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Powell sent emails before deadly house explosion

Post by Kate McEntee / The News Tribune on Feb. 5, 2012 at 3:22 pm with 14 Comments »
February 5, 2012 5:03 pm

According to Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Ed Troyer, emails are being received from Josh Powell’s email account.

“We are getting emails from him,” Troyer said. “They lead us to believe that this is intentional, this is planned.”

Troyer would not specify who was receiving the emails, although The Associated Press reports that Powell’s attorney received an email moments before the explosion saying, “I’m sorry, goodbye.”

Attorney Jeffrey Bassett tells The Associated Press the email arrived at 12:05 p.m. Sunday, but he didn’t see it until two hours later, when others informed him of the blast. He says he knew Josh was upset after being ordered to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation recently, but he didn’t see this coming.

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  1. Anniegoose says:

    it’s disgusting that the judge allowed josh powell to see his kids BEFORE undergoing a psycho-sexual evaluation. well — we all see now what kind of man josh powell really is.

    for all women in custody battles over children — beware — this could happen to YOU!

  2. Its times like this that I hope im wrong and there is a heaven and a hell. I hope the kids are in their moms arms and that he is in the deepest part of hell.

  3. skippythedog says:

    The system was working as well as it could. He just found a way to beat it……again.
    There will be some changes though; Whether or not he killed his wife, he was under quite a number of stressors as the primary suspect, his fathers situation etc. In the future, judges will take stressors like this into account and order that all visitation take place in a neutral place, an environment not under the control of that parent.
    It is difficult for sane, normal, rational people to take every eventuality into account that dirtbags like this may conjure up. No one should be blamed for this except Josh himself.

  4. Rowdy_Rob says:

    Hell is too good for Josh Powell. The state is going to pay the Cox family for this slight error in judgement…

  5. Another example of a Judge that should never have been a Judge. Too bad the Grandparents can’t file a civil suit against the Judge.

  6. Sagacious says:

    @Rowdy_Rob: And why should the state have to pay? The guy obviously has(had) problems but, then, doesn’t everyone. The wife, the kids and Josh, himself, are not directly the responsibility of the state or the judge.

    Neither (state or judge) can be expected to accurately assess the mental stability of all citizens and proactively protect everyone. And who among us is in any position to second guess the judge?

    I would also mention that the “state” will pay nothing . . . the taxpayers will pay. Much of that “award” will go to lawyers that have little or no interest in the outcome, except the money. Also, why is the family entitled to anything? Their family, their problem, not the state, not the judge and certainly not taxpayers’.

  7. serendipity says:

    What is wrong with our family court? Who was the judge? I would run away now! Sheesh! What a broken system. If there is legal reason the psycho-sexual exam was not done, we can let it go. If not, recall the judge.

  8. serendipity says:

    Can a judge even be recalled? I don’t know. How would I know? I am not an attorney thank goodness.

  9. dmanlyr says:

    Again, now we have positive proof that Josh Powell was unstable, BUT AGAIN I will point out that at the time of the judges ruling, he was guilty of NOTHING. NOTHING!!! In fact he was not even charged with anything. Why would the judge deny a parental rights? Illegally if you ask me.

    Just goes to show you, illegaly push some too far and they will take stupid and iresposible action. It is a shame that two innocent children had to die for this.

    Perhaps, looking at is from another direction is a MUST, first you have a poor (yes, poor, unless he was charged and/or convicted in having a hand in his wifes disapperance. This is AMERICA, you are innocent until proven guilty!!!!) man that lost his wife, then his parental rights (iileagaly if you ask me) were taken away from him as well as his kids. To top that off, evidently it looks like from the evidence that his own father turns out to be a pervert, so what did he have to live for? Lots I would say, but in a depressive state he may have thought that the while system that is designed to protect people in fact had no interest in protecting him or his rights.

    WOW I agree on removing the judge, but not for forcing the mental exam on him, but instead in forcing it on him at all.

  10. kcwazzu says:

    Too bad this pos didn’t survive so we could visit him with a baseball bat.

  11. Smoke_42 says:

    I have only 5 things to say, R.I.P. Powell Children!

  12. frankiethomas says:

    dmanlyr innocent until proven guilty does not mean you have to be treated like you have not been convicted, charged with or even accused of a crime. You do not have to be treated as innocent until you are convicted by a jury – Innocent until proven guilty is a legal principal that means the burden of proof is on the state to prove you are guilty beyond a resonable doubt in a criminal trial. Prior to that, with a probable cause, you can be detained, deprived of your liberty, your children can be removed from you, etc, as the case winds its way through the courts.

  13. igloodmt says:

    One person is responsible for this, not the judge, not the county, not DSHS, not the courts, not the sherrif, not the case worker, not the in-laws. nobody pushed him “illegally” into these actions but his own free agency. He killed his wife, his own sons and the one person he most likely dreaded killing the most, his own selfish self.
    I wish the Cox family the best in the wake his cowardly evil acts. They are good people.

  14. supporter says:

    First of all – there is one person to blame here- Josh Powell. But we can learn from mistakes others make to protect other children from harm. The CPS system is deceiving people by giving the public the allusion that they are receivng “social work” “skilled supervision” “skilled parenting classes” “skilled counseling” – which is what they SHOULD be providing. But what they are actually getting is some glorified babysitting. My point to the state and CPS is, if you can’t do it right , don;t do it at all. You are absolutely right, Griffin – Hall was not a social worker. Griffin-Hall talked to the 9-1-1 operator as if he was her work supervisor not a crisis operator.
    Dang, I know money is tight but you wouldn’t go to Jiffy Lube, pay for an oil change and be happy about getting a quart short of used motor oil in your car and calling it good because “times are tough and money is short” You would expect not to be lied to so you could change your own *** oil.

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