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Woman killed in one-car crash that injures her sister

Post by Mike Archbold on Jan. 27, 2011 at 9:13 am with 13 Comments »
January 27, 2011 1:28 pm
Spanaway fatal crash scene

A 24-year-old woman was killed early this morning and her teenage sister who was in the back seat of her car was seriously injured the car she was driving at a high rate of speed went off a street in the Spanaway area and hit a tree.

PIerce County Sheriff spokesman Ed Troyer said alcohol was found in the 1999 Nissan Altima.

The driver had to be cut from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene, he said. Her 16-year-old sister was in the back seat and wearing a seat belt. She suffered serious internal injuries and was taken to a hospital, Troyer said.

No one was in the passenger seat of the car, andĀ investigators believe a person might have fled the scene of the crash and possibly left in another car. Deputies searched the area but found no trace of anyone, he said.

Troyer said it’s possible the woman was driving recklessly with one or more cars. He said they might have been racing, but the road there didn’t lend itself to that kind of activity.

The speedometer of the car was stuck at 55 mph, he said.

Anyone who left the scene could find themselves in serious trouble, Troyer said. They left behind one person who was dying an another seriously injured, he explained.

The crash occurred about 2:15 a.m. at 500 131st St. E. The woman was drivingĀ  eastbound.

The name of the driver wasn’t released pending notification of next of kin. Troyer said the woman’s husband is in the Navy and deployed aboard an aircraft carrier.

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  1. Copper2Steel says:

    Funny… what public county road does “lend itself” to racing?

    Somebody has gotten pretty casual with the press; he really should think before he speaks sometimes.

  2. I would imagine a long, straight road with few intersections could potentially lend itself to racing.

    Some people should think before posting. :)

    That being said, this is precisely what being careless will get you. In this case, the only victim is the deployed servicemember. Poor guy.

  3. Copper2Steel says:

    Well, here I was worried that people would thnk I thought the accident was funny (which is not true). I should’ve been worred about that other part! :-)

    To be clear, I did include “public county road,” which SHOULD put it in the category of no vroom vroom (i.e., racing).

  4. tblx3218 says:

    People race down 131st even in the snow. Heck, Subarus drift the corner right by the accident scene. The accident took place feet from my house. Nothing like looking outside seeing cops and a car wrapped around a tree.

  5. tblx3218 says:

    and for correction to the news tribune, its PARKLAND, not Spanaway

  6. PolarBear53 says:

    Still heart breaking, Someone lost a wife, a Daughter, a sister.
    I will use this as an example when I get home once again to teach my children why you never want to drink and drive or be in the car with someone who was and or is drinking.

  7. I as well will take this story home to my 17year old! Not ONLY were they drinking and driving which is THEEEE worst but she was also speeding at high rate for that corner. Lets pray for her sister that she can recover from this and that thier parents don’t have to burry to girls. Its still heart breaking and the ONLY good from this was that another INNOCENT car was not involved. My heart and prayers go out this family.

  8. TheOutlawJoseyWhales says:

    Well, so be it. Another one bites the dust. I think we’re better off. At least now my life isn’t in danger whenever this one gets drunk, because she’s d e a d!

  9. There is nothing innocent about the victims nor the other car. They are all criminals. Tragic, foolish criminals.

  10. wcsehmel says:

    RIP Via <3 ya

  11. saige_ty says:

    me & my cousin are very close friends to the two sisters to where we were considered family. so i dislike all the bad & wrong comments you guys are putting on here. yes, i understand my sister had made a mistake, but now that she has passed away i dont think it is right for anyone to sit there & write wrong things bout her not even knowing her. i thank you guys for your condolences our prayers go out to the family we love you guys forever & always through thick & thin & we can pull through this rough time together. R.I.P via we will always remember you & love you for a life time!

  12. robinlynnelafayette says:

    It was my Daughter in the back seat of that car who lived. She by her own choices and actions and the lack of parental guidance became a part of an awful tragedy. Ignorance is no excuse but the last four days I spent in intensive care, learning from others what happend and what has been going on in my daughters life. Even though she was not in my care I am still her mother and none the less responsible for her, regardless of my legal standing. We can only move forward from here, and hopefully without judgement as there are many factors that led to her being out that late on a school night, some of which I have yet to find out. Yes dont drink, dont drive!!!!! and parents pay attention to what your children are doing. And dont let the children rule the home. keep a tight leash on the little darlings because inspite of what they say, they just might be out there drinking and driving and dying. oh I hear you saying, well that would never happen to me becausre my kids would never……oh yes they will!! And my kid wouldnt be allowed to do that. and remeber Ted Bundy, his parents did the best they could, a good family and he turned out to be a murderer. So hey we do are best and sometimes its not good enough to prevent such a terrible thing. I told my daughter about drugs and drinking and driving, and I even drove her to school everyday, yet there was another woman that would go and get my daugther when she was in trouble, and was there everytime she needed someone. And she came to me and let me know the truth about my daughter. Both her father and I have to look at our parts in this whole thing, And my daughter has to deal with this as well, I oray that God will continue to be with us as he was when he spared her life–RobinLynne LaFayette

  13. It’s always a tragedy when someone, especially a young person dies in a auto accident. I’m sorry for the family and friends of these two young women. That being said; most often I am passed by another car with a young woman at the wheel, sometimes she will even have a car seat with a child in it. I am not a slow poke and usually drive 5 miles an hour over the posted speed limit but will be passed by this person at 10-15 mph faster than me. This is not on an occasion but the norm and it pisses me off, not that they are going faster than me but they think they have the right to put everyone elses life in jeopardy and put their needs ahead of the lives of everyone else.
    My own daughter (32 yrs) called last Halloween, she had blown a tire in a pot hole and was broken down in someone’s driveway at 2:30 AM. She was drunk and not fit to drive, there was a county officer waiting with her. Although he didn’t witness her driving he knew that it was her intention to get her tire fixed and continue on. He had not given her a sobriety test or a breath test, she has done this many times in the past (driving under the influence) and the biggest favor he could have done her was to cite her and take her to jail. Instead she got away with it and will continue to be a menace until she learns her lesson the hard way or kills someone including herself. I fixed her tire and I drove the vehicle to our home much to her complaining, right there and then the officer should have tested her and cited her, why, because instead of being grateful to the officer for being lienient she was not. Am I a terrible father for wishing this? I want my daughter to live and I don’t want anyone else to suffer because of her and her dangerous pratices.

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