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Spanaway woman’s death ruled homicide, husband’s a suicide

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 6, 2011 at 2:25 pm with 10 Comments »
April 6, 2011 3:10 pm

The Thurston County Coronor’s Office has ruled a 38-year-old Spanaway woman’s death a homicide and her husband’s a suicide after a high-speed pursuit on Interstate 5 on Tuesday.

Kristy Sampel died of a penetrating gunshot wound to the head, Coroner Gary Warnock announced in a press release this afternoon. David Stewart, also 38, also died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Warnock said Sampel was shot during the police pursuit on I-5. She was still alive at the end of the pursuit. Paramedics removed her from the car and put her in an ambulance, where she died, he said.

“It was a recent gunshot wound to her head,” Warnock said.

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  1. kimberly1958 says:

    I find it extremely odd that this is all so convenient to satisfy the publics mind with a report from the police. Question: Why was he speeding down the highway. Who was he running from? The wife and him were both in the car according to the report and were both alive at the time of the high speed chase. The children were not with them. The boy that was their son was killed, but the girl from a previous marriage was not killed and was not with them according to the reports even before the chase began. When did the girl go to Oregon to be with relatives? INVESTIGATE FURTHER PLEASE NEW REPORTERS there is more to the story. Check recent incidents from the past for similarities. Something more is going on. If the man had a gun, and if he was going to kill his wife and children himself regardless of the circumstances, why was the boy not shot, but instead suffocated. Why were they headed toward Oregon? Why were the blinds always closed? Why were the Christmas decorations not taken down? I have lived in fear myself with a crazy ex-husband stalker threatening to kill. I know what prompts me at times to go out less, and to keep doors locked or blinds closed. All is not always as it seems. Someone has to know more. Check for Facebook postings and other internet traffic and signs of something more being wrong in the home. I have seen indications that there is a group organinzed and acting to reunite children with the biological fathers and to treat ex-wives and 2nd husbands to the same treatment as the Old Testament taught to give to “adulterers” and with that same definition as one who was married before or one who would be with one who had been married before . . . but only in respect to the mistreatment and punishment for the women, not the New Testament. Death. Check out another case further. The woman “Tina” who was killed along with her younger son and her female friend . . . but her older daughter was held hostage while the others were dismembered and lowered into a hollowed out tree. I ask who was the young girl’s father and was it the same as the young boy’s in that case? Why did the Deputy investigating that case determine it to be just a burglary gone bad instead of premeditated murder? That was in Idaho or Ohio. I myself received a threat from a woman at a church that implicated police involvement locally (Tacoma area) as being involved andthreatened more torture or “pain than [I] ever thought imaginable before crossing over.” These people do not deserve to die, but rather those who are choosing to have them put to death. Evidence of something having taken place in the home? What? The child there, only one was suffocated with a plastic bag over the head (per news reports) and wrapped in a blanket. If the man were planning this on his own, why wouldn’t he make sure the daughter was home at the time? Why did the police decide to go immediately to check on the children as stated? What indicated that children would be at home? What indicated they would be in trouble? They were not in the car? Why were the children not attending school?

  2. Kimberly1958….
    do a little simple research, Bethel schools are on spring break this week. That is why the kids weren’t in school.

    Why did the police immediately go looking for the children? I don’t know. Maybe there were toys or a child’s booster seat giving clues that there were children. And since there were only two in the car that they better check the house.

    Why wasn’t the girl involved? Again, no one knows. Since the car chase was headed from Spanaway through Olympia, maybe the guy was headed to Oregon to take out the girl too.

  3. kimberly1958 says:

