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Jury convicts former Tacoma police officer of molesting relative

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Sep. 2, 2011 at 2:39 pm with 46 Comments »
September 2, 2011 2:41 pm

A Pierce County jury has convicted a former Tacoma police officer of molesting a young female relative several years ago.

The jurors returned their verdict against John H. Parkes, 46, this morning after deliberating for less than a day. They convicted Parkes of four counts of first-degree child molestation and acquitted him of a fifth count.

Parkes, who resigned as a Tacoma police officer in June 2010 after the charges were filed, has maintained his innocence throughout the process and testified in his own defense during the trial, said Casey Arbenz, one of Parkes’ defense attorneys.

“He adamantly denied the allegations,” Arbenz said. “At this point, he feels the system has failed him.”

Prosecutors alleged Parkes inappropriately touched the girl and made her touch him in a sexual manner between 1996 and 2003. The girl’s mother reported the allegations to Tacoma police in early 2010.

The jurors started their deliberations Thursday afternoon and announced their decision this morning. The fact that Parkes used to be a police officer was not mentioned during the trial, the attorneys said.

Parkes was taken into custody after the verdict. He is being held in Pierce County Jail on no bail until he is sentenced Oct. 14, deputy prosecutor Heather DeMaine said.

Parkes faces 12 years, four months to 16 years, six months in prison and a lifetime requirement of registering as a sex offender once he is released.

Arbenz said his client plans to appeal.

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  1. surveyor1 says:

    If he did this then good riddance.
    I wonder though what the evidence was against him. Was it simply a case of his word against hers? They make no mention of it in the article.

  2. it’s a shame the tacoma police chief will lie to cover up some police officer’s misdeeds and then hang other police officers out to dry.

  3. LibertyBell says:

    Well it’s just the leftover criminal sndicate of George Janovich and Chief Brame too, 100 years of state sponsered corruption, hiring the handicapped and Americans with disabilities isn’t a new concept in Pierce County.

    Pierce County & Tacoma, where the good old boys always get hired, another Franklin Pierce Presidential Police Special.

    George Janovich and Chief Brame said NOT guilty too, but everyone knows that just another lie too!

  4. LibertyBell says:

    Recieve you training at the Washington State Law Enforcement Academy?

    Many Officers Have?

  5. LibertyBell says:

    Yes it’s the Left Coast, where all your law men are left behind…

  6. LibertyBell says:

    State Law Requirements in 50 States of the Union GO OBama GO Holder down too!

  7. Wrapper98439 says:

    Too often a guy is released after 10 or 12 years because a disgruntled ex-spouse or relative coached the kid into false acusations. Waiting 7 years really should have set off some alarms. The numbers just don’t add up. It aledgedly started in 96. A kid is not going to remember dates and times until they are atleast 5 or 6, so that would leave the kid 20+ when the allegations came forward. Too late for mom to report it unless she needs to fill in blanks that the kid “forgot”. Maybe he is guilty, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  8. Next the Parole board will be asked to ignore the conviction and grant him a lesser term as he wasn’t really guilty and will blend back into society as an outstanding upright citizen. I have a feeling the Parole Board will embrace this idea as an absolute wonderful fact.

  9. skippythedog says:

    I’ve got his old gun, via a gun shop in Renton. Nice Detonics .45. Thanks John!

  10. Prosecutors alleged Parkes inappropriately touched the girl and made her touch him in a sexual manner between 1996 and 2003. The girl’s mother reported the allegations to Tacoma police in early 2010.

    Just like that. A man’s fate decided 7 years later? Everybody is convinced? Anyone with a big family and one looney b***h is at risk. Stay away from your nieces, nephews and grandchildren or you just might be accused of the the most heinous behavior imaginable.

