became violent so the officers met force with force. By the way you can not use handcuffs as brass knuckles, it’s impossible. handcuffs open freely, if someone tried to use them as brass knuckles they would seriously cut themselves. the gentlemen tried to take the handcuffs out of the officers hand, which could be used as a weapon and cause serious damage.

    So please actually do the job before you tell someone else what they can and cannot do. has any bothered to notice that the gentleman denied medical attention and was talking and walking without assistance? Dosen’t sound like someone being beaten. Did anyone bother to check with police to see if he had warrants for his arrest?. From what i over heard from police he did have multiple warrants. So get the facts before you judge. The man knew he was going to jail and wanted to escape that. but it didnt help to have a lot of by standers cheering him on.

    Just because two black guys(security officers) are arresting a white guy does not make it a beating and does not make the officers thugs either.

  21. lpjustice23 says:

    Also they are private contractor security. They are not Safeway employees. It’s not safeway’s people. Try finding the company they work for.

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