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Man considered dangerous escapes from Western State Hospital

Post by Rob Carson / The News Tribune on March 5, 2011 at 1:09 pm with 17 Comments »
March 5, 2011 5:22 pm
Undated mugshot of Jonathan D. Wilson, who walked away from Western State Hospital on Friday, March 4, 2011. Courtesy Washington State Department of Corrections

Jonathan Wilson, the man who escaped from Western State Hospital yesterday morning, has been captured.

Thomas Shapely, a spokesman for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, says Wilson was apprehended in Tacoma.

Wilson, who refers to himself as “the son of Satan” was considered dangerous by law enforcement officials.

According to the Washington State Department of Corrections, Jonathan D. Wilson, 26, of the Everett area, was civilly committed to Western State following a conviction for second degree arson.

Chad Lewis, a DOC spokesman, says authorities in Everett were alerted because of fears that Wilson may make good on threats he made to his parole officer there.

“When DSHS notified us Friday that Wilson had walked away from the hospital, we immediately notified the staff at the Everett field office because while he was being supervised there he made multiple threats against his community corrections officer,” Lewis said.

According to Department of Corrections communication obtained by The News Tribune, Wilson is delusional, paranoid and dangerous. Wilson has indicated he has been sanctioned to kill people at random.

Shapely said he does not believe the public was in danger.

“We know that the guy doesn’t present any great threat, regardless of what is being reported,” Shapely said.

“There are situations at Western State where someone is locked up and busts out,” Shapely said. “This wasn’t a case like that.”

Kris Flowers, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said that she was unable to talk specifically about Wilson, because of privacy restrictions in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Without identifying Wilson, Flowers acknowledged that a patient walked away from a group of other patients who had been given recreational access to the hospital grounds at about 11:30 a.m. Friday.

The group of patients was being supervised by one hospital staff member, Flowers said.

Flowers said the hospital did not classify what happened as an “escape,” because the patient, although in a locked ward, had not been criminally committed.

Flowers said that a hospital staff member alerted law enforcement when the man did not return at 11:30 a.m., Friday, which is standard protocol.

Flowers said the man has “a history of dangerousness,” but a clinical determination that he is not “imminently dangerous.”

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  1. madclown says:

    “Flowers said the man has “a history of dangerousness,” but a clinical determination that he is not “imminently dangerous”.

    This is a person who is delusional, paranoid and believes that he has been given authority to “kill at random”. But Western State feels he isn’t an immediate threat? DOC and DSHS need to pull thier heads out.


    Once again, DOC fails to even attempt to protect the public from dangerous felons.

  2. S_Emerson says:

    Interesting. The TNT’s article says he’s not dangerous, yet the King 5 piece says otherwise.

    After becoming infatuated with his mental health case manager, and after she did not return his affections, he threatened to bomb her office–then he broke the windows of her car and lit it on fire with a Molotov cocktail–then threw rocks at responding firefighters. He says he’s the “Son of Satan” and that he has been sanctioned by Satan to kill people at random.


  3. tree_guy says:

    Union bosses let him out to validate their claims that the hospital is understaffed.

  4. How in the hell does one just walk away from Western State? WTF?

    We need to give these jobs to people who will actually do them!
    There are many willing and able to step into a good paying state job with good benefits to support their families that are not as mentally ill as the ones watching the criminally insane here!!!

    Looks like mental evals for employees are in order too! Those words will come back to take our tax money in legal awards after this a** hurts someone while on his present stroll…..Mr Shapely, I for one will be personally hunting you down to get my money back if that happens..idiot

  5. levesque says:

    Anothr case of to hell with the public safety. We goofed up but we sure won’t admit it. A group supervised by ONE person? Good God people get your head out and do your job for a change.

  6. S_Emerson says:

    Correction – the article indeed says he’s dangerous according to law enforcement, but them include several quotes from officials which say he’s not dangerous. Strange.

    And yes, why the delay in the “Breaking News”?

  7. runner52 says:

    Wow! I sure get a warm feeling about the reports of whether or not this guy is dangerous. It looks like authorities are trying to tell us that he might be dangerous while they preserve their bounds of political correctness. Nice to get the straight skinny from these folks…..

  8. ldrider51 says:

    Typical bureaucratic double-talk BS. History of dangerousness but not imminently dangerous, satanic authority to kill randomly but not imminently dangerous, warn the Everett parole office but not imminently dangerous. History of dangerousness and paranoia but they let him wander off during a supervised walk.

    And some of you think it’s a great idea to turn over more and more of our day to day lives to bureaucrats like these??

  9. princessnancy says:

    I looked up this person in the state employee data base and she makes $5,813 as a communications person. It seems that this communications person does not have a schooled background in mental health or she would not have made such a incoherent statement. How many spokespeople does the State need, one in each agency and one in the main department of DSHS? Sounds to me like they could save some money by eliminating this position!

    This guy could probably go off at any time; the public should have been notified immediately. Let’s just hope they find him before anyone is hurt.

  10. Troygrad_2011 says:

    What we need to do as a collective society is to hold these pathetic disgusting bureaucrats responsible for anything this waste of human flesh perpetrates on our society. Whoever has decided not to inform the innocent individuals of this man’s condition should be themselves held as co-conspirators for his actions. The politicians and bureaucrats in this state make me sick! There are no words to describe my disdain for them.

  11. I volunteered for 9 months out at Western State and for 6 years out
    at the VA. I was threatened once by a former Lt. who couldn’t find his coffee cup. He wasn’t mentally ill.

  12. wechunyk says:

    You ahve got to be kidding us! You couldn’t make up a more diabolical story if you tried.

  13. According to Department of Corrections communication obtained by The News Tribune, Wilson is delusional, paranoid and dangerous. Wilson has indicated he has been sanctioned to kill people at random.

    Thomas Shapely, communications director at DSHS, said he does not believe the public is in danger.

    O.k. here’s a kook that is portrayed by the Department of Corrections as being delusional, paranoid, dangerous and has indicated that he has been sanctioned to kill people at random out running around loose in Tacoma and DSHS says there is no reason for the public to be worried. I would say that the entire DSHS department is delusional and paranoid, and dangerous for making this statement to the public.

  14. steilacoomtaxpayer says:

    Some questions–
    1, Why wait until today to tell us?
    2, What all does Flowers do to deserve $70,000 a year (per princess note below)? Did she make a personal call that Wilson isn’t dangerous based on special skills?
    3,L+I says WSH has one of the highest L+I claims for DHS or DOC in WA state. How does that jibe with the claim that people described like Wilson are not dangerous?
    4, Is more info going to come forward?

    Good news: TV just reported he was caught in Lakewood just today.

  15. lovethemountains says:

    aspiecelia, please tell me you are no longer in a position to be overseeing mentally ill people……particularly those who have been convicted of a violent crime like arson. Yes, arson is a violent crime.

  16. I live about a mile from Western State Hospital. I am FURIOUS the public wasn’t notified the minute it was determined this guy was missing. Maybe he was dangerous, maybe he wasn’t. Would it hurt to let us know just in case he was?

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