  11. pazzo242 says:

    Liberty Bell–you are a real piece of work. You constantly complain that cops get away with everything due to the “good ol boy system” and now you still complain when a cop gets convicted of a crime. There is no pleasing you when it comes to cops. You still cite Janovich–something that happened over40 years ago and Brame, even though he is dead. Can you ever just shut up once? I suppose that would be asking too much. You got what you desired so much for–the guy got convicted and you can’t just gloat over that?

  12. screwcops

  13. LibertyBell says:

    Yes Pazzo just shut up, just like that 1st Amendment that confuses you, the rest of the criminal laws of the State of Washington, confuse Pierce County Government.
    Shall we talk about quite a few more local lawmen breaking the law?

    Oh just shut up, now you sound just like Janovich, attempting to get that United States Justice Department to shut up to after his crime spree with the whole body of the Pierce County Sheriff.

    It usta be “Just Say No” now it’s “Just shut Up”, that like quite a few of those Seattle Policemen, at the WTO Trade Show, they wanted everyone to just shut up too….

    Of course as usual, a Federal Judge had to inform the Supposed Seatte Police Dept, of the Ku Klux Act opf 1871(42 USC 1983) oh thats right false arrest, free speech, illegal jailing, confusin confusion confusion….

    Just Shut UP?

    Oh yes the Ku Klux Act of 1871, Just Shut Up President Grant, you going into Democratic Territory of President Franklin Pierce, on of the souths favorites…just shut up???

    Grant to Congress(1871), about the Democratic’s Favorite Invention,(Just shut up)
    “A condition of affairs exists in some states of the Union…rendering life and property insecure….the carrng of the mails and collection of revenue dangerous…”asking Congress for this bill for Life3, Libertty and Property Protections, in ALL STATES OF THE UNION….

    Just Shut UP, my favorite line from the Klansmen from Pierce County, with Brame shown best in his Federal Ku Klux Act case….confusing no one except those of the local Guild, that’s for needs a Guilding, if someone somewhere
    could find a Republican n the world!

  14. The only possible evidence in this case would be he said she said, plus documents of various ages. There could be no forensic evidence from the time of the “crime” because that would trigger the statute of limitations unless they charged him back then.

    I would speculate that there were several evidentiary challenges which were over-ruled by the judge, beginning with probable cause to believe a crime had been committed. The only possible evidence for a crime came from the mouth of the “victim.” Her credibility is crucial yet I will speculate that the defense was not allowed to fully cross-examine her at a suppression hearing. Keep in mind that this is entirely in the hands of the judge and cannot be reviewed by the appeals court.

    Credibility determinations by the judge of a witness’ testimony are final.

    His guilt has not been proved to my satisfaction and I believe that the constitution agrees with me. In other words, he has not received due process which is his constitutional guarantee.

    Our judicial system cannot right every wrong. Justice delayed is justice denied, regardless of outcome. The statutes of limitation are being manipulated for political purposes and everyone should be outraged because one day, it could be you facing that judge and jury.

    What if you’re innocent? Will the system protect you? How do you repent if you’re not guilty? How can you endure doing time in prison if you’re not guilty?

    This case does not pass the moral smell test.

  15. puyallupmutt says:

    Tacoma Police Department have a long history of less than stellar morals. This just adds to that rap sheet.

  16. LibertyBell says:

    Just Shut Up Pazzo

    Could you just Shut Down thos United States Reports too?

    Could you go back to the Thomas Jefferson building and erase the Congressional Records too???

    Yes Pazzo, the Ku Klux Act….Konfusing the Kounty for so long even after a more recent explanation of the Democratic Partys favorite invention from 1865.

    Justice Douglas, they like that Klan in Tacoma, and they don’t like those Supreme Court Judges, e4xplaining President Grants Klan Act of 1871.

