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UPDATED: Tacoma mother charged in son’s death

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 2, 2012 at 6:50 am with 24 Comments »
April 2, 2012 2:32 pm

UPDATED at 2:10 p.m.

During her court appearance today, Aleesha Walker, the woman accused of killing her son, was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. Walker did not enter a plea. Her arraignment has been postponed for two weeks.

Walker, 28, will remain in custody, with no bail assigned.

UPDATED at 12:27 p.m.

Pierce County prosecutors have charged a Tacoma mother with first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old son.

Aleesha Walker, 28, is expected to make her first court appearance this afternoon in Pierce County Superior Court.

The 28-year-old woman was arrested Friday after she called police to report she’d killed her son, Noah Sanford.

She told a 911 operator that she’d hit Noah’s head on a dresser. She also made references to smothering him, according to a press release from the Prosecutor’s Office.

“She reported hearing voices and said she acted, at least in part, as directed by those voices,” the press release stated.

Tacoma police found Noah’s lifeless body about 7 a.m. inside Walker”s apartment in the 3600 block of South Thompson Avenue. He was naked and had dried blood spots on his face.

Walker, who had dried blood on her hands and knees, reportedly told the officers, “God knows what I did … I’m bad for doing what I did, I did it to the baby, he’s gone.”

Noah was taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A neighbor told officers he woke up about 6 a.m. after hearing a thud on the floor of Walker’s apartment.

An autopsy revealed that Noah’s head injuries were not fatal. The medical examiner believes “the likely cause of death was smothering,” the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

Child Protective Services had received four referrals regarding Walker and Noah in 2010 and 2011.

None of the referrals indicated that Noah had been injured, agency spokeswoman Sherry Hill said today.

“Overall, they were referrals about neglect of Noah, of dirty conditions in the house, possible drug use and hygiene of the boy and domestic violence between the parents,” Hill said. “Every time we checked it out he seemed clean, the house was cleaned up. He seemed OK.”

Hill said there was one referral in 2010 and three in 2011. The 2010 referral was resolved after an early family support services worker went to visit Walker and offered her services.

The three 2011 referrals were closed with unfounded conclusions.

The last CPS contact with Walker was in June. The agency had been called regarding poor hygiene of Noah.

“We followed up with her and the baby seemed OK,” Hill said.

Walker, who had previously filed a domestic violence petition against Noah’s father, and her son were living with extended family.

“There were no marks or bruises,” Hill said. “Their interaction was quite appropriate.”

The state agency will conduct a child fatality review into the boy’s death, which is standard practice when a child dies within a year of receiving services from CPS.

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  1. What is more sickening is that there had been repeated CPS reports against this mother and nothing was done about the situation before it got out of hand.

  2. PolarBear53 says:

    Apparently this girl was abandonded by her parents when she was a teenager and took the streets to survive. She turned to selling sex for money. Not sure about how many times CPS was notified, but with her issues and this type of life style she should not have not been allowed to keep a baby.

  3. mojjonation says:

    Welcome to WA state (probably any state really). Where crack heads and meth mouths can keep their kids.

  4. surveyor1 says:

    I’m just curious as to where the posters above are getting their information. I have have not seen a single story about this with any more information than is given in the story above.

  5. Smoke_42 says:

    Well what ever anyone posts,its just a dam shame that this little boy lost his life! You can play the blame game all you want,but none of you,or me was their,so you dont know what was really going on,and probally never will,so give your attention to the loss of a beutiful child,and know that he is with God!

  6. ptproudnative says:

    the law that C.P.S. go’s by NEEDS to be changed to start protecting these kids that are being killed by their own parents!!!they say by the law they cant take kids upon just calls??WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO CHANGE THE LAW TO WERE THEY can take the kid if there have been threats or they think the child is in danger???it a hard hard situation for a worker to be in tho..who should make that call as to the kids ARE in danger or not??when or at what point can they take the kid??and of course they wouldnt know that a parent is going to kill its own child…just badbad situation all the way around!!!

  7. PolarBear53 says:

    surveyor1- TNT isn’t the only source for information.

  8. Yes, rawdibob nailed it. Obama personally killed this child. He’s also going to come to your house and take your guns away. Oh, and he’s going to steal your money and give it to drug users.

