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UPDATED: Woman killed, man shot in East Side Tacoma shooting

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Jan. 2, 2012 at 6:43 am with 27 Comments »
January 2, 2012 3:09 pm

UPDATED at 1:15 p.m.

A 22-year-old man suspected of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and injuring another man late Sunday in Tacoma was later found dead.

Officers found the man at Larchmont Elementary School about 4:45 a.m. today, Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum said. He had died from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Investigators believe the man shot his 26-year-old ex-girlfriend and injured a 29-year-old man about 11:40 p.m. Sunday.

The shooting occurred inside the older man’s home in the 8400 block of East D Street, Fulghum said. There were other people inside the home at the time.

It wasn’t immediately clear how the suspect got inside the home and what happened before he fired his gun.

The injured man called emergency dispatchers and reported he’d been shot. When officers arrived, they found him bleeding from his injuries and the woman dead from a gunshot wound, police reported.

The man was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma for treatment of 11 gunshot wounds. He was expected to survive his injuries, Fulghum said.

The suspect left the home on foot. Tacoma officers quickly knew who they were looking for and broadcast the information.

The suspect was found five hours later outside Larchmont Elementary, 8601 E. B St., Fulghum said.

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  1. saywhat253 says:

    what the heck is wrong with people… you just ruined your life to take someone else from them!ignorance is bliss huh?

  2. ltkeffer says:

    And all the gun laws or restrictions in the world would not have made a difference as the suspect has a weapon that was not registered or recorded in any way.

  3. rawdibob says:

    I really wish that the law abiding, tax paying citizens were not punished by criminals and their lawyers.

  4. PuppyDogsButterflies says:

    Exactly Itkeffer. There’s drug laws and people still do drugs… I doubt gun laws would have stopped this guy.

  5. rawdibob says:

    “…11 gunshot wounds…

    Wow, the perp really wanted to kill this person also. I hope we can return the favor, soon, really soon.

  6. wrsw1969 says:

    jusy another way to clean up the streets no court costs

  7. fivecardstud says:

    Raise the penalty for illegally having a gun and this will slow down. It’s not the legal owners that create these problems. There is around 7 times the women than men in the world so I don’t understand killing over some dame.

  8. Found at an elementary school. Before school started, I hope? Where was he found, in the school or the grounds? Has school been canceled for the day? (Tacoma students don’t have today off)

  9. lovinglife says:

    @solo253 she was no longer in a relationship with the man that killed her. She moved on he could not accept that. she was a wonderful person with alot of life in her. She has a daughter, lets think about that. I will miss my daughter.

  10. guidocarmasi says:

    a result of too much TV for growing up kids. Everboidy has a gun with violence on TV and the movies, Monkee see . Monkey do.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss, lovinglife.

    Behind every story like this is someone’s mother. To all of you commenting, this is your community. If you wouldn’t say it to the face of a bereaved family member, don’t say it at all.

  12. theStory says:

    What’s also not said in this story is that the 29 year old male victim is a good, hardworking individual that works full time as a truck driver for a non-profit charity organization. He was just hanging out at home trying to enjoy the holiday when this happened. I know him fairly well, and I am not surprised that he could survive 11 gunshots. Hang in there N, we’ll be thinking about you. So sorry for her, her children and her family.

  13. sincere says:

    I can appreciate the fact the perpetrator was the Judge,Jury and Executioner in this case.At least the Taxpayers wont have to support him for the next 40 years.

  14. Dezzerey says:

    Look it was all bad with what happened to the girl and that dude, my cousin was obviously sicc or something to do that to her and him and then take his own life and leave us his family and friends here greaving for him and the other familys that were involved but to sit here and act like everybody was a victom but him in this situation is some bull… She should of ended it the right way and not do what she did and he should of moved on and not did what he did… I want to say to the family of the victoms Im sorry for what my cousin did but u guys r not the only ones that r HURTING and Lost someone this morning… R.I.P Rell Rell we love u

  15. How often does the subject of guns come up in America.

  16. SPANAWAYGENE says:


  17. Some of you really don’t know what you are talking about and ought to be ashamed. The man shot is my nephew’s father and was in no way shape or form deserving of the shooting. He was NOT “involved” with the poor girl who was killed, in fact she was his current girlfriend’s sister and he just happened to be at the home with his CHILD when it happened. Imagine having your six year old son see that, for everyone else who was kind our family and his own thank you. And EVERY family involved I am truly sorry, I am so so grateful we didn’t lose him (he is out of the woods for the most part after 8 hours of surgery) but I’m truly saddened for the gf’s family and even the gunman’s as well for their loss.

