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Tacoma man pleads guilty to fatally stabbing girlfriend

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on Dec. 16, 2011 at 3:50 pm with 6 Comments »
December 16, 2011 3:50 pm

A Tacoma man pleaded guilty this afternoon to stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death while their daughter held a slumber party in the next room.

Alphonso Albert Bell faces 38 years in prison when sentenced Feb. 3 in the death of Georgia Gunzer, 33.

Pierce County prosecutors contended Bell, 36, stabbed Gunzer as many as 30 times during the early-morning hours of Jan. 22.

The attack took place in the bedroom of an apartment Gunzer shared with her and Bell’s daughter. The girl and some friends were asleep in the living room at the time, court documents show.

Police were notified of the attack by Bell, who called 911 to say he’d “hurt his girlfriend real bad,” the records show.

Gunzer has petitioned for a protection order against Bell three months before her death. She wrote he’d threatened her and “put his hands on me numerous times,” court records show.

Court Commissioner Mark Gelman denied the protection order after reading a letter from a state Department of Corrections employee that said Gunzer had been to visit Bell at least six times while he was jailed in Kitsap County.

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  1. copwatcher says:

    Why would you deny a protective order because she had visited him in jail? You might as well deny it because they had kids together. The blood is on Mark Gelman’s hands and it’s time to go after him.

  2. Freetobe says:

    I AGREE COPWATCHER! She was obviously a domestic violence victim. The courage & strength it took her to finally say enough is enough & seek out that protection order could have been what saved her life. Now, there is a daughter who has tragically lost her mother, and other children exposed to a life altering trauma. Praying for these young girls to learn from this tragedy that they will be able to have a voice if such senseless abuse is ever present in their life.

  3. ReadNLearn says:

    “Courage & strength” to finally say enough is enough? How about the simple common sense not to bring a someone not well enough known into one’s life and more importantly, into the life of one’s child and other children?

    Praise worthy are those who DON’T bring a monster into their own lives.

  4. johnnywombat says:

    Sometimes we can all look at a situation and underestimate it’s urgency, and then someone ends up paying the ultimate price.

    I believe Court Commissioner Mark Gelman made a terrible error that he did not have to make but through indifference and prejudice?


    They had a child together (a child old enough to have a slumber party) so he didn’t just waltz into their lives, I think he was actually “well enough” known to them. (Duh…)

    Also, you must feel so blessed not to have any knowledge of the fact that sometimes people you love and trust can evolve into “monsters”, through drug/alcohol abuse, mental illness, etc.

    I’m not saying that’s what happened here, but I’m probably not too far off.

    Anyway, your ignorant comments struck a chord with me.

    Myself and others I have known in my life have had to deal with abusers. No one asks to be abused. One does not choose their abusers and actually you might be hard pressed to pick them out in a crowd. So please, do not speak of what you (obviously) do not know.

    You, ReadNLearn, are NOT Praise Worthy. Fail. Shame on you.

    Ms. Gunzer should have been granted the restraining order, for whatever it may or may not have been worth. We need to help people in these situations, not slap them down.

    Sorry for the rant, but this subject touches a raw nerve.

  5. ReadNLearn says:

    Uh, she picked him.

    Individual responsibility!

    Odd…the women I know don’t pick abusers and interestingly, they aren’t exactly the sort that have children out of wedlock. I also think that if someone did abuse a sister, daughter or mother from a solid family, some father, uncle, brother, cousin or such would square things. Why would her male relatives allow this?

    Yeah, some married women get abused, but how many more times is it a ‘boyfriend’ and how many of those married women who get abused ignored warning signs or simply got into the situation too fast.

    She visited him in jail…she already knew she was dealing with a violent, irrational person, and the right thing to do is to correct one’s error and kick the guy to the curb…but no, she goes and visits this violent, irrational person six times, yes 6 times in jail! This would definitely send the wrong message.

    She knows she’s got psycho former boyfriends, yet she invites a several vulnerable children to her home, knowing that there’s the potential for violence? She didn’t make wise choices and paid a price. Thank goodness the other children didn’t suffer for her poor choices.

    As for who is right and wrong…well, gee…folks like me don’t abuse, our female relatives and wives don’t get abused so perhaps I’m spot on in my criticisms and those who have experienced such problems can’t use that as a credibility point because they’re doing life wrong.

  6. KeepIt100 says:

    Easily said, Simple minded people who are clueless to the real world! As if Georgia wasnt able to have close friends and sister relationships that have nothing to do with the violent loser! I am just ONE of the parents to the girls at the sleep over….N jus so its clear, HER APARTMENT WAS HERS and hers alone! She made a loving home for herself, her daughter for all of us that spent time there. Make no mistake she wasnt with him that night,they were NOT together as she was out with us! He was not to be there at all, expecially with our children there. Lastly, unless you know the facts, TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW, NOT WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW!!!! Tooo bad everyone was as perfect as YOU!

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