    But the purposes were much broader. The third aim was to provide a federal remedy where the state remedy, though adequate in theory, was not available in practice. The opposition to the measure complained that “[i]t overrides the reserved powers of the States,” [Footnote 10] just as they argued that the second section of the bill “absorb[ed] the entire jurisdiction of the States over their local and domestic affairs.” [Footnote 11]

    This Act of April 20, 1871, sometimes called “the third force bill,'” was passed by a Congress that had the Klan “particularly in mind.” [Footnote 12] The debates are replete with references to the lawless conditions existing in the South in 1871. There was available to the Congress during these debates a report, nearly 600 pages in length, dealing with the activities of the Klan and the inability of the state governments to cope with it. [Footnote 13] This report was drawn on by many of the speakers. [Footnote 14] It was not the unavailability of state remedies, but the failure of certain States to enforce the laws with an equal hand that furnished

    Page 365 U. S. 175

    Hey Pazzo

  17. @nineinchnachos: You complain about Chief Ramsdell letting an officer “hang out to dry.” A jury appears to have been convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that this former officer was guilty of a pretty heinous act. Apparently you believe the Chief was supposed to have prevented this prosecution or something. You don’t make clear what you think he should have done in this case, you just thought it was another chance to make a reference to the Linnick case. But as I recall you have taken to this and other comment sections in the past to defend as funny the actions of a serial stalker and public self-abuser. So your judgement is clearly suspect.

  18. LibertyBell says:

    And Pazzo?

    Why is MURDER, only legal in our Kounty Kangaroo Kourthouses, when those so called Attorney Generals are also members of the team, with accessory to murder…from any Kounty Kangaroo Kourthouse….

    Isn’t it great that Ku Klux Klan Act (42 USC 1983) still attempting to figure out why the criminal element’s in the Governors OFFICE?

  19. LibertyBell says:

    And since I won’t shut up Paqzzo, beacuse I do know how to read ther 1st Amendment, one of quite a few Kounty ProseKutors have Konfusion with, all one has to do is Vote Kristine, where accessory to murder is Defended by another Konfused Kounty Kourthouse Official….

    The Court writing to Kristine

    Recently, in McMillian v. Monroe County,11 the U.S. Supreme Court held that Alabama sheriffs represent the state, not their counties, when acting in a law enforcement capacity.   The Court utilized a two-step approach in its analysis.   The first step is to classify the function that the official was performing at the time of the acts or omissions at issue to determine whether the official acts as a final policymaker for the local government in that particular capacity.   This is not an “all or nothing” characterization that holds true for every type of action the officials may engage in.   It requires an examination of the acts or omissions at issue in light of the function that the official was performing at the time.12  The second step is to define the official’s functions under relevant state law to determine whether the official acts for the state or the county when performing that function.13  The Court emphasized that state law cannot definitively answer the question by “simply labeling as a state official an official who clearly makes county policy.” 14  Instead, the analysis demands a close look at the official’s roles and functions as defined and structured under state law.

    The Kounty Policy from Alabama….Murder from the Kounty Kourthouse, the same Kourthouse that was in another Klan Act Kase so often, with the longest sitting Kounty Klansmen ProseKutor is State History

  20. LibertyBell says:

    And the Federal Dumping for Child Rapists, just import em to Washington where ALL the REJECTS are sent…

    Just look at Kristines favorite Konfused Us Attorney, she her best friends girl…

    And we’ve always Known Why!

  21. LibertyBell says:

    Just shut up?

    Some people need to apply a Kounty WIKILEAK?

  22. LibertyBell says:

    And by the way, last weeks sexual police Assault in the Washington State Supreme Court?

    Seem’s to me those Police Guilds, are getting guilded.

  23. jojolost says:

    pgroup, ghhs, and Wrapper98439, thank you for your very wise and perceptive words. John is an innocent man and a very scary, vindictive woman played the evil puppetmaster. Unfortunately a jury of twelve people bought it. And skippythedog, what a horrible thing to say. John’s ex-wife (as mentioned above) is a sociopathic monster. She is a horrible excuse for a human being and one of these days her actions will catch up with her. Justice was very sadly not served in this case.

