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UPDATED: One dead in reported home-invasion robbery in Pierce County

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Nov. 3, 2010 at 7:47 am with 90 Comments »
November 3, 2010 10:20 pm
Investigators with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department work a scene of a reported home-invasion robbery this morning in the 6100 block of 72nd Street Court E. Joe Barrentine/staff photographer

UPDATE (5:35 p.m.): Detectives now believe the second robber accidentally shot his partner in the head, killing him. An autopsy showed the dead man’s gunshot wound was not caused by a shotgun, sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said late this afternoon. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the capture of the second man. Reach Crime Stoppers at 253-591-5959.

PREVIOUS POST: One man is dead and another is on the run after an exchange of gunfire during a reported home-invasion robbery this morning in Pierce County.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said one of the suspected robbers was killed at the scene in the 6100 block of 72nd Street Court East, just west of the City of Puyallup.

The other suspect left from the scene, possibly in a burgundy or maroon-colored Honda. He’s described only as a man standing 6 foot to 6 feet 1 with a heavy build, Troyer said. Deputies searched for the second suspect but so far, have not located him.

Investigators believe the home-invasion robbery was not random, Troyer said.

“Usually houses are targeted,” he said.

The incident was reported shortly after 6:30 a.m. Two suspects forced their way into the home where a boyfriend and girlfriend were asleep.

The suspects wore masks, were dressed in all black and wielded handguns. They went into the couple’s bedroom, woke them up and demanded to know the location of a safe and jewelry, Troyer said.

As the suspects pistol-whipped the boyfriend, the woman reached under the bed, grabbed a shotgun and handed it over to the boyfriend, Troyer said.

“The homeowner and one of the suspects engaged in gun battle,” he said.

The robbers ran from the home. One made it about 20 yards, collapsed in the driveway and died, Troyer said. Deputies found a loaded handgun, jewelry and other items taken from the house around the suspect’s body.

“We don’t know who he is,” Troyer said. “He has a mask on.”

The boyfriend suffered minor injuries. The woman was not injured. A second man who lives in the home was not there at the time. Troyer described the man as a roommate.

The two were being interviewed by detectives about what happened.

The house is down the 72nd Street East hill, a short distance from Canyon Road East.

Staff writer Mike Archbold contributed to this report.

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  1. RumRunner says:

    just as an FYI, that area is NOT Midland. That is considered Summit or even Puyallup for Pete’s sakes!

  2. littledude55 says:

    LOL AHAHAHA ONE IDIOT DIED AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! freakin awesome, i wish i knew his last pathetic thought was

  3. to littledude55: probably “i am a complete idiot who really should have found a new career path…this one obviously didn’t work for me!” lol. while it is sad that someone had to lose their life, this could have ended up a lot worse…like the whole family dying! good job to the wife for having some quick and rational thinking at such an insane moment in time!

  4. fivecardstud says:

    I feel bad for anyone who loses their life but it sure saved allot of time and money in the court system. I’m very happy the tragedy happened on the right side this time. I also find it a little funny all the jewelry, gun etc. was found around the body. That was convenient huh? Plus one for the good guys.

  5. maggiebs says:

    You are right, Rumrunner. That is NOT Midland!

    The guy who got shot got what he deserved; too bad they weren’t all shot! Maybe if more people shot back at home invaders, crime would go down. The bums know they can just go in and take what they want and get away with it.

  6. ronniew says:

    Since we chose not to fully fund the Sheriff’s department I think we’re going to be seeing more and more of this. Not entirely a bad thing — up til now the thieves figured they would only get caught IF there happened to be a deputy nearby and then they’d sail through the court system pretty much free and clear. Punks know the cops can’t hurt them, but they’ll soon learn homeowners don’t have the same rules.

  7. BlaineCGarver says:

    Bravo! If every encounter with crooks ended this way, maybe the price of doing business would get to be too high for thugs and punks. My dog hears anybody before they get up to the house, and anything that comes in uninvited is DRT.

