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Kidnapping foiled at James Center in Tacoma

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on March 29, 2012 at 8:33 pm with 19 Comments »
March 29, 2012 8:33 pm

Tacoma police are investigating an attempted abduction this evening at James Center, 1680 South Mildred St.

The incident occurred about 6 p.m.

The victim said a man got out of a gold car, hit her and tried to grab her, police spokesman Mark Fulghum said.

The man fled when the victim screamed.

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  1. reality476 says:

    I noticed a specific date is not included in the news article.

    How many days ago was was officer Fulgrum notified before he made this public information release?

    Did Officer Fulgrum fall asleep (wink wink) and forget?

    Well at least no one was kidnapped and killed otherwise we might never have known.

  2. Regfool2 says:

    Reality – yeah. One has to do some reasoning. The article was posted March 29, 2012 at 8:33 PM. The first line of the article includes the words “this evening”.

    Sometimes, we are forced to do the math ourselves. (Wink wink)

  3. How come they NEVER give any kind of profile of the abductor? I know why. In most cases it’s because the person is black. Here in Atlanta they never give the color of the skin unless it’s a white person or Hispanic person. Sometimes they use the term “dark skinned” but that can include a person with a tan, a Hispanic, Asian, or black. After all the years living in Seattle and now many in Atlanta I can profile the abductor, murderer, criminal by what they don’t say in the media. Granted, it’s not always, but it’s most of the time. How sad the liberal media has become. More concerned about political correctness than the abduction of women and children.

  4. Aircop,

    Here at the Trib, we only report the details that effectively race-bait and stir up non-white communities. You see, if we posted those sorts of details, the correlating “community leaders” will escalate some sort of racial bias toward their citizens, completely disregarding the facts of the reported crime.

    The only exception to this being a small population segment, known by the acronym, JBLM. Any person belonging to this segment is fair game and those initials, by Trib policy, must accompany any criminal or derogatory activity that is being reported by the trib. Even if the person is decades removed from being associated with JBLM, they must still be reported as being a member of that group.

  5. tallershadow says:

    The article here states that the man fled when the victim screamed, but that isn’t the complete story. I know this because I was the person who happened upon this attack yesterday. He fled when I approached the situation with my car and then another vehicle then chased his car through Tacoma and got his plates. I kept the victim in my vehicle until the police arrived for her safety because she was so shaken up. I can tell you that the suspect was in his mid to late 20s and Hispanic. Also, the vehicle was a mid-90’s gold colored import (Honda or Toyota), which was registered in Naches, WA (just northwest of Yakima). The victim was multi-racial (black, other) from what I can tell, early 20’s, woman.

  6. skippythedog says:

    In the interest of accurate news: I wonder if there’s any money in running a Walmart style newspaper which has no reporters (most can’t spell, punctuate or report accurately anyway).
    Instead, “associates” and the general public submit articles which are paid for piecemeal reducing costs, employees, benefits and resulting in much more accurate firsthand news.

  7. Why do people desperately want to know the race or other details about such things? Does it help verify preconceived stereotypes, or what?

    If this was an article asking people to be on the lookout, accompanied by a sketch or photo, then maybe we need to know that information.

    But, then the license number would be a more valuable thing to know than the victim’s race.

    Hispanic doesn’t really tell us anything, either. Filipino of Spanish heritage? Mexico? Carribean? Native American?

    Hispanic is an unfortunate term that tells us nothing. It has nothing to do with any racial qualities or any identifying characteristics except for census forms and government statistics.

    “Black” also tells us nothing that would help us identify someone in a crowd. Better to use actual descriptors, like those that Aircop hates if there is some actual reason for needing to know the color of the skin.

  8. PuppyDogsButterflies says:


    your comment makes no sense.

  9. PuppyDogsButterflies says:


    your comment makes no sense and lacks critical thinking.

  10. tallershadow? Big thank you for being a good citizen and helping this poor woman. Very scary situation.

  11. PuppyDogs, your comment is irrelevant and lacks any redeeming value.

  12. PuppyDogs, now, if you can tell me why my post makes no sense, then it might have redeeming value, or at least it might give your opinion relevant to the article.

    For example, are you disagreeing with me and saying that identifying a suspect’s race would be helpful in a reader’s day to day life? Aircop thinks there might be a conspiracy to keep vital knowledge away from his need to profile crime suspects, even from thousands of miles away. He apparently is keeping a tally or something and needs this infomation for his journal, or something.

    What is the “critical thinking” that leads people to believe they need to know the race of every suspect in a story? It doesn’t help anyone pick someone out of a crowd, it doesn’t change any behavior of the reader, it doesn’t add to any protection or defenses a person on the street needs to cope with society.

    If we need to help in the apprehension of a suspect, then we need a lot more information than a general story like this is able to give out. As I pointed out, a license plate number makes it easier to pinpoint a suspect than scrutinizing every person in town who might share a racial description.

  13. everybodiesmom says:

    This was posted last night shortly after the attack. Did it cross your mind that the police had not released any details to the reporter? Have you ever heard that the police sometimes hold back information from the public? Skippy good luck with your new Walmart paper, we will all miss your posts, not!

  14. reality476 says:

    The Article was posted on March 29th, 2012.

    The first line of the article includes the words “this evening.”

    The incident could have occurred on another date and was only “posted” last night. You’re making a great deal of assumptions where Officer Fulgrum, TPD, and the Tacoma News Tribune is involved.

  15. LetsGoTacoma says:

    Wow…James Center! That is getting awfully close to all those gorgeous, Puget Sound water view homes facing west. Better pack up and move to Gig Harbor, where the toll on the bridge creates a natural barrier against random crime. There are some fantastic deals over there right now and the crime rate is still very, very low.

  16. whatthehell says:

    thats how they do it in mexico..they likes thme young down ther and tnt be racit to report thier crimes too

  17. 10% of the population and over 50% of the crime, just check your local prisons, Gig Harbour or Puyallup, Tacoma is the worse crime city in WA or the NW

  18. Why hasn’t there been any updates to this story? It seems like an abduction attempt at a popular shopping center warrants a bit more than a cursory few paragraphs, ESPECIALLY given the fact that a bystander stepped in to assist (a story all in itself). Even the fact that the News Tribune didn’t mention WHERE in James Center (by the Starbucks, or the Fred Meyers, or the Taco Bell—-the “where” is important) just makes me realize that the paper is more concerned about potential advertising dollars than accurately reporting important news that COULD help others to be more wary…..

  19. bsenseless says:

    Here is an example of an article as evidence to what Tuddo is talking about, printed just yesterday on TNT’s site, that describes a “black man” as a bank robbery suspect:

    They don’t even say “African-American” here or get too touchy-feely about it. They’re just like “it was a black man!” – but you are all still going to convince yourselves that the media is oversensitive and liberally biased instead of considering that maybe in fact they’re doing it the right way. Whatever makes you the underdogs, i guess!

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