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Teens arrested in University Place may be connected to home invasion in Tacoma

Post by Mike Archbold on Jan. 20, 2011 at 11:49 am with 25 Comments »
January 20, 2011 11:55 am

Tacoma police say the four teenagers arrested Wednesday in University Place may be connected to the home invasion robbery of an 84-year-old woman in Tacoma earlier that day.

Police spokesman Mark Fulghum said items taken from the woman were found with one of the four men who are  now in custody. He said Tacoma investigators are working with University Place police.

The  woman was held hostage by four masked men – two of whom were armed with handguns – who ransacked her home for two hours and then stole her car. She was “shook up” but not injured, police said.

The home invasion occurred about 3 a.m. in the 8800 block of 27th Street West on the border with University Place, Fulghum said.

Fulghum said the four teens also are being investigated for a burglary at an apartment next door to the woman’s at about the same time. That person’s car also was stolen.

Police found both cars parked next to each other about a mile or two away from the complex.

The four teenagers – one 16 years old, two  17 and one 18 – are being investigated for 30 robberies and burglaries in the area since September. A Pierce County Sheriff spokesman said Thursday that more arrests could be made.

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  1. thewestside says:

    I’m glad these punks are off the streets and no officers were shot during the arrest.
    Excellent police work!!!

  2. shanmatt72 says:

    Ahhh yes, here’s to our future

  3. lock them up and throw away the key.

    It takes a special kind of scum to terrorize and rob an 84 year old woman (since she lived in a gated community, it is highly likely that one or more of these punks knew her)

    Society needs to be protected.

    Of course, it’s a shame that prison is a country club with free cable, internet, gym (and other amenities that decent people have to pay for and/or do without in hard times) instead of hard time which might actually make it a deterrent.

  4. steve_allison says:

    I’m glad they were caught , real glad . Wonder why they dropped out of school? Probably lots of reasons or a complex combination . Here is something I found pretty profound coming from the top cop in our state at a recent town meeting on Gangs . Something to keep in mind as we find the right combination of more police toughter laws toward gangs and how kids get into gangs or groups that do very evil things.

    First he says we can’t arrest our way out of the gang situation , we need to look at why it happens and what alternatives kids and teens have . He talked about middle school girls in prostitution rings here and elsewhere in the state . He talked about small towns with big problems when the police dept is out numbered 10 or more to 1 by known gang members and he said this .

    One of the things we need to do alot more is find ways to help kids suceed, to have whatever they need to do well in school as early as the second or third grade. He STRONGLY feels that when kids can’t or don’t want to learn they start to give up and drift more towards crime, gangs and finding a group that will accept them and that often leads to illegal ways to get ahead in life

    When you think about voting against school levies consider this . Schools try to find ways to get kids what they need to get ahead . They try to fill the holes and help solve the problems like no breakfast or a tutor or social services to get kids what they need , at a basic level , to succeed. A real big job considering what some kids are dealing with these days before and after school .

  5. wildbillinoly says:

    A long time ago a man was quoted as saying A well armed society is a safe society!

  6. t_Johnson says:

    Throw it away… duh key.

  7. TheseKidsAreWeak says:

    i know all 4 of these kids they go to my school. They are all a bunch of ingnorant little wannabe gangsters who are going to get their bootys ran through in jail yeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. thewestside says:

    I must ad the parents of these HS dropout / punks with a gun must be so proud of the kids they have raised.
    Who and where are the parents?

  9. sixpackjoe says:

    “A long time ago a man was quoted as saying A well armed society is a safe society!”

    Whoever said this is a fool, society is never safe when people are armed, it only leads to shootings.

  10. Sharpender says:

    sixpackjoe says:
    JANUARY 20, 2011 AT 2:36 PM

    Whoever said this is a fool, society is never safe when people are armed, it only leads to shootings.
    What a simple minded comment. When we ban guns the only people that will have access to them will be criminals. If someone kicks in your door with a firearm what would you do? Call the police? How would they stop the crime when it’s already in progress? Think about it, when was the last time you heard of the police stopping a crime? Never, it doesn’t happen. Police exist to write reports, not stop crime. As affirmed by the Supreme Court time and time again, police are not even required to protect the public.

    I hope you are not a father or husband sixpackjoe, since you are unwilling to protect them.

  11. sumner402 says:

    Isn’t this socialism, or the evil unions, entitlements, social engineering or is this the blame of immigrants?
    I can never keep my far rightwing talking points straight.

  12. m9078jk3 says:

    I wouldn’t doubt if that University Place home invasion was also connected to the earlier one that took place on Jan 17th on south 43th and warner street although they are miles apart.There are many gang thug kids in that area.

  13. @sixpackjoe
    Drunk Liberals are the worst kind.

    And they vote.

  14. MJ2YOUNG says:

    Make them do hard labor in jail. Wearing pinks. Just like in AZ.
    Kids need to be punish with a heavy hand. Something they will not forget.
    The parents are another matter they should know what their kids are doing even if they both work. I hardly ever saw my parents while I was growing up in Tacoma.
    I was heading for trouble back then. I join the military when I was 17, one of the smartest thing I ever did and stayed 22 years. One thing about the military they will train you in any field you want as long as you stay out of trouble. Some kids never learn. Sometimes they trip along the way. Be picky about your friends no matter where you go. Some so called friends will get you into trouble. I wish they still had the military draft. I met some good people when the draft was still going strong. The military now is losing out because there is no draft. Most were drafted into the Army, some would go into other branches of the military as needed. I went into the marines and the army. I have seen people go into all branches of the military. Take advantage of all the education offer thru the military.
    I finish my high school and got a college degree thru the military and got some good job training experience and did some world traveling. Married with 4 kids.
    I could have gone another way and ended up in jail..