  8. commoncents says:

    I have no problem with a homeowner shooting an intruder. I just find it difficult to believe that any of these home invasion robberies are completely random. I don’t know if it’s worse to find out that it’s random or targeted.

  9. rawdibob says:

    Uh-Rah. Chalk one up for the good guys. I hope the homeowners were good guys and not durg dealers or other criminal types.

  10. hooks21 says:

    I am guessing when someone says “where’s the safe?”, the break in is not random. It’s not a common thing, at least common to me for everyone to have a safe in their home.

  11. edwiens says:

    Now, if extreme gun control laws had been in place, the thieves would have only had knives or clubs and the homeowner could maybe have protected himself or fended them off with a couch pillow or some such non-violent thing. Yeah, right.

  12. shadowsdad says:

    I don’t feel bad at all. One less scumball in the world.

  13. ronniew says:

    No, if extreme gun control rules were in effect the thieves would have still had their guns but the law-abiding homeowner would not.

    There are too many guns already out there for us to go gun-free at this point.

  14. What the police and sheriff can’t do, the people must do. Power to the people.

  15. First_Lefty says:

    A majority of the readers won’t remember this, but back in the late 1990s, not far from this location, there was a homeowner “protecting his property” that killed a 14 year old kid, as we was coming in an open window.

    No one knows why the kid was entering and they never will.

  16. tacomascene says:

    Right on, homeowner!

    I wonder what gauge shotgun that was?

  17. First_Lefty says:

    Roxey –

    Yeah, just like the two men that didn’t have a cop around on Hwy 101 to handle a “road rage” case.

    Just hope that no one decides you are the “bad guy” and takes matters into their own hands.

  18. “We don’t know who he is,” Troyer said. “He has a mask on.”

    Read more:

  19. First_Lefty says:

    Wasn’t the last “home invasion” tied in with dope?

    Not long after the kid was killed, I witnessed a couple of guys in the Albertson’s parking lot at 112th and Canyon, who had a dispute. One pulled a pistol and put several shots into the other. He died at the scene.

    Luckily for the 100 or so people in the parking lot in the middle of the day, these two kept their gun play to themselves. Neither I, nor anyone else got caught in the crossfire.

    I guess I’d rather have police funding than cowboys shooting the place up.

  20. DAKOTANATIVE says:

    Where does the story mention Midland? Good for the home owner. Must have been a long squabble if the crooks were able to get jewels out of the safe before the gun fight.

  21. Commandtiger says:

    If the gun control people get control it will just make it worse for the honest gun owner let us hope they never get their stupid laws put thru… I wonder if this had happened to a gun control freak what would he or she done to protect their family call 911 and wait??????????????

  22. demeter says:

    i guess the lessons here is don’t do home invasions and you wont get shot and lefty is a nitwit

  23. tacomascene says:

    First_Lefty, ‘ya gotta remember one thing:

    cops can’t be everywhere at the same time. This is why fanatic gun control legislation will never pass. Cross my threshold uninvited, and you might not live to see tomorrow. This happened to me one time when my family and I were having our evening meal. We had our back door open, screen door closed (not locked) and some dude walked right on in and started some pretty fierce conversation. Well, I wasn’t packing at the moment but I definitely jumped up and let the guy have it right up side his head, grabbed the guy and literally threw him down the stairs. Never saw or heard the guy again……. Maybe I should have walked to my phone, called 911 and then sat down and waited for who knows how long for assistance from the folks in blue?
    Not on your life.

  24. webman888 says:

    Lucky those houses are built well so the bullets actually stop in the walls, not like these new flimsy press board ones where the bullets just keep going. Neighbors may have gotten injured as well. Who was that masked man? HE DEAD!

  25. madmike272 says:

    @firstlefty – 14 years old or not, come into my house and i’ll splatter you like a bug on a windshield.

  26. Tracianne says:

    This made me laugh.

