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Higashi takes stand in Edgewood home-invasion case tied to Craigslist

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on March 7, 2011 at 12:27 pm with 24 Comments »
March 7, 2011 3:39 pm

Kiyoshi Higashi, 23, took the stand in his own defense this morning in his first-degree murder trial.

Higashi is the first of four defendants to go to trial in the April 2010 shooting death of Edgewood resident Jim Sanders, who was killed in his home by people responding to a Craigslist post advertising some jewelry.

Higashi with is attorney, Michael Jordan. (TNT file photo)

Higashi alternated between contrition and defiance during his testimony, saying he was at the home the night Sanders died but did not, as prosecutors have alleged, shoot the 43-year-old man.

“Obviously I had some part in it,” Higashi said said of the robbery. “But I wasn’t in the room when Mr. Sanders was shot.”

Higashi also testified under questioning from defense attorney Michael Jordan that the image of him portrayed by prosecutors, witnesses and the media is wrong.

He pointed out that family and friends who love him have attended his trial and continue to support him.

“They don’t love me because I’m a monster,” he said.

Higashi also said he felt bad about what happened to Sanders, pointing out he cried during his statement to detectives. Prosecutors contend Higashi has shown an egregious lack of remorse and may ask for a stiffer sentence as a result.

“I’ve made some mistakes. I regret those things,” he testified. “I’m sorry for what we done. Obviously, it wasn’t right.”

Deputy prosecutor Mary Robnett then started her cross-examination, which quickly turned Higashi testy. He frequently tried to provoke Robnett by asking her if she’d heard his previous testimony and equivocating with some of his answers.

He said the robbery wasn’t “any set person’s idea” and that he was not friends with the other c0-defendants.

“A friend would tell you not to do something like this,” Higashi said.

Robnett asked if one of his co-defendants – Amanda Knight – took plastic ties into the house to bind Sanders and his wife.

“You would have to ask her that,” he said. “Obviously, I’m not Amanda.”

Robnett asked him if he knew who shot Sanders.

“No, I don’t know. Personally, no,” Higashi said.

She asked if another of his co-defendants, Clabon Berniard, hit Sanders’ wife, Charlene Sanders, over the head during the robbery.

“Yeah. I told him to stop,” he testified.

Then Robnett asked if he knew who hit Sanders’ son, James Sanders Jr., 14, over the head with a pistol during a confrontation in the house.

Higashi said he knew.

Robnett asked for a name.

“That’s your job to find out,” he replied.

“I’m doing my job. Answer the question,” said Robnett, who then asked Superior Court Judge Rosanne Buckner to direct Higashi to answer.

The judge did so.

Higashi smirked.

“Willy Foo Foo,” he said.

Robnett asked him if he thought that was funny.

“At some point later in my life I probably will,” Higashi replied.

The trial then broke for lunch.

Higashi is expected back on the stand this afternoon for further cross-examination.

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  1. Hang him and all the rest. This idiot is playing with the court, the law and the justice system in general. He thinks this is a joke and finds no harm doing what was done. Hopefully, the court will act and place his butt where he belongs, all family members who object can join him. He, apparently, has been grilled, prepared or whatever by his attorneys and can’t answer simple questions asked under cross examination but they are in the exact same words he’s been rehearsed or have heard.

  2. May you rot in hell for eternity, you bastage!!

    But first of all, let us send you to Walla Walla to meet Bubba
    just to find out if you think that is funny also…


  3. What I am afraid of in this case, is if this thing I can’t call it a person is convicted, will serve very little time in Prison for this crime.To me the just punishment would be ,Life in Prison,with no chance of Parole.

  4. littledude55 says:

    You cried because you got caught!!

  5. kanajune says:

    Something really stinks about his testimony. While I can’t say whether or not he pulled the trigger, he helped cause it just the same, and is fully responsible for murder. Death penalty is appropriate for this case.

  6. My sympathies to the Sanders family. I hope they are not having to watch this smirking cretin’s mockery of a testimony.

  7. omega629 says:

    Put a bullet in this waste of skins head!!

  8. I am just getting tired of seeing his face whenever I log on to this site. He is not a pretty person to look at and everytime I see his picture I just want to vomit and then punch him in the mouth. I hope to God and any other powers that be that he does not get off easy with this. He may not hav pulled the trigger but he knows who did. And he was there so that makes him just as guilty. The only suitable punishment for him is damnation in Hell. The devil loves poking people in the @$$ with his pitchfork. :)

  9. gowenray says:

    Well, the world has its share of mutts and, you’re seeing the worst of the breed on display.

  10. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Why is this maggott still breathing air??! Improve the gene pool and hang this maggot!!! In the Socialist State of Washington he will probably get nothing worse than 30 years in a cell with “bubba” and a TV room!!!

  11. I think the evil in Higashi will soon rear its ugly face for all to see…
    And if justice prevails his time here on Earth will be short!

  12. I hope the jury feels the way all the posters here do. I don’t care who pulled the trigger. I think all four should be executed and sent to a rendering plant to make pig food out of their remains. At least, in the feeding of pigs, a little good would come from these worthless POS’s.

  13. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Hang down your head Higashi,
    Hang down your head and cry,
    Hand down your head Higashi,
    Poor boy you are bound to….

    and you and your friends deserve it….

  14. Soundlife says:

    Get a rope

  15. Whatever1214 says:

    It sounds like his lawyer should never have let him on the stand.

    I hope, when appeal time comes, he does not get a new trial because of an inadequate defense lawyer.

  16. nonstopjoe says:

    Sure hope the defense attorney carries malpractice insurance. On the other hand, maybe the perp insisted on taking the stand against his attorney’s advice – in which case that would have been made known to the judge and entered into the record. In any event, the perp sounds like a gem of a fellow and a client any lawyer would crave.

  17. bobcat1a says:

    Pighouse, if you hate this place so much, why do you stay? There’s plenty of room in Texas or Mississippi.

  18. dster420 says:

    I am sure that the jury will see him and the others for what they are- Guilty!!

  19. PrincipalSkinner says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the Sanders family and friends. How unfortunate they have to watch this idiot make a mockery of the courts.

  20. Even if Higashi didn’t pull the trigger, it’s guilt by association and all 4 of these lowlifes need to be buried up to their necks in a sandtrap at the 13th hole while family and friends chip away !!!

  21. Higashi: another example of why a defendent should never testify unless absolutely necessary.

  22. @bobcat1a – Evidently you’re one of those liberal hug-a-thuggers who support giving criminals second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth chances because (pat pat) they had a bad childhood.

    Truth is, Washington IS a socialist state. So leave the 3rdpigshouse alone. Furthermore, telling him/her to leave the state is silly, particularly since he/she gave no indication of wishing to leave or stay. For the record, there are innumerable reasons why individuals reside in locations they may or may not like.

    Regardless, that doesn’t change the truth that WA is socialist.

  23. shaboo999 says:

    May he get what’s comin’ to him. Game over, creep.

  24. surething says:

    Total pile of S%&*. Watching him on the news made my blood boil.

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