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UPDATED: Lakewood mother charged in death of infant son

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Jan. 27, 2012 at 11:42 am with 23 Comments »
January 27, 2012 5:01 pm

UPDATED at 1:52 p.m.

Pierce County prosecutors have charged a 22-year-old woman in connection with the death of her infant son earlier this month.

Prosecutors charged Jamie McAdams with first-degree manslaughter today. She pleaded not guilty and was ordered held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Lakewood police officers were called to McAdams’ home in the 5700 block of Hillcrest Drive Southwest about 4 a.m. Jan. 13 for a dead baby. Officers found 2-month-old Jeremiah McAdams dead in a car seat inside the home, Assistant Chief Mike Zaro said.

The mother told officers that her son had fallen asleep in his car seat. She too fell asleep.

The mother told officers that when she woke up, she found the car seat tipped over and her son dead, Zaro said.

“Her account of what happened and the scene and physical evidence didn’t match up,” Zaro said.

During a later interview, McAdams claimed her son had been crying after his 8 p.m. feeding. When she gave him a pacifier, he spit it out, charging documents state.

McAdams told investigators she put the pacifier back in his mouth and “used a blanket to partially cover his face to keep the pacifier in his mouth,” charging documents state.

“She tucked the blanket into the sides of the car seat so the pacifier would not come out,” charging documents state. “She stated she accidentally killed her baby.”

Lakewood detectives arrested McAdams on Thursday night.

Zaro said the investigation was still ongoing. He added that investigators were working with state social workers to review McAdams’ history.

Charging documents indicate McAdams had two other children taken away from her because of “safety concerns” after she’d assaulted them.

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  1. kelhan24 says:

    How heartbreaking. God bless is soul, that poor baby didn’t stand a chance. I hope parents everywhere, who feel they are on the edge, know there are places to drop a child if they feel unfit to care for them any longer. Bringing a life into the world is the greatest responsibility a person can have, take it seriously!!!

  2. kelhan24 says:

    *his soul

  3. She had 2 other kids taken away after assaulting them but still had this child ? She should have been in jail for beating her kids, far to often child abuse is not taken seriously and this happens time and time again. Kids get taken away, parents takes a trivial parenting class and get the kids returned. They get taken away after more abuse, another useless class and the kids are returned. It is not taken seriously until a child is killed. The courts main goal is to quickly reunite the kids with the parents, no matter how bad it is for them.

  4. Angel1971 says:

    I know these people personally please do not be so quick to judge alot of what is being said is being blown out of context

  5. itwasntmethistime says:

    Okay, I’m willing to consider an explanation. In what context is assaulting two children not not a big deal?

  6. It seems as if she found a way to stop having her sleep disturbed.

  7. Angel1971 says:

    it is not my place to explain anything just that alot of things being said are blown up more then what is being called asult charges were never proven

  8. johnnywombat says:

    Angel: “I know these people personally please do not be so quick to judge alot of what is being said is being blown out of context.”

    Angel, the assault charges were proven enough to cause the removal of her two other children. And now we have a dead 2 month old baby.

    Come on now, a 22 year old female with three kids? Two of them removed from her care and the third one dead??

    There is something totally wrong with this entire picture.

  9. Angel1971 says:

    actully the chidren were placed in the hands of family memebers as the mothers living setuation was unstable at the time and she was with a abusive man..she left the problem but had signed her rights over hence the children are still living with other family members and will continue to do so

  10. GuardingGabby says:

    To Angel1971~ “actully the chidren were placed in the hands of family memebers as the mothers living setuation was unstable at the time and she was with a abusive man..she left the problem but had signed her rights over hence the children are still living with other family members and will continue to do so”

    Angel171 Jamie Never signed over her rights she had them Taken away! I am Gabby’s Aunt I helped care for her. You may Think you “know these people personally” But I assure you that people will not be “so quick to judge” They Will Judge accordingly! And None!!! None of the case is “being said is being blown out of context” Jamie is cruel! Jamie is disturbed! Jamie needs to be locked up!! I have seen what happens to children in her care Jamie does not deserve to see the light of day! Jamie does not deserve to have a life of freedom when All of her children have suffered. And the “So called assult charges!” I don’t know who you are “Angel1971 but those so called assult charges where because of what she had done to My Neice!!! And what she has gone through how dare you Pretend to know what happened there she has needed multiple therapist so that at 2 she could finally start walking she will be 3 and she still isn’t talking! What Jamie did is.. I can’t wait until she stand before 12 of our peers! I will be in that courtroom watching as Mason, Gabby, and Jeremiah get justice for what they have been through. As for Gabby for now and until she no longer needs it my family will always Gaurd Gabby from that woman!