    Now they are going to have gays serve openly in the military what a let down and women in combat. They need to start up the military draft, It would cost a lot less to operate. Everyone needs to serve at least 2 years.

  15. First of all, you CANNOT blame the parents..I know one of the boys that was involved and his mother and father have tried their hardest to have him go in the right direction. He has chosen to run away and try to act like a “grownup” and not live at home, so do not blame the parents that have tried and tried multiple things to keep their son on the right track. Ultimately, it was his decision to do these things even though he has parents and a great family who want to support him, but if he won’t allow them to guide him and chooses to run with the wrong crowd there is nothing that they can do!

  16. EastCoastGirl says:

    So honestly, I know all of them very well and i totally agree that what they did was wrong and stuff but STOP saying that the families are bad adn that their parents are bad because there not. & i also know that the boys ARE smart enough to make better choices than this. What they did was VERY VERY wrong but everybody makes mistakes.. some worse than others. believe it or not these boys DO have hearts. thanks…

  17. MJ, please proof read your comments before they are posted. Is ENGLISH not your primary language?

  18. this is to steve_allison, thesekidsareweak and the rest od u losers run n ur mouth i also know them and the way u tlkn abt butts b n ran in did ur daddy already fuck u in urs and if u know them u know they aint punks so wont b no bootty bustin maybe your momma needs her booty busted the UP police are rednecks who added way more to the story and the media well channel7 and channel 13 hd different stories did u not read the part abt the lady not b n hurt left unharm and the rumor abt sm1 pulled a gun on a cop was bullshit all these kids were black the fucking pigs love shootn people especially officer clooney of UP so it wld be funerals we would be goin to not court cause these fuckin police will shoot u little kids included further more i know them all i know their families all good people these kids made a mistake so all you low life bitches and bastards find sm thing to do and while you swinging on the polices nut sack ask urself this if all these boys had pryor trouble and were not rehabilitated by the so called system then whos fault all you guys on here renning ur mouth with your opinions keep them to yourself and worry about the police coming to get ur perverted daddy cause we all know white people teach their sons and daughters to suck dick before they leave home so to all you haters dont seize the moment to knock these kids thank the lord noone got hurt and find u something to do wit urself all u racist as people

  19. steve_allison says:

    hey phat wok. I was trying to understand what you were saying but all I could see was swearing and being anrgry. If you have calmed down could you say it again ? It’s ok to say that you disagree and what this is all about , but to just rant and swear I don’t think anyone could understand what the HECK you were saying or find the important stuff buried in all that . All that’s gonna happen is all that typing is gonna disappear because you are so mad and over the edge. If you disagree, ok , then tell us why and what your opinion is without dissing the world. Maybe you know more than most folks about this but no one could understand what you were saying . lay it out for us again ?

  20. now thats constructive critcism steve_allison i didnt even take ur comment as insult truly, im just saying people are on here saying these kids shouldl be raped in prison, callin them loosers and even attackin the parents when they dont know them. These kids live in the so called “Suburbs” so the parents did something right by moving them to a decent neighborhood. People make mistakes bottom line, if they did this then they need to suffer the consequence. so dont attack me for at least givin these “children the benefit of the dought” All the comments posted are vurlgarities to these kids and the parents. the news did not say the parents and the children, y attack them. Channel 13 said 30 home invasions, gun pulled on an officer, the lady was tied up and terrorized yet she declined medical treatment and just wanted to sleep. so yes ur right the profanity on my part was immature im just one who believes in what we say in America “Innocent until proven guilty” all this prejudgement of the whole situation is not called for.

  21. steve_allison says:

    well said. It is so true that what sometimes comes out first in the news later turns out to be just part of the whole true picture. I hope the trib will follow this and report more of the whole story so we get a good clear picture of the whole thing . It’s also true in my mind that a lot of ok folks do bad or stupid things , I did some when I was young. It doesn’t mean they or their parents are really bad it often means we got people like you and me doing a whole bunch of bad stuff and going down a path that hurts a lot of folks and leads to a waste and no good for anyone. thanks

  22. Tribune253 says:

    So PhatWok you really think anyone will take you seriously when you call not only the entire police force racist, but every single white person too? Nice hypocrisy. I sincerely hope you’re still in high school because I hope no adult would type or think as irrationally as you do. And learn what officers you’re actually talking about first, COONEY (not Clooney) now and Shook in the past are the police’s liaisons for the school. They know exactly whats going on around school, its no random act that they track down and arrest these kids. They knew what these kids were up to, and now that your friends got arrested for their foolish acts you want to say its fueled by racism? Sure, they definitely only arrested them cause they were black, forget the heaps of evidence, prior arrests, and drug ties these fools had.

    Not even the other students who went to the high school these kids went to wanted them around. When this news was spread around school it was met for the vast majority of students with a sigh of relief. Nobody wants a bunch of hot headed kids who think they’re hard toting pistols running around.

    And while I agree with what others have said about bad points in ones life, and how good people can make bad decisions, the same points don’t hold true for these four. I find it extremely hard to believe any “good” person would pull a gun out on an elderly woman.

  23. idashotm

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