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UPDATED: Jury convicts woman in last year’s Craigslist slaying

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 14, 2011 at 9:11 am with 19 Comments »
April 14, 2011 11:01 am
Amanda Knight

A Pierce County jury has convicted a 22-year-old woman accused of taking part in a home-invasion robbery last year that killed an Edgewood father and terrorized his family.

The jury’s verdict was announced this morning. The jurors found Amanda Knight guilty as charged of first-degree murder, first-degree robbery and two counts of second-degree assault.

Knight is scheduled to be sentenced May 13. She faces more than 50 years in prison.

Knight is the second principal defendant to be convicted in the slaying of Jim Sanders, 43. Last month, a different jury convicted Kiyoshi Higashi, 23, of similar charges. He was sentenced to nearly 124 years in prison.

Two other men – Clabon Berniard and Joshua Reese – have pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges and await trial.

Prosecutors alleged Knight and Higashi went to the Sanders’ Edgewood home the night of April 28, 2010, after Jim Sanders advertised a diamond ring for sale on Craigslist. Knight and Higashi posed as buyers and, after they were let inside the home, Higashi pulled out a gun.

Jim Sanders and his wife, Charlene, were tied up. Berniard and Reese were let in the house and rounded up the Sanders’ two sons at gunpoint, court documents state.

Jim and Charlene Sanders were beaten and threatened with death. He eventually broke free and was fatally shot when he fought with the robbers.

The robbers fled the house with jewelry, a laptop computer, cellphones and other items.

Knight’s trial lasted a little over a week. Attorneys delivered closing arguments Wednesday morning and jurors started their deliberations in the afternoon. They reached their verdict at the end of the day.

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  1. dster420 says:

    YES!!!!!!!!! Thank you jury members!!!! Now show her the same mercy that all these $^%&*()s showed Mr. sanders and his family…

  2. colsprague says:

    Two down, two to go.

  3. dbreneman says:

    Justice is served.

  4. This is good news.

    Now start on the getting the executions going in this State.

  5. I especially like the speed of this process. Great work from the prosecuting

  6. auwing1978 says:

    Thank you Mr. Lindquist and your entire team.

  7. Locking up those scumbags will make for a much better society.

  8. Justice will not be served until she gets the 50 Plus years in prison as prescribed by law.If things go as they usually do, Expect a sentence of 15 years,but eligible for parole after 10 years and then there will be time off for good behavior.This seems to be usual result of what our Justice System does in cases such as this.We can only hope the sentencing Judge will have enough intellect to see the severity of the crime and react accordingly.The Sentence should be,Without Parole,because the Parole Board seems to have a soft spot in their hearts for criminals such as these.

  9. PolarBear53 says:

    And she tried to come off as she was forced to do it. Good for the Jury

  10. PolarBear53 says:

    And she tried to come off as she was forced to do it. Good for the Jury for seeing past the BS!

  11. LIFE!!! Without parole!

  12. shaboo999 says:

    hey, amanda. chill baby, get comfy, cuz it look like you gon’ be there for ‘while. be gone, ZAP!

  13. public hanging on the courthouse steps….50 years is to good for this

  14. duckfan4ever says:

    The bloodthirsty, vengeful mentality of those who comment on stories such as these never ceases to amaze me. You folks would have loved the so-called Dark Ages, when you could have enjoyed seeing Christians thrown to the lions. Some of you probably even think of yourselves as Christians, and yet simply do not seem to grasp the fundamental notion that vengeance and justice are not the same things. You people are sick.

  15. I like the the comment from Bird says: , what detterent is there in almost all the fifty states, to not murder or pursue a life of violent crime.?? Many channels on television give these people notoriety. People who comment for execution : can you blame them ?

  16. To (duckfan4ever) , well then what is your solution .?? I mean really, feel free to offer us some possible solution, since you are helping foot the bill for the criminals who will murder,rape,assualt,etc. How about prisons that aren’t cushy,with some hard labor, full sentences. Is that bloodthirsty and vengeful too?

  17. NWflyfisher says:

    The taking of a human life by another human is perhaps the vilest crime in a civilized society. The individual convicted of first degree murder should be awarded the harshest of penalties. Restitution can never restore the victim’s lost life. Since an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is not considered acceptable to a civil society, punishment for the crime of first degree murder should include a long period of incarceration under the harshest conditions. A mandatory 50 year incarceration at hard labor without parole with an opportunity for the convicted murderer to “opt out” of the un-served balance of the sentence by volunteering for lethal injection at any time sounds reasonable to me.

  18. duckfan4ever says:

    What on earth makes you folks believe that our prisons are comfortable facilities in which inmates enjoy a “cushy” lifestyle? If that were the case, why would we not send our homeless population there, or, even better, rent out cells to those wanting to take a nice, relaxing vacation? I simply do not relate to your preoccupation with punishment. Many of you apparently believe in the death penalty, and at the same time profess, as does “NWflyfisher,” that the taking of a human life by another human is perhaps the vilest crime in a civilized society,” apparently unaware of his (or her) own glaring contradiction. What useful purpose is served in locking someone up for fifty years? And forcing them to perform “hard labor” no less? Is this designed to somehow transform the person such that they slowly attain a level of moral correctness that would make them more likely to contribute to the rest of society, their families, and themselves when they are released as elderly citizens? Why do you suppose this and many other states have an entity called the “Department of Corrections?” Why not just call it the “Department of Revenge?” Why do you think our prison in Monroe is called a “reformatory?’ Should we just admit the truth of our moral depravity and call it a “rat-hole?” I would rather spend my tax dollars on institutions that make a real effort to reshape people’s lives. I do not thirst for revenge, and I deeply resent the fact that our tax dollars have to pay for it to pander to those among us whose answer to the mentally and morally challenged is to extract several pounds of flesh and as much blood as possible.

  19. NWflyfisher says:


    Have you ever heard of assisted suicide? Volunteering for lethal injection rather than face a long period of incarceration at hard labor sounds very much like assisted suicide to me as opposed to being condemned to death by citizens of the jury representing society at large. I stand by my statement.

    A prison sentence is not “revenge” as you put it; is punishment for a crime against society and as such should be as uncomfortable and unpleasant allowed by law.

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