  11. Angel1971 says:

    guarding gabby I am Jamies stepmother You do not know all of what has gone on so please mind Your words and this is not a place for rude comments like as such..I was there when the children were placed and It was Not with you or gabbys daddy at the time it was with Jamies I do know what has gone on and remember keep to the rules here..mabey you should find out who taught her to cover the binkie with the blanket happens to be a family member of Yours

  12. GuardingGabby says:

    Angel1971 I am fully aware of where Gabby is because she is with My Mother! That being said, why did your family not help these children when they were in need. Seeing as none of the children went to Your side of the family after the hearing then I would venture to say that Jamie learned her cruel ways from her side! I do not know Jamie’s father I would hope he is better then her mother. And I do know what has gone on, were you there for the court hearings for Gabby and Mason? Because My Mother was. I say cruel things because Jamie was and is wrong! And you are blind to what kind of person she is! I hope the trial will open your eyes to who she really is!

  13. GuardingGabby says:

    And it is Not Jamie’s Grandmother Do Not Ever make that mistake again. Gabby is Happy living without her mother and father she is with her paternal Grandfather and Grandmother. Get your story straight. And Jamie and had All Rights taken from her she will never have Gabby.

  14. This is Gabby’s other Aunt, the one that goes to visit her every week, the one that had to help out when she didn’t even know how to eat real food at 1 year old, the one that had to help because she couldn’t even walk or crawl because her muscles were malformed from being strapped into a carseat without being held unless her diaper overflowed. The one that had to help when she couldn’t see anyone or would rock and curl into a ball. Who has been currently reported to have had the inability to be able to feel pain because she mentally withdrew from it and only now is being able to experience that to a horrifying degree. Imagine not being able to feel anything because your mother strapped you down to a carseat and pulled your hair out with tweezers every day. Imagine that. It’s in the report.

    I’m the aunt that listened to every meeting, every court date, every appointment and played witness to not only her but her older half brother and his extreme desire to kill his sister and him trying to smother her with a blanket multiple times to the point that he was on watch 24/7 until he went back into foster care. The boy that at his grandmothers house would beat his great grandmother with a stick to take her meds because that was what he was taught from his mother.

    Now I’ve been here. I’ve been here this entire time and I have seen her come home, I’ve seen the thousands of dollars put to Gabby’s care and the hours and multiple multiple doctors necessary to make sure she can even SEE or TALK or WALK or FEEL or cry or even be held. I have been here. I know everything and I have been quiet due to the fact that this woman was trying to fight to get Gabby back for a time and thank god my parents were capable of getting full custody WHICH THEY FOUGHT FOR they were not given it. They fought for the rights to protect her. Now… try to make up a story. Try to make it up because I have been here this whole time and Gabby is not even 15 minutes from me and you know what you have done NOTHING for her, nothing, none of you. And not for that little boy that just died either, nothing. Put that on your conscious.

  15. ChildsAdvocate says:

    I don’t know any of you….and if you all have the best interests of the children in mind, than you should stop using their names on this public forum. The legacy that these surviving children have to live with is enough! God bless those that love them enough to keep them safe. Why can’t that just be enough? Everyone should stop pointing fingers and be thankful by the Grace Of God that two children are safe tonight…and forever after. God bless them!

  16. Your right ChildsAdvocate. Although sadly, our niece will never know as she has brain damage and we can only pray she can gain a voice at all. But thank you for the perspective. We just have been trying so hard to keep this woman from hurting another child and to hear this…. you have no idea the pain, the anger, the horror of it. To hear her family defend her again and again after all she’s done it is hard for us. But you are right this is not the medium. I put my efforts towards writing to the prosecution. Thank you for your words.

  17. ChildsAdvocate says:

    Sorry about your neice…but she will get stronger, with love. But what about the other child? Will he have to know someday what his life started out as? People need to realize that what you put out there on the internet will always be “out there”….so watch what you give for information. Unbelievable how you all seem to side-step the reality that more than the “mother” is to blame for this tragedy. Birds of a feather flock together and you all seem to be closely tired together. Maybe look further back in everyone’s past and the big picture comes into play. It’s not only her fault….but who is strong enough to make a change??? Sadly, probably none of you!

  18. That other child that tried to kill her and threatened to kill my mother and burn them all alive in their house? I really don’t care actually. What life will he have? Again, I don’t care. My parents did all they could for him until their lives were threatened and they put him into foster care in the hopes that perhaps someone else could try and I hope that family comes to no harm that does take him in. He was mentally screwed up from years of abuse from his mother.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about birds flocking together, who do you think we were responding to? Her birds. She is of no family to us, she was a stranger on the internet who came into our lives through one child and whatever past there was with her lies with that family and whoever is to blame in that family well… that’s their issue, our issue is that this woman is put away for as long as humanly possible so that she doesn’t hurt or murder another child.