    Some people will believe anything, I guess.

  9. sharonlee says:

    what the hell does Obama have to do with this babies death? tnt you need to check the crazies ie rawdibob. I see him holding hostages one day…. crazy ass. anyways poor baby

  10. She has a criminal record for selling drugs. I haven’t found a record for prostitution…yet.

  11. The baby daddy (JASON ALLAN SANFORD) has a record as well. They were both successfully prosecuted as drug dealers – for both separate AND linked crimes.

  12. madickey says:

    Again, CPS hard at work. Ha!!! They are such a joke. And as far as hearing voices? HA! again.

  13. The “reasons” don’t matter. Another innocent life has been taken and we should all be praying for him.

  14. sonicsboy says:

    One would think that after receiving FOUR REPORTS IN A YEAR, CPS would do a liiiiitle extra digging to find out what is really going on. The fact that the child SEEMED okay should never be sufficient. They need to take the extra steps to make sure that they actually ARE okay. But, since they didn’t, another innocent child has lost their life.

  15. kc302002 says:

    I think there’s a photo of her and son on facebook,,,,,,,, really sad!

  16. Tacoma83 says:

    @Polarbear53, I grew up with this lady and knew her family, that is not true. Unfortunately she chose a lifestyle that her parents were not okay with. She was not neglected or mistreated, if anything she was spoiled. Sadly that lifestyle consumed her and drugs use caused her to take the life of an innocent child. May his little soul rest in peace, my prayers go out to both families and her other child (a little girl) whom her parents were raising. This is tragic and sad and CPS has yet again failed another innocent child.

  17. NineInchNachosII says:

    bad hair day

  18. Yes I’m sure she was hearing voices…… Drugs will do that to you! And when she sobers up she will be facing the same charges:( Sad Dayz

  19. LornaDoone says:

    I was wondering if anyone was going to say “let’s let the court decide”

  20. whatthehell says:

    Komo4 showed her face as she entered the courtroom.

    King5, although they showed the face of a white guy entering court who groped a jogger in Seattle, still hasnt shown the face of a black woman who has admitted to beating and suffocating a two year old boy to death. how come.

  21. @Tacoma83 I would like to know where u got the info that her just as crazy as she is parents were raisin my niece? My brother has taken care of Malia since she was 3 and has had full custody since then. My niece is now 11 yrs old &
    Aleesha had mental issues then & thank God my mother seen right thru it & made sure our family got custody of Malia. Her father is an abusive crazy drug user & her mother allowed him to abuse all of them. As her Oma enabled everything Aleesha did. You know nothing.

  22. And I’m talkin about Aleesha father and mother. They abused her as a teenager. Her father beat her mom and Aleesha. He thought he was God or something. That family is sick and I’m glad that family will now never be around my niece who has to grow up knowing her mom killed her baby brother Noah. Baby Noah is where he suppose to be now safe and at peace with God.

  23. sammy98404 says:

    “TRUTH IS”….shoni30,,,,BRAVO!!!!! Maybe all these folks will stop with the BS that they be slinging…All talking like they know whats RIGHT & WRONG,,Oh they know the truth too!! Yeah right!! whatthehell is this black&white crap?(again) ??? Hey People,,,you want the truth?? YA JUST GOT IT!!! SO,,,you want to make the world a better place do ya?? START WITH YOUR SELF!!! LEARN TO GIVE!!! and not with your words!!!! MAYBE,,,JUST MAYBE IF YOU WOULD (STOP) and consider a few simple things,you might not feel the HATE so much in life!!!! You can start with,,,,shoni30! SHE RIGHT—-you wrong! give it up people!!! GOD KNOWS…NOAH TOO!!! BLESS YOU shoni30…………<3

  24. sammy98404 says:

    Just one more thing then ( maybe ) I`ll shut the buck up eh?? Yo Yo whatthehell,,,yes you. ( whatthehell ) Man,all my life I have forever known that I (myself) is was the Biggest Idiot that I`ll ever meet!!!!WRONG! As estupido as eyes is,(mucho stupid-oh) si! Yes me!! Well buddy whatthehell,,ya out-shined me thar boss….YOU DUMMER DEN ME !!! Yep! PEACE~~~>

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