  24. emorysgrand says:

    jojolost has it right. JP’s ex-wife should be very careful, because the universe will deal with her in its own time. She is a monstrous sociopath who cares only about herself, taking him for everything he ever had or built or earned. She has lied forever about him and being the nice guy he is, he took it. So she has had her way, but time will catch up to her. You are all right about the timeline; she “fed” the victim the lies needed to convict him. He loved her once, and this is his reward. The jury convicted the wrong person.

  25. If this is the judicial system letting a former officer down how many people who aren’t officers get let down in the process?

  26. jojolost says:

    emorysgrand, you must know John to have left that blog. Thank you!

  27. psycodug says:

    WOW! is that libertybell just ringing along…. Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong……

  28. psycodug says:

    If the guy is ex tacoma fuzz,… ??? Why is the trial in tacoma?? shouldn’t it be outside the area?? conflict of interest, mistrial, wha…. I’ll have to watch more Matlock……

  29. puyallupmutt says:

    Seattle PD, Fife PD, Puyallup PD, Fife PD, Pierce County Sheriff…. is there a pattern there ?

  30. milan67 says:

    No problems in commenting on any of these sujects. Enough said.

  31. papasan says:

    Libertybell: I just don’t get your point. Is it that ALL Police Officers, Sherriffs, etc are rapists, child molesters, deviants? Or is it that rapists, child molesters and deviants come from all walks of life? You have an axe to grind, obviously, in naming cases from throughout the West.. I agree that Law Enforcement has a higher standard to uphold, but at the same time, they should be held to our Nation’s standards of “Innocent until proven guilty”. You, or anyone would expect no lesser standard for yourself or your family.

  32. jojolost says:

    A close friend pointed out something very true to me today. People like “libertybell” just like to hear (see?) themselves talk. In a forum like this comments should directly pertain to the issue at hand. The “over the top” blogs like his/hers and the ignorant stone throwers are in my opinion…to be cast aside as rubbish.

  33. Brown91 says:

    just to kinda “summarize” the Comments of pgroup and surveyor1, these kinda cases need to have a Statute of Limitations!

  34. Brown how long do you think the statute of limitation is for the victim?
    Do you know how long it takes a child to say anything? do you know if a child does say anything they are usually told to keep quiet regarding the situation, then when they wait until they are older they are told they are lying. In a great percentage of the time the molester is a upstanding person no one would suspect or ever believe would do such a thing, As for the statement that the child forgets exact dates and times, but they never truly forget, you would be surprised to what triggers the memory or what situation makes the victim finally admit it to themselves then finally to others. I do not know if the man is guilty or not, but you cannot judge every case by this one,

  35. @psycodug: Your “ding-dong” comment is priceless! Remember too — the Liberty Bell was fairly cracked.

  36. DrewHendricks says:

    “Tacoma wa – TACOMA, Wash. — Pierce County prosecutors charged Tacoma police Officer John H. Parkes on Wednesday with child molestation.

    The News Tribune reports the 45-year-old is accused of molesting a relative over a six-year period that began in 1996 when the girl was 5 or 6.

    The 16-year veteran has been on paid leave since earlier this year, after the girl’s mother contacted police.”

    So the news stories of around a year ago agree that the mother called police, and that the victim was 5 or 6 when the abuse began. But that abuse also lasted until the victim was 12 or 13, as recently as 2003. Seems well within the statute of limitations (or the prosecutor would not have brought it) and well within the capabilities of a young woman to remember what happened to her as recently as 2003. Why would she need to remember a SPECIFIC DATE? That’s not even relevant; the jury decided if she was more credible or he was.

    Interesting that somehow this is “all the fault of the mother”… It’s not like the victim is still a 5 year old, folks. She’s around 21-22 years old now. As in out of the house, no longer in thrall of her former abuser. Able to say what he did, and able to say how that made her feel.