    We don’t know who he is,” Troyer said. “He has a mask on

    This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  27. Concernedfather says:

    First_lefty: The case you are talking about was an inside job, burglary. There were two boys, Ben (whose Mother was the girlfriend of the home owner) and Travis (who foolishly accompanied has friend Ben to the boyfriend’s house).

    They mistakenly thought the boyfriend was not at home. They jimmied open a window, and the home owner got his gun. Travis, who was a tall kid, entered first. Seeing an adult size figure coming through the window and towards him, once he was inside the house the home owner shot him. Ben ran off and hid.

    Realizing he had shot his girlfriend’s son’s friend, the home owner was remorseful; but it was too late. It was a justifiable shooting, but a sad ending none the less. Guess it wasn’t as easy of a mark as the boys thought. High price to pay for being stupid.

  28. concerned father dont bother with lefty as hes trolling on these pages after the drubbing democrats got last night

  29. sundancejr says:

    Come on everyone should know by now, If you outlaw guns than only outlaws would have the guns. This should be comon sense!

  30. kanajune says:

    webman888: It was a shotgun, good short range weapon for indoors, can’t kill the neighbors.

    I have to agree with ronniew, homeowners vigorously defending is going to be the only way to stop this kind of crime. There aren’t enough cops in any place to prevent that.

    First_Lefty: Sometimes these “home invasion attacks” are criminals preying on criminals, but just as many are innocent homeowners. We need to draw the line and defend the sanctity of the home…..anyone’s home. If we ignore any home invasion because its drug related, then it may be your home next.

    And, yes, too bad about the 14 year old but he chose the wrong path. And 14 year olds will kill you just as easily as an adult.

  31. Concernedfather — did they break up after he found out his girlfriend’s kid tried to rob him?

  32. DAKOTANATIVE says:

    Everyone would like to see more money for cops and less spent running prison/hotels, but no matter how much we spend, the cops cannot be everywhere. Unless you have a next door neighbor who is a cop, they cannot get to the scene before the crooks have shot the place up and fled. Troyer saying that the guy had a mask on means that they have not disturbed the crime scene by removing the mask. So, it is not stupid that he sadi that.

  33. BlaineCGarver says:

    I have a gun because when seconds count, cops are many minutes away. Thank God this is America…In England, you go to jail for protecting yourself.

  34. “We don’t know who he is he has a mask on.” Step one in the ID handbook remove the mask..

  35. Thugs deserve this kind of a welcome when they break in. Thumbs up to the homeowner.

    I can’t imagine why so many people think the cops job is to protect us. Protecting us has never been their job. That would mean arresting people before they commit a crime. They can’t do that. They’re supposed to catch the bad guys who have already committed a crime and deliver them to the courts.

    If the cops come on the scene at just the right moment, they can take the appropriate action. Otherwise, it’s up to us as individuals to protect ourselves, not the cops.

  36. Thank you for publishing this. Too many folks in the press have an agenda to take guns out of the hands of law abiding people. This is a prime example of why that must not happen. We need to be able to defend ourselves! One less dirtbag to eat up our hard earned tax dollars. Additionally, had he survived, he would have been right back out on the streets doing the same thing with our “justice system”. The next person may not have been so lucky.

  37. PuyallupGuy says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!
    Good job homeowner – maybe if the criminals knew they weren’t going to get easy pickings, they would not try these kind of activities.

  38. Idofotos says:

    you need to watch this video, you might have more sympathy for these poor criminals who are just trying to get by. Hope the link works if not copy and paste

  39. sixpackjoe says:

    “We don’t know who he is he has a mask on.”

    haha well then, pull of the mask! hahahahaha

    This made my day, I will have a better one now.

  40. newshound100 says:

    Wow this girlfriend is a keeper ! Good guys 1 , bad guys 0…

  41. willholl says:

    Well… thats what ya get!!!

  42. “there was a homeowner “protecting his property” that killed a 14 year old kid, as we was coming in an open window.”

    THAT was a Good Day, remember celebrating !

  43. Concernedfather says:

    Ronniew, I never followed up on that relationship. More interesting to me would be what ever became of her son, Ben. Did it change the course he had set for his young life?

