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Deputies seize cell phone of Josh Powell’s sister

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on Feb. 8, 2012 at 10:32 am with 14 Comments »
February 8, 2012 10:32 am

Pierce County sheriff’s detectives confiscated the cell phone of Josh Powell’s sister after she refused to give emails and voicemails he left for her before he killed his sons Sunday, newly filed court records show.

Alina Powell called 911 on Sunday to report she’s received four emails and a message from her brother that made her concerned for his safety. Detectives contacted her later in the day and requested copies.

“During the interview, Alina became upset and refused to allow Det. Sanders to copy the emails and refused to provide the phone to Det. Sanders,” the search warrant states.

The detectives later got a court order and seized the phone.

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  1. PumainTacoma says:

    Is this so PCSD can get their story straight? Where is the independent 3rd party investigation into this mishap?

  2. AveragePublicEmployee says:

    What makes it a mishap?

  3. AveragePublicEmployee says:

    Dispatchers are completely busy regularly and especially when a significant, viewed by many people event happens, many people contact 911. You then take a few call takers, and increase thier call volume by 10. So brevity and precise information is necessary in order to provide crews out in the field with the most accurate information. So, although I personally think the dispatchers seemed confused and eventually figured out what the issue was, I dont beleive they have any blame or had any chance to save or help those children. If police did arrive early on in the event, they still have no idea if the person inside the home has weapons or items that may harm them. No one assumes a father is going to hurt his children. No one. So for the people that keep trying to blame this event on anyone other Josh Powell, you have to face facts. No sane person plots to kill thier own children regardless of the personal stresses you feel. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is a top of line organization that provides a phenomenal service for the amount of funding they receive. Lets get real here… finding the right balance between legalities of protecting the children, and not infringing upon the rights of a person who was not convicted of a crime is difficult at best. Stop blaming everyone that is not Josh Powell.

  4. TacomaScott says:


    I’m with you on this… it’s so frustrating to read the reports that point the fingers at everyone EXCEPT the lunatic that tried to chop up his boys and then blew up his house.

  5. Can one of you two who are standing on the corpses making speeches please tell me how the cell phone records of the dead killer’s sister relate to 911 dispatchers? Possibly the cops who are “sure” that Mrs. Powell is dead (and her husband did it) could explain how there is any information relating to that on her cell phone.

    Let’s say one of the voice mails is him admitting to killing his wife but not telling where the body is. What’s the point in seizing her phone? Why not just ask her if there’s anything on the phone that involves Mrs. Powell?

    Maybe the cops just assume everybody is an opponent.

  6. TwoFiveThree4me says:

    Maybe some people just assume the cops are the opponents.

  7. Lmillerj says:

    pgroup – Wow — I think we can all safely assume that we are all “sure” that Susan Powell is dead. I think it would be assuming to say that he did it before with the evidence pointing to him – but when you have her innocent children starting to talk and draw picture of mommy lying in the trunk and daddy and mommy going off together and daddy coming back alone, there my be even more evidence that they were “sure.” I don’t agree with you, however, that the cops should have just asked if Ms. Aline Powell had voicemails left by her deranged brother in his final hourstelling her where the body of his deceased wife was. If he had left that message do you think she would have given that out? Probably not, given that the whole family, other than the wiser, estranged sister, has backed this man ridiculously. Even in his death, messages, etc. are all considered evidence and and/all evidence should be seized if a cop is doing their job well.

  8. doesnotmatter says:

    Perhaps, police confiscated the phone because AS THEY CLAIM, they want the messages. Josh could have left messages telling her exactly what he was about to do. If they can prove that she knew what he was about to do and did not act accordingly or in time she could be charged as an accessory to murder. It could have nothing to do with where Susan’s body is.

  9. AveragePublicEmployee says:

    The 911 dispatchers have nothing to do with the police seizing evidence in a murder investigation. Because thats what Josh Powell did, he murdered his two children.

  10. Why wouldnt she give up the phone when asked, unless she has something to hide. She’s probably just as wacked as her dead brother, and her child porn loving father……

  11. supporter says:

    Josh was going to find a way to murder his boys one way or another. What kind of a “father” chops up his children with an ax and sets them on fire? Alina may be an accessory to the crime. She certainly did nothing to protect her nephews and shows no remorse, only a “poor me” attitude. This whole family looks like they are psychopaths. Of course the father that raised Josh and Alina shows no remorse either- that is not normal at all. What is happening to our society?

  12. itwasntmethistime says:

    You can access your voice mail from any phone so why did they need to confiscate her phone to hear the messages? If she wanted she could access her voice mail from her home phone and erase the messages before they even got the phone back to the station.

  13. ozdaddy says:

    One thing we know for sure. Josh Powell was a piece of $#!+, and he’s where he deserves to be now. It also appears the whole Powell family has major issues.

  14. supporter says:

    If I lived in the neighborhood of the Powell family I would keep a very close eye on my children. Alina is obviously delusional as well and I would be very afraid that she would do anything her father asked her to and not see a single thing wrong with it. I am not sure counseling would help her at this point but it couldn’t hurt. If she has a shred of morality in her she must realize that chopping children with an ax and setting them on fire does not fit the definition of “protecting them”, and she will someday need to deal with the remorse knowing that she had the ability to save the boys and did not even try, and I’m not talking about Josh, who was an adult and made his choices knowing full well what he was doing.

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