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Third suspect in attack on bicyclist arrested

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on July 21, 2011 at 3:03 pm with 18 Comments »
July 21, 2011 3:12 pm

The third suspect accused of assaulting a 71-year-old bicyclist from a moving car in Puyallup was arrested Wednesday night.

Lakewood police took 21-year-old Cory Shawn Romero into custody after receiving a tip on his whereabouts.

Pierce County prosecutors have already charged Romero with second-degree assault and tampering with a witness. Two others believed to be in the car during the July 2 attack – Kendall Leigh Williams and Kyle Adams Baker, both 20 – were also charged with second-degree assault.

Romero’s charge of tampering with a witness stemmed from an alleged threat he made against Williams when she asked him what he’d done to the bicyclist.

Williams was behind the wheel when Romero and Baker leaned out her car windows and pushed and punched the bicyclist until he lost control and crashed, according to charging documents.

The rider suffered six broken ribs, a fractured pelvis and several abrasions.

Investigators said Romero has prior convictions for domestic violence and one for unlawful imprisonment.

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  1. cassrawwrr says:

    Free Corey Romero and Kyle Baker! They were at a birthday party with several witnesses at the time of the attack. Romero’s criminal history was used against him by his crazy ex trying to cover her own mistake.

  2. Such nice boys……..they’ll have fun as Bubba’s love interest in prison…..enjoy your vacation boys.

  3. family_man says:

    cassrawwrr – I hope what you say is true – because that will make this an interesting case to watch. Although I truely think that the police would have checked that before charging him.

  4. retiredsoldier says:

    Placing yourself outside a car just to screw around and injury someone is a crime; one that should paid for thru the justice system; I hope that the course of the law will fit because of the prior incidents are a matter of crime record; put this dirtbag in a cage…

  5. Time to go to trial, boys….

    This is going to be good….

    I hope you are identified beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Then sentenced to the maximum extent of the law.

    How dare you do such a thing to a 71 year old man.

    Obviously none of you have had a Father around to

    show the difference between right and wrong..

    Maybe 5 years in lock up will help you figure that out.

    That is the mandatory sentence in Washington State,


  6. Misunderestimated says:

    cassrawwrr must have a thing for guys that are into domestic violence.
    She is defending this nutcase in each article..

  7. Rooster5150 says:

    Yeah at a pary huh? Then why was Romero hiding when from the Police and why did the driver asked him what he had did to the Bicyclist. Beside that your prior criminal history cannot be used against you when you stand trial pal. Nice try though.

    They can’t use it because it tends to sway the jury. Look it up. Besides his criminal history is extensive including several domestic violence convictions. Here’s a little transcript from Romero’s girlfriend.

    “Those witness accounts helped investigators track down the car they believe was used in the attack, which led them to Williams. After initially denying any involvement to detectives, she later admitted her boyfriend, Romero, and his friend Baker were in her car and rolled down their windows as they came up to the bicyclist. She said the two began yelling profanities at the man and then knew they “did something physical to him” although she did not know what, according to court documents. She says she didn’t see the cyclist fall.”

    Bye Bye!

  8. cassrawwrr says:

    I can’t wait to see this play out. Detectives questioned witnesses from the party as well as Corey today. Corey released his cell phone with messages incriminating Williams to the detectives today. Even neighbors have come forward in their defense.

  9. cassrawwrr says:

    As far as knowing about the charges and him hiding. We were all unaware of them until I paid to see Kyle’s court papers the day before. These guys are my family and I’m not going to let them take the fall for a horrible crime they didn’t commit.

  10. well she must have driven close enough and slow enough to him to be a
    party in the crime if they could lean out and hit and push him….she knows.
    hang her to. no murcy.

  11. Why no pictures of the suspects? Black on white crime?

  12. cassrawwrr says:

    They are all white

  13. cassrawrr is being honest Williams is the only only involved she blamed romero and Baker to cover her own ass… i am personally involved in this case and have met with detective jason laliberte who is covering the case those are my two best friends you guys are condemning for a crime they didnt have any part of… Kendall Williams is to blame for this outrage…the only reason baker and romero where brought into this is because kendall williams needed a fall man… those two would not do do something like that… Baker has never had a crimnal charge… and all of romeros previous charges are over other allegations williams has made falsely to the police before… i cant wait to post the link showing all you stupid mother fuckers they were cleared of charges o wait the news wont run an article about that theyll just report the allegations and slander two innocent mens names

  14. o and rooster5150 suck my balls Kendall is not coreys girlfriend and has not been for several years cassrawrr is though =) shes awesome fuck all of you who post on this if you want some real answers hit Kendall williams up at work at 112th and canyon road at the dollartree in puyallup fuck williams the lying cunt i hope her and her friends rot and mine are released with compensation for there time servred

  15. mottom is no better than the ones who did the crime,,,giving such info and using such nasty proffanity against someone makes you no better…

  16. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    It’s a positive sign that individuals like this actually know people who can read and get online.

  17. tonnibell says:

    Well of course Romero has priors! Did he really think he would get away by running and hiding? PLEEEEESE! Did he run because he was afraid of what he did to the man on the bike OR because of HIS priors and trying to hide? These people have no concern for life but he was giving it his all to keep out of the papers….how’d that work for ya Romero?

  18. I am so sorry to hear of the awful injury the victim suffered! 71 years young and training for a bicycle event! Best wishes to you and a speedy recovery.

    In the article, did anyone catch the part about the young woman who was tracked down and identified as the driver… she lied about having any involvement whatsoever. So, does it not reasonably follow that she lied about the majority of “her story”? Do you really believe this young woman is all of a sudden telling the whole truth? Is it at all possible that she lied (again) about who was in the car with her that day, (maybe to keep someone she currently cares about out of trouble)

    The juvenile act of injuring anyone is inexcusable,and I believe the guilty parties should be charged. But lets make sure the truly guilty parties are the ones being charged. Anybody out there want to make a confession as to where they really were on that fateful day?

    I hope everyone who is so eager to throw stones has enough integrity to stand up and apologize when they are wrong.

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