    I do know that it was devastating to the family that lost their son, and it did destroy their relationship. As is most often the case, it was the survivors that bore the brunt of the pain in this tragety. Life happens in split seconds, there is no dress rehersal and there are no retakes.

    My heart goes out them all, there were no winners in that situation.

  44. After they identify to unfortunate guy with the mask on (geeez what a comment) anyway I doubt it was totally random. Somebody will know somebody that said whatever to the wrong people , blah, blah, blah.

  45. Concernedfather says:

    ImBack, sometimes I wish you weren’t.
    Even if this kid was burglarizing houses, I would not celebrate the death of a 14 year old. I had a son the same age, who knew these boys. It could have been him talked into doing something foolish that night. Kids are stupid.

    I have no doubt in my mind that this could have happened to you as a youth. If not for entering a house, than for something else. Think back on your youth, you NEVER placed yourself in a precarious situation? Maybe even with someones daughter?

  46. aranciata says:

    kanajune says:
    November 3, 2010 at 10:53 am

    “webman888: It was a shotgun, good short range weapon for indoors, can’t kill the neighbors.”

    Tell that to the deer I killed with one round of 12 gauge OO Buckshot last Wednesday at north of 50 yards.

  47. Whatever1214 says:

    Nobody is required to own a firearm if they choose not to. However, a good conscientious liberal who worries about potentially violent criminals getting hurt, should post a sign in their front yard that reads, “This house is a gun free area. Choose me”.

  48. First_Lefty says:

    ConcernedFather – wrong case. The one I’m talking about was an old man and a young kid by himself.

    I love all of the shoot first, ask questions later attitudes. A cop shot his daugher with that attitude.

    That will teach her to sneak out of the house.

  49. First_Lefty says:

    Oh…I almost forgot. We had a case in Olympia a few months back where a homeowner shot and almost killed a kid who mistakenly climbed a fence and ended up in the backyard, instead of his friend’s house where he was staying.

    That’ll teach him. Don’t make mistakes on where you are.

    Then there was the guy that shot someone picking up metal pipe that was abandoned on the roadside in the woods.

    Yeah, we need more shooting.

  50. Thugs and criminal better go to the work source in tacoma,, or go home in a box… all over some cheap chinese made kathy gifford line walmart jewlery. ;P

  51. retired81 says:

    Maybe the roommate was there. Think about it. “Where’s the safe”?

  52. Concernedfather says:

    Do NOT get your facts from this paper and assume to have the whole story.
    The case involving the metal pipe in Mckenna involved my Mother’s neighbor.
    The pipe was actually pipe he had put there to culvert water under a private driveway. (not a county road, as this paper reported)

    It was a private drive, at least 3/4 of a mile off the county hwy. It is dark back in there and the dirt road is only wide enough for a single vehicle to navigate. The truck driven by the man who was shot drove through my cousin’s fence and hit a tree. This was not a case of innocent boys out looking for abandoned scrap metal on public land in the middle of the night.

    They were thieving, got caught, and it got out of hand; as these things can in a hurry. Morgan was defending his property, and put himself in a situation where he feared for his life. Ask the Prosecuting Attorney.

  53. skippythedog says:

    “We don’t know who he is,” Troyer said. “He has a mask on.”————————————————————————————————————————————
    Oh c’mon…Ed did not say that.

  54. jluvz269wm says:

    Well that may be hahaPriceIsDead, But sure as I’m typing this you would have never said these things to his face . That makes you a coward , To bash a person that is dead. Sounds like you know him well so you must also be a local sumbag meth user . And as far as the innocent victims ,How many felonies do they have attached to them ? There is far more to this storey yet to be told !

  55. jluvz269wm says:

    You all are frickin idiots this was one meth dealer and one meth user settling a debt im sure, have you forgotten that you live in Meth Capitol, USA

    As far as anyone of them being innocent victims, You should do back ground check on all involved . And here you all praising the home owner for killing the guy and he didn’t even hit him .He was shot by his partner in crime.