    Jojolost and EmorySGrand sound like they read from the same script. Of course she would take vengeance on a husband who abused her daughter. How else did you think that kind of thing would have ended in 2003? What would you do if someone abused your daughter, buy the guy a beer? Come on! It sounds like it took a while for the victim to feel the strength to step forward.

  37. lightchild says:

    t’s sad how he took an oath to serve and protect but had no problem robbing a child of her innocence. This pedophile cop needs to be locked away in a prison cell where he can experience what it’s like to be raped by other prisoners. If pedophiles like him would have the word molester tattooed on their forehead it would make identifying them much easier. All pedophiles belong in prison because they cannot be cured of their sickness and they always reoffend. I would like to share a post written by a survivor of molestation.

  38. emorysgrand says:

    JP’s wife was a nut case long before this happened, perhaps even before he married her (that’s another story), No, jojolost and I didn’t read from the same script. We both simply know them personally and know which one was an honest person and which one wasn’t. It would be libelous/slanderous to describe her, but suffice it to say that she still believes that she is the center of the universe, can do no wrong, and that everyone else is to be used as tools to get what she wants. In this case, it was to have JP legally out of the way so he can’t interfere with her own desires. JP is a wonderful man manipulated by someone he loved.

  39. dster420 says:

    Lee Giles was called a “wonderful Man” also….I personally LOVED Harvey the Talking Motorcycle…

  40. interWOLFone says:

    So…the woman claims that abuse went on for seven years…and then she waited an ADDITIONAL 7 years to report it? Something is amiss here.

  41. emorysgrand says:

    interWOLFone – Seems you are smarter than the average bear. Maybe she had to wait until her finances were better, or the house was almost paid for, or other cirumstances in her life were perfect to get rid of him. She did a fine job of framing him and she’s never been caught in her own social misbehavior. Everything was always his fault and it always will be. None of us are perfect, but I hope I live long enough to see her repaid for her unconscionable actions.

  42. seattlite says:

    Wow. These comments are shocking. This isn’t about JP’s ex wife. She didn’t even testify. This is about the FACT that John did this and he knows he did. The female relative reported it when she was 15 and her story is solid. The jury believed her and her witnesses because they were believable and told the truth. They did not have any reasonable doubt about what John did. If you knew the details of what he did, you would be sickened. Completely sickened. This has NOTHING to do with JP’s ex wife. It has to do with the fact that John thought he could molest a 5 year old! and get away it. He is sick and it’s sad that he has so many people deceived. John owes the female relative an apology for putting HER through this when she was only an innocent child. What an awful person he is. I hope he gets help and can apologize so SHE can get on with her life. She doesn’t deserve it. He needs help.

  43. seattlite says:

    It did take awhile for the victim to come forward. It’s a big deal to bring all this up and go to trial. Yes her mother reported it the MOMENT she found out. The victim kept it to herself and told her mom when she felt she could. Two of the victim’s childhood friends testified to what they knew and the jury believed them. So did a lot of other people. But the jury did not believe John. There were things that happened that John just couldn’t explain what he was doing and the victim’s testimony was too compelling. The DA would NEVER had pursued the case unless they felt they had enough evidence – which they did. The system worked in this case. The only ones who believed John were his family and girlfriend. Of course they are going to believe John. I understand that. I understand that they are angry. One day John will tell the truth, if he’s as good as a man as people think he is. I used to think he was a good man. But I know the victim and she is telling the truth. She had NO REASON to lie.

  44. seattlite says:

    Emorysgrand – get over the ex wife. She had NOTHING to do with this. She didn’t testify, any information about John’s marriage and separation was not brought into the trial. The evidence stood on its own. They didn’t even know he was a police officer. Move on. John is deceiving you. And what goes around comes around. John is getting his. The whole situation is a shame. John brought this on himself – who knows what happened to him as a child to make him this way. But he will pay now.

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