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DSHS names team to review deaths of Braden and Charlie Powell

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on Feb. 23, 2012 at 11:56 am with 14 Comments »
February 23, 2012 11:56 am

The state Department of Social and Health Services announced today that it has assembled an 11-member team to review the deaths of Braden and Charlie Powell at the hands of their father, Josh Powell.

The team members are:

• Tacoma police detective Brad Graham

• Jake Fawcett of the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

• Brett Ballew of the Office of Public Defense

• King Count deputy prosecutor Rich Anderson

• Dr. Richard Packard, a licensed psychologist and certified sex offender treatment provider

• Mary Meinig of the Office of Family and Children Ombudsman

• Kevin Krueger, DSHS chief risk officer

• King County Superior Court Judge Jim Doerty

• State Sen. Randi Becker, R-Eatonville

• State Sen. Jim Kastama, D-Puyallup

• Natalie Green, deputy regional administrator for DSHS Children’s Administration, Region 2

The team will investigate the boys’ deaths “to evaluate the department’s delivery of services to the family, as well as the larger system response to the identified needs of the family,” DSHS reported in a news release.

“This review will inform us about systemic issues, and the practice and decision-making of all the professionals involved in the case,” said Denise Revels Robinson, assistant secretary for Children’s Administration.

The team will meet April 26-27 to conduct the review. The findings of the review will be published.

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  1. nosugarcoating says:

    and this is news worthy why? How about the media just stop beating this story to death

  2. LongtimeProvider says:

    Seriously? Hundreds of children are being left home alone after the DSHS/DEL cut services to Working Connections but the can pay 11(eleven) Professionals to spend weeks trying to find a way to justify supervised visits with a Father who was a person of interest in their Mothers disapperance.He also had child porn on his computer. Apparently Animated porn isnt viewed as the same as live porn. What do you think that will cost? Isn’t it pretty clear this is a wrongful death case they can’t win?

  3. Sorry, don’t understand the purpose of this group or who will pay for it. It’s a known fact that the DSHS has problems, over worked, undermanned, etc. This panel will do nothing more than take more money from a system that is already lacking seriously in funds. I’m sure there better ways this money can be spent than having this group sit around a table and collect a paycheck. IJS.

  4. What in the world does a DV industry person have to do with this case? What in the world does a sex offender treatment professional have to do with this case? What on earth does a King County judge have to contribute to this case? I guess he will be expected to say what a wonderful judge Nelson is and how hard it is to foresee this type of tragedy.

    Why not put an appellate judge on the group? I suggest Marywave VanDeren, a sitting judge on Division Two Court of Appeals who formerly was a Pierce County Superior Court judge. She is one of the best judges on the appellate court and this case sure isn’t going to be appealed (though the multi-million dollar lottery verdicts might be).

    On second hand, why don’t all the professionals who might have screwed up just take this opportunity to shut up and let those damage claims be litigated? Seems to me this is tampering with whatever evidence exists, plus tampering with witnesses. The only question is why everybody seems okay with that.

    Seems like I remember a similar “cleansing” took place after the Brame tragedy. Certain “important” people anointed and appointed themselves into a group which proceeded to make the damage claims impossible to defend. So various shysters collected millions of dollars in “fees” for wrapping everything up in a bow after the civil defendant governments were condemned by the group.

    But I could be just paranoid, in addition to being a cranky old man.

  5. Votetherock says:

    Where are the citizens on this panel? The ones who know what has been going on there? Or other groups that have been studying and have taken an active role here for years on these same exact problems that have arisen time and again over the years? This is NOT the first incident that needs to be exposed where DCS has played a role in children being harmed. This panel doesn’t rise to the level of investigation and researching this issue. There are already many that can provide the facts. Where are they in this? Would cost a lot less if they went where the info already exists.

  6. WonTonsInMySoup says:

    IF these weren’t cute little white kids and the mother hadn’t been a pretty white woman, this case would never get this much press and/or attention by the media and state agencies.

  7. They are required by the state to do a “child fatality” review anytime a child who has had contact with DSHS or received services from DSHS dies within a specific time of that contact/service. They do about 50-80 of them per year. Most people just do not know that they do them. You can read the reviews on the DSHS website but you have to look hard to find them. They don’t like to advertise them. Doesn’t matter anyway they never change anything.

  8. This comment will probably be removed but I have a website to help expose the corruption and destruction of DSHS. A lot of the information about the reviews can be found there.

  9. I have a website to help expose the corruption and destruction caused by CPS. You can read information about the fatality reviews and find the links to the reviews there.

  10. supporter says:


  11. supporter says:

    I don’t see Griffin-Halls name listed as one of the social workers on the list. I really feel that the Tribune needs to publish and apology and retraction for calling her a social worker, when she is not a social worker. I’m sorry- but that is one of the problems with this story. Those boys deserved better protection all around.

  12. ReadNLearn says:

    Now review will be worthwhile until they get the 911 Operator.

  13. supporter says:

    “The State of Washington denies knowing that the sky is blue, that water flows downhill and that chickens lay eggs.”

  14. supporter says:

    I would like the news tribune to look into why anyone off the streets can call themselves a social worker, and represent themselves as a social worker, without the education, license or skills to practice social work. I am not a social worker but this just really bothers me that these children, in the volatile and complicated case were being supervised by a para-professional. I do not blame her , but I blame the system for putting her into that position and that buffoon of a 9-1-1 operator. I do not like my tax dollars to be going to people who are not qualified to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.

    I believe that impersonating a police office, doctor, clergyman ,psychologist, fireman, military personnel, or therapist is a class 3 felony.

    Are people allowed to call themselves social workers because social workers do not care who uses their title? Or is the state trying to save money by hiring minimally trained individuals to work with the poor, children, elderly and vulnerable because they can get away with it or they think that children do not deserve skilled services? – heck if they are trying to save money why don’t we let high school graduates teach the children and provide medical service for them, who needs all those expensive teachers and doctors? Children don’t know the difference, and are expendable — right?

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