  56. jluvz269wm says:

    Ya well I guess we’ll never know

  57. sadinpuyallup says:

    hahaPriceIsDead….Unfortunately he is not dead to those that truely knew him. His memory will be with us forever. You should be ashamed of yourself for the things you say. For those of you who feel this is your opportunity to bash Mike you should take a look at yourselves before bashing someone who has a family and many, many FRIENDS who loved him. Mike was not perfect and neither are you but Mike showed over and over what kind of person he was. Can’t say that much for you. Its funny how now you feel you can try to disrespect Mike. Who are you really!!!

  58. Concernedfather says:

    The high cost of livin’ isn’t nothin’ like the cost of livin’ high!

    I think I will continue to get up and go to my boring job every morning.
    It isn’t real exciting, but it pays the bills and I don’t have punks with mask pistol whipping me in bed. Maybe his partner will do the honorable thing and put his .45 in his own mouth.

    Look on LINX, there was a Michael Price out on bail for a home burglary charge from this August; awaiting trial. If it is the same guy, we saved a lot on court cost & incarceration. Every grey cloud has a silver lining.

  59. aconcernedreader says:

    A big rash of robberies in the North End. Apparently the suspect rides around on a bike to scope out the houses before the robbery. Only a matter of time before he chooses the wrong house and ends up like this guy. Bravo to the two who defended their home in Puyallup.

  60. They will find his partner, it’s only a matter of time. One of his “buddies” will turn him in. When you’re a dirtbag, you’ve crapped on people around you enough for one of them to get a little payback by dropping a dime on ya. He’s got that going for him.

  61. more2come says:

    Sadinpuyallup and jluvz – its hard to believe and been a long time coming. I see you are chosing to defend someone who, I can say from first hand experience , hasn’t respected a single thing or person since he was in diapers. You as well as his goon squad yellow bus riders know better than anyone else how weak and scared you really are. You wouldn’t see Price or any of his so called followers attempting to handle there business solo. Because him and the rest of them are scared, know this , they should be one down and more to go. Day by Day, week by week, year to year, the satisfaction that all of their victims get is well deserved regardless of their checkered past. Its funny how one of his goons did him in, like the three stooges, destiny has dealt the cards and a martyr he is not. Remember him for what? For all his victims. AMEN and good riddens. Hahapriceisdead said it first and I’ll say it again he was a PUNK and a Lame. with no spine

  62. LJHereToServe says:

    1 Corinthians 15:54So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”[a]
    55 “ O Death, where is your sting?[b]
    O Hades, where is your victory?”[c]

    56 The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law

    Mike was a hard dude, but he was a loving dude. I loved watching his kids with my sis and before i got saved we were chill. The life that he lived was not one that was pleasing…but i pray for mercy on his soul…. I pray mostly for his kids…those poor lil babies….
    I dont care what kind of person he was…my heart is broken that another person is dead in sin…
    what will it take for us to stop and turn to God. i know that the hood is a life style but God is sooooo faithful and we can God hard for Christ.
    God saved me…I pray for everyone no matter how bad tehy are to seek Christ!!! He can break bondage….
    God bless the Price family and his friends…and for all of you that want to laugh and dance that he is dead…i pray for you as well.
    God keep you and bless you all

  63. LJHereToServe says:

    Psalm 23:3-5
    3 He restores my soul;
    He leads me in the paths of righteousness
    For His name’s sake.

    4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil;
    For You are with me;
    Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

    5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
    You anoint my head with oil;
    My cup runs over.

  64. LJHereToServe says:

    PS The Home owner is a drug dealer…so he is not making our streets any better…pray he gets stopped as well

  65. sadinpuyallup says:

    for more2come I will pray for you and others like you. It’s bad enough to lose a loved one but to have people rejoice over his death is even sadder. Mike’s children are victims here and his family who did not choose the lifestyle he chose to lead. They did not commit Mike’s crimes but they still loved him and have to suffer too. Why can’t you people let his family morn and leave them alone. His beautiful children deserve this and should be able to remember their father as they knew him, not from the bashing you are giving him.