    We are doing our best to create THAT change. And you know, I was agreeing with you when you first responded. I thought, this person is right, I’m going about this wrong. I felt bad. Now you are just a freaking idiot.

  19. AuntieNahNah says:

    Well, I’m another aunt. I guess you picked the wrong family tonight “ChildsAdvocate”. If that is indeed your occupation. Which I believe it isnt. But nice screen name. I just signed up and guess what I could have put…” Judge ” But… to bad it doesnt make me one and just like you… Im just another big mouth behind a screen.

    I want to start by saying Im not comfortable posting this. However, I cant just let someone or anyone speak or type trash to my sisters or about my mother. No one could imagine what my mother has been through to protect Gabby. My sibilings and I have been behind my mother through so much. Watching her cry, stress, and worry about those kids. We have alot of bitterness within our hearts because of what we had to watch our niece go through. This might be a good time to let you know that My mother isnt our nieces blood grandmother. However you would never EVER know it! I dont care who any of you are or that Im on a public forum. The truth is what needs to be known and thats all my sisters are trying to do. If the brother sees it one day… then maybe they will know the truth and know that they were fought for Or maybe let them know where they came from and know that they servived and their familys (that they are with now) loves them and are behind them every step of the way.

    Let me tell you something… they better hope they lock her up… or at least never EVER show up on my mothers door step or come near my niece. As far as Im concerned that family let that little boy down. They failed to keep him safe. Dont you dare tell me about “Birds of a feather” Our whole family has done nothing but FIGHT for those 2 kids and begged to have her last one taken away from her. She was aweful… cruel… and down right wicked to her children and CPS failed to do their JOB!!!!! Now That little boy is dead. How does that family sleep at night… because I have a hard time just knowing that she could get off of this and be out there sometime and have another child…. Ever think about that. Look past your own self rightious nose.

    Oh… and for the girl who “knows Jamie”. Question…. Did you really know her…??? Or did you know what you wanted to see? Did you witness her pulling my niece and nephews hair out??? Did you see what they were going through. If you “knew” her the answer is yes… and you sat back and let her. Just like her mother did. Good Job.

    I hope the kids do see this one day. I hope they see that we fought hard for their life and that we hurt because their sibiling was killed by a evil woman. She is not their mother… I will never call her that. My nieces mother… Is our mother. She has loved and cared for her. She tried very hard with her brother and it just didnt work out. However he is in a happy home and well loved and cared for. He will and is getting the help he needs and one day I hope to see him again… whole and without a memory of his life before and when or if he sees this… I hope that he knows that his life does not have to be like hers. I pray for him every night and will continue to.
    I dont have anything more to say.

  20. ChildsAdvocate says:

    Wow….struck a nerve. I meant no harm, I was just curious about where the children’s father is???? Doesn’t he have any responsibility to the kids??? Isn’t it his job to provide for and protect his children??? It’s sad how a child had to pass away before an adult, any adult, could have stepped up and protected the innocent little one!!! I pray to God that this child is now at peace!!!

  21. GuardingGabby says:

    ChildsAdvocate All three children have different fathers. As soon as we found out we did all that we could. People were calling to let DFS know what Jamie was like to protect Jeremiah. And yes you did hit a nerve as you know there are people fighting for these kids and you come in and attack the people who are trying to keep them safe. I understand your frustration please know we are too. But you need to get to know the facts before you start in on people, be angry with the parents not the ones who drove for hours to pick up two children and the ones who try and protect them, the ones who try and give them a voice. The question is are you going to continue to attack us or are you going to help? Are you going to truely be a “Childs Advocate” and get ahold of the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorneys office and voice your belief that Jamie needs to be stopped!

  22. Sigh. Oh give it up. There are a million deadbeat father’s out there and we’re not special because we have one in our family. He is an idiot. He’s a young stupid boy who found a girl on the internet and they were ‘in love’ and had a baby. And let me tell you something, if it wasn’t for him calling the police that day because he didn’t want her to take his daughter away because she abused her son then she wouldn’t be in safe care. Now stop pretending to be someone else and stand up or shut up. I’m sick of listening to you and that entire family’s excuses for not wanting to take responsibility of that little boys life.

  23. redstepchild says:

    Nice you leave the taxpayers to care for your family.

    Whatcha gonna say when the boy grows up n kills someone? wish I couldve abandoned my son when he lashed out at me. Sadly, I knew he was in pain, so we tried some talk therepy options, and then I had to open a can of whoop ash on him a few times. Finally, it was athletics that built up his confidence and pride. Most people are shocked to hear how bad he was. Hes a role model. College bound athlete who I am glad I never gave up on.

    It was tough. My love was stronger.

    Get the kid into a sport like wrestling.

    Go find something positive to do.

    If you abandon him, he will turn to gangs n drugs to feel like he belongs.

    He will kill people. Innocent people will die because you thought he was someone elses problem.

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