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UPDATED: Animals found mutilated along King County road

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 6, 2011 at 5:52 am with 16 Comments »
April 7, 2011 2:30 pm


King County sheriff’s deputies were investigating three animal carcasses found Tuesday night along the Kent-Black Diamond Road.

Here’s the press release:

Three animal carcasses were found along the side of the roadway yesterday.  The animals were missing their heads, feet, and tails.  They had also been skinned.

The carcasses were found in the 32200 block of Kent – Black Diamond Road by an employee of a nearby business.

The Sheriff’s Office was called by Pasado’s Safe Haven about 10:30 PM.  A Sheriff’s deputy went to the scene to investigate.

Pasado’s employees took the remains.

Because of the condition of the remains, it was impossible to determine the species.  However the condition is very consistent with how coyotes are skinned by hunters.  It is also common to find animal caresses dumped.  There is no indication the animals had been “posed”.

Near the carcasses were four to five pieces of meat and muscle that obviously did not come from these animals.  Also found was a larger piece of meat that still had  a section of “hair” attached.  It was dark brown and about 12 inches long.

The Sheriff’s Office will be retrieving the carcasses from Pasado to complete the investigation.

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  1. Unbelievable evil. I wish someone would offer $500,000.oo dollars for reward money. I hope that they catch them and put them in prison for decades.

  2. dster420 says:

    Well, it’s too bad that the #$%^&* s who did this will more than likely get off with little or no punishment!! Does anyone remember the Willkison case- where the Mayor of Willkison’s son REPEATEDLY shot a dog, along with a friend, with a bow and arrow, like 10 times, and they got a slap on the hand!!! These sick *^%$#@ers need much more punishment than community service!! In fact, I believe their sentence included working at the local animal shelter!! Kinda like having a wolf guard the chicken coop!! And I certainly don’t want these scum bags working in MY community- I hope when these #$%^ers are caught, they release the names, just like Kisha Curtis!! And this is how folks raise their kids?

  3. madmike272 says:

    They will undoubtedly graduate to doing this to people some day.

  4. dster420 says:

    Please, just allow me 5 minutes with the people involved in this hideous crime!!!!! I promise, they won’t ever do it again…..

  5. TacomaDiver says:


    Let me sign up to teach these things a lesson.

  6. Somebody doing voodoo rituals?

  7. Madmike272 is right.
    Next, it’ll be someone’s children…
    Please catch and jail these sociopaths before that happens!

  8. stickman999 says:

    It is interesting to me how everybody assumes these were domestic dogs. Nobody has considered these could be coyotes which are legal to hunt year round. Nobody would waste so much time to skin a dog?

  9. Animal control should be able to determine if they were coyotes or not. With DNA if nothing else. I have never heard of someone chopping the head off of a coyote when they skin it.

  10. shaboo999 says:

    stickman says, “Nobody would waste so much time to skin a dog?” Well, obviously, even if they WERE coyotes, they did. Do you not agree that whoever did this is SICK???

  11. stickman999 says:

    Have any of you ever skinned the head and paws of a coyote? It is very tidious. If they are coyotes, whoever did this found it easier to cut the head and paws off and let the taxidermist do it. If they were domestic dogs I say hang the creeps. I would bet my paycheck and exwife they were coyotes. And remember there is no story here if they are.

  12. I do not believe it matters whether they were coyotes, dogs, cows, goats, horses, or anything else. This is absolutely sick!!! I would like to join dster420!! Even if this was a wild animal (although, I am sure the authorities would know the difference), this is no way to treat any life. … or not. Would you want this to happen to your kids stickman999? I’m sure that these sick F***’s next target is to get someone’s children.

  13. stickman999 says:

    onlyg60 dont you think you are over reacting? To compare a dog, cat, coyote, or any other ANIMAL to my child is a little bit extreme. And shows ignorance. Why does our government o.k. the hunting of coyotes? NOBODY eats coyotes. So after you skin the coyote, what do you do with its body? Wake up!!! There is know way of telling if it is a skinned out dog or coyote just by looking at it. Ask a game warden. only 60 it is my opinion you have never ventured beyond the city limit signs and realize not everyone sees things the way you do. Turn off your T.V. and go outside. I feel sorry for you.

  14. another_opinion says:

    what a sickening story!!! whoever mutilates animals should definitely do hard prison time, and I know I’ll offend some people here, but anyone who has a conviction for animal mutilation or animal cruelty should be sterilized and never allowed to reproduce or be around children. Anyone who can mutilate an innocent animal obviously has no respect for life and will have no problems doing the same to innocent children.

  15. dster420 says:

    To kill any animal, for the heck of it is wrong! But if you had to kill a coyote, why would you cut his paws and head off? I would like to think when you HAVE to kill an animal, you would bury it- not chop it up…And stickman999, usually freaks start with mutilating animals, before they “graduate” to people- with children usually first in line to take the abuse.. I think that might be the point only60 was trying to make. The bottom line is, if these are found to be dogs, and there IS a freak running around doing this I surly would like to give them a taste of …. well use your imagination!!!!!

  16. imyourgalfriday says:

    Well, even if it is common to see animal CARESSES dumped, at least then it is only the animals feelings that may be hurt….

    but mutilating them is cruel.

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