  66. TeaBagger7 says:

    mike was involved in the murder of my bestfriend in march 2009… Karma is a bitch.

  67. sadinpuyallup says:

    TeaBagger9 if Mike was involved in the murder of your best friend then why wasn’t he charged for the crime. I don’t understand this. Can you tell me why? And you are right “Karma is a bitch”.

  68. hahaPriceIsDead says:

    he wasnt charged because they didnt catch him. doesnt mean he didnt do it. just like all the previous home invasions he has done. he would of gotten away with this one also if his homie didnt smoke his a$$. try not to act dumb. i do feel sorry for his offspring but they are better off without!


    I do not think it is right to do a home invasion at all let alone with the intent to harm someone, but reguardless of any wrong doing here, the victims were not any saints either, this was a drug dealer being robbed, by someone else in the drug user community, i am not in this lifestyle, but i do know people who knew mike price, and from what i have heard that the news isnt telling you niether party was innocent here. It doesnt matter that he pistol whipped someone, yes it is wrong..but at what expense is it worth someone loosing there lives, i feel for mikes children, family and true friends the most, i know they all have to be going through a rough time right now with all of this, just because someone did something that was wrong, does not mean that people who loved and care about him are not mourning, people should show a little respect. How would you feel if it was your friend or family member who did not choose the greatest path, and ended up dead? try putting the shoe on the other foot and seeing how you would feel before you pass judgement. And im sorry but if you are going to be dealing drugs or living that lifestyle, it comes with the life to know that there are going to be times when people either do rob you or attempt to. No one is any better than any of his friends or family here, You never know someday it could be you left mourning because of someones unfortunate decision they made. Have a little respect for the family members mourning there loss at this time.



  71. Well I don’t wish death on anyone but if you are willing to wield a gun into a violent situation intent on doing wrong then you sure as shit deserve to have one used on you and you deserve what ya get period.. And my little brother many of our friends and I all knew him, now what? If I carry a gun I prepair myself to be fired at to and if I point it at someone and they shoot me, that isn’t gonna be a big shock but mine is for personal protection not financial gain. Get a JOB and don’t rob people drug dealer or not!!

  72. Oh and UPDATE..
    The dead man was identified as Michael Aaron Price, 31, Troyer said.

    Read more:

  73. jluvz269wm says:

    Hey hahapriceisdead,

    How come you choose to hide behind a screen name that was made up to bash Mike Price , He must have taken from you too ? Sure got alot of hatred for the guy . I’m thinking you owed him or vice versa. To bad he hadn’t got to your name on his list.

  74. jluvz269wm says:

    Haha tweeker and you know you are !

    I will be in attendance at his funeral and you will too !

  75. tohrdtopls says:

    To hahapriceisdead Since you were so much of a punk and couldn’t take the truth that you had to flag my comment about you. Remember that when you write trash about people on the computer.I just hope that you were able to read my comment to you and about you. No one knows the true reason why mike was there doing what he was doing except mike. Maybe mike was rightius in what he was doing we dont know Mike had his faults just like every one else in the world . SIGNED:shystydiggles

  76. hahaPriceIsDead says:

    i dont care what you write, and i didnt flag anything, i give a $hit what people say or think. i look in the mirror everyday and im ok with myself. so… say what you want i have no problem with it.

  77. hahaPriceIsDead says:

    and yeah ill be at the funeral

  78. tohrdtopls says:

    if you hated him so much why would you even want to go to his funeral? so you could spread more hate and discontent and grieve upon his family. Maybe the reason you hate him so bad is because he was the guy you never could be, i know this much for sure, he defiantly wasn’t the kind of guy you are cause he would never write the things your writing about him for someones loved ones or kids to read. Mike was alot things and you’d pretty much have to be a f***in moron to not know what he was or who he was cause he never tried to hide it,but in the end it doesn’t matter who he was to us all that matters is who he was to his children, and the fact that nobody seems to get it through their heads is who gives a shit what he did to you or anybody else you obviously weren’t man enough to stand up for yourself and handle your differences while he was alive. and the way you all are bashing him now that hes dead just proves my point even more that your all just spineless punks.


