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Fife police: Disgruntled employee causes extensive damage at Milgard warehouse

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Sep. 19, 2011 at 12:31 pm with 23 Comments »
September 19, 2011 1:17 pm

Fife police have arrested a longtime Milgard Manufacturing Inc. employee after he allegedly broke into a warehouse overnight and destroyed equipment and inventory.

The company was still adding up the damage but Fife police Lt. Tom Thompson said the total could be more than $1 million.

Thompson said the Spanaway man is a 30-year employee of the window and doors company. He’d recently been reassigned.

“He didn’t like his reassignment,” Thompson said.

Investigators believe the man broke into the company’s warehouse in the 900 block of 54th Avenue East overnight. A semi truck and trailer had been backed into some of the equipment, destroying the equipment and inventory, Thompson said.

“He did some extensive damage to some of the inventory and equipment,” he said.

The damage was discovered this morning. Fife investigators identified the Spanaway man as a suspect and contacted him at his home this morning.

“He confessed,” Thompson said.

The man was booked into Pierce County Jail on suspicion of burglary and malicious mischief.

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  1. tomwa007 says:

    It it was still owned by the family, this would have not have happened.

  2. dbreneman says:

    Clearly, this is not going to look good on the guy’s year end review.

  3. surveyor1 says:

    He obviously isn’t in a union. If he were I’m sure the union would have ordered a strike and put the company out of business unless they agreed not to reassign him!

  4. thank god this kind of thing didn’t happen at the chili factory

  5. whatthehell says:

    sometiemes you gotta do what you gotta do

  6. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Oh no, this might give striking teachers the idea to do more physical damage, good thing teachers never work on weekends.

  7. brett987654321 says:

    They probably deserved it. Thats what you get for taking a crap on someone after 30 years of hard work.

  8. Whatever1214 says:

    If an unhappy employee is disgruntled, is a happy one gruntled?

  9. beefcurtain says:

    that company had a guy a year ago, when fired , he threatened the life of a manager there. I hear that’s a messed up place to work and the pay isn’t that great to begin with. right on dude, too bad he got caught.

  10. hultmale says:

    Shouldn’t have a hard time getting a new job in this economy.

  11. Westend253 says:

    It is good to see that this guy is in custody. He needs help it seems. Good job by Fife Police for taking quick action on this case. Some of the police depts around do not even go to burglary cases anymore. Glad Fife does.

  12. Theiconictree says:

    Westend at 1 million in damages/loss no Police Department would over look a Burglary, even the one’s your talking about. Fife did nothing more than any of them would have done in the same situation.

  13. arterialturns says:

    #1, he wasn’t just going to be “reassigned.” They closed that plant down, and most of the employees were there well over 15 years. He was likely faced with a much lower pay and skill-level job after giving 30 years of his life to the company. #2, there was a guy who actually shot a supervisor from a different plant (there are several in Tacoma/Fife), and he was crooked anyway I believe.

  14. princessnancy says:

    I heard some of the truck drivers were offered jobs at $5 an hour less than what they are currently making. That is a lot of money to lose after being a valued employee for 30 years. I guess the guy just snapped, but it certainly does not justify what he did.

  15. arterialturns says:

    It is my understanding that it was either a severance check or about what you said. This sounds weird, but-even though what he did was illegal-I applaud him for taking it out on things and not people. It always seems like it’s people shooting their co-workers, then themselves.

  16. Right out of Hoffa and Krumpka’s handbook for inciting violence. Who’s taking odds against this fool being a Teamster member?

  17. PuyallupGuy says:

    I guess he showed them.

  18. jjlhknelson says:

    I worked at Milgard for 18 yrs when I was l laid off 2 years ago. When this company was owned by the Milgard brothers, laying off long time employee’s would never have happened. Since the company was sold, the company went downhill fast. They were letting people go who were top notch in their field.
    People who were entering retirement were let go. I have seen to many friends lives turned upside down because Milgard wanted to save a nickel.

    Jeffrey Nelson

  19. testokes says:

    Hey Jeffy!!! Long time no see!!!

    I saw this story and as much as I don’t agree with what this dude did, I completely understand it!! If you have never worked there you don’t exactaly know the culture. I remember when I “left” the first time I was completely lost, and I had only been there 7 years!! Milgard was the only thing I knew. It was my first real job. I bleed Milgard Red!!! It wasn’t just my job, that was where all my friends and family were!

    I agree Jeff. As bad as the economy/building industry is, if it was still owned by the Milgards none of this would be happening! The only thing that surprises me, is that it didn’t happen sooner!! Gary and Jim are rolling over in thier graves!

    Tesia Stokes

  20. Jim is still with us.

  21. rawdibob says:

    Smile and be Happy. YOU taxpayers will most likely get to support this criminal for the rest of his sorry LIFE. Wouldn’t it be nice if the innocent were NOT punished for the crimes of the guilty.

  22. Just goes to show what happens when you let the company talk you out of the union you once had for lower pay etc. They made better money in the 80’s with the union they had at the time. They even had a second chance to vote in the Long Shore Union in 2004.

    But, people are sheeple, ignorant and stupid. 26 out of 186 voted for the union so they got what they wanted/deserve.

    Milgard now Masco is swirling the bowl. Was a great place at one time. Oh well.

    RIP Milgard

    -Brad Haas

  23. Even though I left Milgard Mfg. several years ago I still miss my fellow employees and the quality product we produced. It WAS a great local company to work for but unfortunately that culture was lost when MASCO assumed ownership. The big fish never seem to realize that “your people are your most important asset”.

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