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Josh Powell’s relatives release a statement

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Feb. 8, 2012 at 6:31 am with 7 Comments »
February 8, 2012 6:34 am

A couple saying they are an aunt and uncle of Josh Powell released a statement Tuesday night, several media outlets reported.

The couple said they were saddened for the losses that came Sunday, when Josh Powell ignited a blaze inside his Graham-area rental home, killing himself and his two sons.

They also said they faulted the legal system.

Read their statement here.

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  1. saywhat253 says:

    so yeah josh powell is a f’n loser a real man would have stood upto the courts and proved himself… lets not make this a f’n circus he was a killer, he tortured his family, his father is a perv their is still a missing body of the mother… please tell me where josh powell will be buried ill deficate on his grave everyday!

  2. olympicmtn says:

    Where is the statement from our ELECTED SHERIFF?

  3. They fault the legal system-OOooohboy, here comes the lawsuit even though they are a great contributor to the outcome of this tragedy. Instead of sorrow, they now see dollar signs.

  4. Saywhat253: you have no idea how one sided the legal system is when you are poor until you get trapped in it. In Josh’s case, he wouldn’t even qualify for a Court appointed attorney so he is going up against Prosecutors with knowlege of how the complicated courts work. Over the last few years only the Federal Courts have streamlined the system to make it easy for the common person to present their case.

    If you are in jail, you get an appointed attorney who you see only in the courtroom and who refuses to return your calls. They simply do not care about your outcome because the system pays them per resolved case-the quicker they resolve it, the more money they make.

    There also isn’t a limit on the amount of cases assigned so they are overworked. More people are just giving up and electing to remain in jail at taxpayer expense because their is little hope after you see how the legal system works.

    Is this dangerous? Yes, and this is exactly why Clemmons lashed out regardless of if right or wrong. Now we see Josh lash out, and most likely we will see many more unless we change this nutty Pierce County system.

    Courts and cops should not set people up for failure by impossing unobtainable goals. Texas, of all states, recognized this and has revamped their system to such a degree that they closed down several prisons.

    The reasons why people commit crime is complicated and requires more than cops and courts to resolve. Stop putty bandaids on the problem at taxpayer response and fix the problem. Many of the less educated would say that tougher laws will do but have they over the last four decades?

  5. SandHills says:

    Sounds like an anarchist rant to me woho. It’s the “system’s” fault – never individual responsibility. We all know money bys better justice – celebrity status even more. But that anomaly within our system does not negate or justifiy the actions of a Josh Powell or a cop killer like Clemmons.

    I do believe you are way off base to make an argument against any shortfall in our judicial system by using these two.

    Now if you were making an argument about how lenient our system is and why these two were ever left out on the street I might agree with you. Using these two I might have to side with those who would prefer a bit faster justice like China has. Josh Powell should never have been allowed to leave Utah as a prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife ( and those boys removed simply for him admitting he took the camping in the middle of a freezing night). Just as Clemmons should never have been able to leave Arkansas for his crimes there.

  6. ruledbysun says:

    Yes the system needs help. Yes the media could take a step back. But if he was cooperative from the get go, and not trying to hide the fact he had something to do with his wife that would have been better. Nothing in this world could make me hurt my own child. Nothing. Maybe that $7k should have been towards counseling.

  7. saywhat253 – you really need to go bone up on the constitution. Try hillsdale college website. It is unconstitutional to be required to prove a negative – in other words, there is no way to prove that something doesn’t exist. And only a tyrant would command someone to prove innocence.

    The lawsuit was a done deal the instant the system took those boys away. The maternal grandparents hired Anne Bremner BEFORE the kids died because they knew they (and several government agencies) were going to get sued by Josh. Instead, he couldn’t live without his kids and concocted a scheme to murder them and kill himself.

    Judge Nelson is the worst of the bad actors here. She should be subjected to the most punishment possible under the law.

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