    Why did the man take the woman in the car with him if he intended all along to kill her, too? When did the police start chasing them? Why draw attention to the situation with a high speed chase . . . and is it possible that they may have also been afraid of the police for any other reason. Why did the original article just report that the man had shot the woman and say that it was not able to be determined where or when she was shot? Then the later report says he shot her during the chase but she was still alive at the end of the chase? Why was that not in the first report? What do fellow soldiers have to say of the life of their killed comrade and whether or not anything was seemingly not right with him or the family? Were there family or friends who may heve heard any other implications as to what might have happened? Was there sign of a struggle to get her into the car with him? Were there reports from the neighbors of anything unusual in the area that night. Do not count on the police to thoroughly investigate if they themselves might be implicated as either in anyway being accomplices or covering up the facts of the case. (See the movie the Stoning of Soriah M.-the woman in the Middle East was falsely accused of adultery and stoned to death there with lying testimony so the man she was married to could be considered “right with God” to go on with his children and pursue further his interest in another woman. A western reporter stumbled into town and was delayed there by needed car repairs and a woman in the town told him what had taken place.)
    In July 2010, someone tried to break into my home. The sheriff’s department was called and they were asked to further investigate. They only reported that an “attempted burglary” took place and no firther investigation took place. There was a reason my ex-husband may have been involved as I received in August a partial reimbursement of money I had been cheated out of from his pension. One of my own children had told me that he had once said that he could have me offed all the way out here and it would never be connected to him. I have been divorced since 1992 and I still live with this fear, but I am still so far alive. I moved so far away from my ex-husband to be safer, but still knew that would not make me totally safe. The rules being applied to the women are not being equally applied to the men. My ex-husband cheated on me, not the other way around. He had six fiancees in a year and a half after the divorce, another marriage and another divorce, and had still tried to tell others we were getting back together when we had not even discussed it. Others have taken it upon themselves to get involved and act like judge and jury . . . or God . . . as if they know everything . . . but instead of doing anything about threats, they have justified jealousy and threats. PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS INCIDENT AND OTHERS MORE THOROUGHLY! Women and children and sometimes even innocent men are being killed.

  4. kimberly1958 says:

    This is bigger than it may seem to some. Look at your amber alerts and how many children have been kidnapped by fathers, mothers, grandparents. When did the high speed chase take place? Is it possible someone else killed the boy and took the girl? Suffocation indicates someone wanted it to be quiet. Gun shots are not quiet. If it was to keep things quiet, why not suffocate or strangle the wife? This does not make sense. Coroner’s report is only somewhat helpful. When did the boy die? When did the girl go to relatives? Balistics reports on the bullets that killed the man and the woman, what weapon was used and who was it registered to? INVESTIGATE AND ASK QUESTIONS.

  5. I’m not even going to read the rest of your rant. I got as far as “why did the police chase them?” He blew past a marked patrol car at 85mph.

  6. salmonhead says:

    Good lord, I am sorry for your paranoia.

  7. ptproudnative says:

    wow i cant even make sense out of some of this comment”s[kimberlt1958] as someone said they flew by a statepatrol at a high rate of speed..maybe they went on the run because someone or one of them killed the boy?????who knows….

  8. Ryver_MystDragon says:

    This is a tragedy. No one will ever know why it happened and a million scenarios can be played out with no results. All I know is there is now a little girl who has lost her Mother and Brother. She will never get them back no matter how much investigating is done. We should keep her in our prayers and send positive thoughts to her for healing because she will need it.

    To Kimberly1958 I recommend you seek some counseling. It sounds like you need it to stop living in fear.

  9. @Kimberly1958:

    Clearly you are demanding to know why someone did not get into this guys head. Newsflash: it is not possible to understand or rationalize the thoughts of a madman or why it happened the way it did. The sadness is that no one noticed, including the military that something was clearly unstable with this man or that the woman was suffering in his care or that the child showed signs of abuse not noted by school teachers or even by the neighbors that now admit it was a “strange” family.

    I agree that he was probably on his way to also take the girl’s life..thus his desperation to get down I5 @ 105 mph, without regard to possibly injuring some other innocent. Since the mother was still alive when he crashed, it stands to reason the shot to her head was within minutes of taking his own life. It would not have been heard due to the running on metal rims.

    Please crawl down off your soapbox. This tragedy has all the horror it needs to stand alone without you wrapping your own story into it. At least you were able to survive your ordeal. An opportunity that these others were not given. The truth may never be known because he made sure there is no one left to tell it.

    I for one am OK with him taking his own life, saving us the trouble of a lengthy trial for what he had done while he would try to prove otherwise. He committed an heinous act of violence and got what he deserved at his own hand. Justice for this coward has now been served. May the mother and son now rest in peace in the arms of God. They will suffer no more while he hopefully burns in hell.

  10. mizlipstyck says:

    My heart is filled with sadness with the Spanaway story. I pause and look at my own life, realizing how small my issues are compared to that small boy. I think we should all light candles and place them in our windows to remember this sweet one. Should we gather in his honor? Does anyone know if a service is planned? Please post if you know. God Speed little one and momma.
    Last, Kimberly1958, I am sure your heart is in the right place however, your words are not coming across as concern. This is about this family, not you. Again, some things in life are not about us. Do you really care? or is this your entertainment? Take the suggestion given to you…seek help for yourself.

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