  18. It is truly strange to hear from myself representing my nephew’s father (I am very lucky not to have been there when I had plans to), another who is a friend of the gunman and another who is the grieving mother of the young woman, we are ALL affected by this and it would seem we are the ones who are some of the most civil commenting here that is either very sad or an excellent statement to our humanity and compassion, again prayers for EVERYONE who is affected this day.

  19. ItalianSpring says:

    Well there weren’t any fires that day, and that ain’t bad.

  20. lovinglife says:

    michelle was a good woman. she was not a child that was born to me but i loved her just the same. I will miss her. I send my thoughts out to the other 2 victims. I am very upset that something like this had to happen. But it has and we have to move on with the healing and forgiving.

  21. Beyondbitch says:

    im sad for all involved,but i knew jerell he was not a typically violent person.he was a sweet,nice ,polite funny guy.there is so much more to this sad story then any of us will ever know.for whatever reason something triggerd his actions and it made him snap. all i can think about is the kid who use to come to my house always laughing,jokeing willing to help if he could,calling me “mom dukes” feeling like this was the only solution to end the pain he must have been in. my heart breaks for the kid i knew dying all alone in pain,terrified and scared over his last few actions and making the decision to end his life .He must have felt so totally alone….. How he handled this was wrong,But something or someone or both caused/created so much hurt inside himit pushed him over the edge. how sad for someone so young to feel that kind of pain. My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. but yes i will miss jerell,because under that pain lived a nice,good, big hearted kid that i have very fond memories of. rest in peace Jerell……………………..

  22. Thank God the male victim has been reportedly doing well. Its such a tragic thing that there were young children there to bear witness to this horrific event. My deepest condolences to the surviving victim’s family and the family of that girl who was lost. As for the shooter,its not the justice i would have liked. Suicide is a cowards way out, but i will sleep easier knowing there’s one less murderer in this world.

  23. montanagage says:

    I am so sorry for your loss lovinglife. I know her brother and am sure she was just as wonderful a person as he is. I said a prayer for you and your family tonight that our father will give you comfort and understanding in your time of great sorrow. Peace be with you.

  24. FOR YOU INFORMATION. The man who was shot WAS NOT DATING THE YOUNG LADY WHO WAS KILLED!!!!! He was dating her sister, who was also there when it happened. He was only being a good boyfriend letting his girls sister come over. SO BEFORE y’all say he shouldn’t be messing with someone’s female, HE WASN’T! He got shot for being there. It was his house that she HAPPENED to be at. My brother is in the hospital fighting for his life. He didn’t take NOBODY’S GIRL. He was helping out his girls sister & that drama got brought to his home ! Don’t believe every damn thing you hear on the news! Because his ACTUAL girl was there & happened to be related to the victim. So get your facts straight. MAY GOD BLESS EVERYONE INVOLVED.

  25. siragwatkins says:

    Too many deaths already here in this new year!
    A second mom leaving young children.
    A second young man “driven towards the darkness by the devils in his brain”(Kris Kristofferson’s line)
    A man who tried to help fighting for his life (and apparently winning–one good thing!)
    And children starting this year by losing parents and/or watching them being shot.
    It’s true that there’s research that says that violence increases when there’s violence on TV, as well as in life, and TV programming certainly stresses violence, including these deaths.
    But it’s a sad commentary on our society that people are not taught to use words rather than guns to solve their problems.
    My heart goes out to all the families and friends, especially the children, of the murdered moms, the dead men, the man who survived and his little son.
    May the Father of peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort all the bereaved among us — and inspire us to lead lives of peace and show better ways to deal with pain.

  26. nicolas brewer says:

    Dose anyone know the full name of the shooter I need to know his name this is the man that was shot 9 times with a 38 not a shotgun life has been hard ever cents everything happen but I will be ok I hope I am about to have my 8 surgery in 4 years but I really want to know his name full name

  27. Wannette says:

    I would like to say that The dirty man that kill my grandbaby mother I hope you are burning in hell,I am the one that sit and hold my grandbaby every night still she crys every night for her mommy and it’s not fair to her that her mommy was taken always from her so young,I keep Michelle pictures up in my house so my grandbaby don’t ever for get her mommy faces,Its so sad, when she come to me and say why did he kill my mommy grandma I miss and love her every day, and I the one who comfort her every night and talk to her about her mommy and it’s hard to go on in live knowing that my grandbaby is the one who is stuffing every day and so is her family, so I hope God blesses you all that had to live or be any family member to the evil one that kill my grandbaby mommy.God Bless you.

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