    @ tohrdtopls

    I agree with everything you are saying! wtg.

  80. tohrdtopls says:


    thank you,people tend to forget that sometimes things happen because thats the way god wants it. and it is his choice and his choice only to decide. just like its our choice to live the way we choose,and mike chose to live the way he did which is why he always knew there was a chance he’d die the way he did, i never once heard him make excuses or try to place the blame on his actions on anyone other than himself . i remember he once told me i can be a great friend but you catch me on a bad day and i catch you slippin i’m gonna get ya. ya can’t get anymore honest than that. so if you just happened to be one of the ones that got caught slippen well thats on you!!


    I agree, i knew mike as well, however i and my significant other have been outta the game for a long time now, but he was honest, and that was what he chose, i do have respect for him still, just because he did some wrong things doesn’t make his heart bad. and i feel for his daughter so much. i send my heart out to his family, this is an awful tragedy. god does decide what happens and this was his time. i just cannot believe he is gone.

  82. dirtbag says:

    Wow did you really say Mike Price was HONEST with a straight face? Wow I only hope you dont reproduce with scrambled $hit you call brains.I knew him very well and he got off easy,all the things he Honest man mike did ,he never got to see what it felt like to be on the other end of his …waste of life.If he was a good man like a few of you try to say,, p.s. hes dead stop kissing his a!@ he cant get you high anymore.and who cares what the Goon squad has to say or think.If he was good then why wasnt he teaching his kid the right way of earning a living in life. Funny thing all you know me very well and I guarantee you wouldnt argue or say anything to my face so sit down shut it up,,he was a PUNK B!@#TCH you know he was to.GET REAL jluv i will be seeing you very soon.

  83. jeanierunyan says:

    i knew mike all my life.ive only seen him a couple of times in the few years but ive known him the longest.anyone who is talking all that name is brian lehr you can always find me in the 253.anyone who knows when his funeral is please post it.and i am willing to help with the funeral.brian lehr and jeanie runyan.cell phone georges.

  84. jeanierunyan says:

    please R.I.P WE LOVE YOU MIKE


    his viewing is this Thursday at 1230pm to 530 pm and funeral Friday at 1100 am.

    Read more:

    his sister posted this on another article, doesn’t say where the funeral or viewing will be but you can always call around to funeral homes in the area and they can tell you if the service is being held there.

  86. more2come says:

    Its like the wind, around town and on here all I can hear is people blowing hot AIR out of the side of their necks pretending to give a rats A#$ about someone who was out there willfully and intentionally committing acts of hatred and violence on another Human being. Not all of his victims were drug dealers. He is not Robin Hood , He stole from anyone that wasn’t looking or alert enough to see him and the rest of his oxyhead clowns coming. hitting a dope dealers house wasn’t for the good of the community it was to feed his and his other crackhead brothers habits. Someone said he was honest, as to excuse his actions? You are all idiots with a screwed up definition of friendship.
    Mike Price is DEAD , am I rejoicing because he is simply dead? No, I am however overjoyed with the simple fact that GOD has finally said enough of this one, yeah its about time That the people who fell victim to not just Mike Price but him and his lowlife group of street urchin. Mike is not the only one , He is but One of many more to come at the Grace of Gods Hands…….. Do not justify, quit excusing his worthless life of crime, and if you are going to attempt too be the righteous people you make yourselves out to be, then realize this these are all words that in the grand scheme of things will be forgotten before the weeks over or by months end, certainly no longer than most of their next fixes. SO let the forum be about whatever the hell a person wants it to be in order fo them to bring closure to the scars that him and his PALS have cast upon them. I am somewhat more at ease knowing that the list has shed one more name without me having to stoop to there lowcrawling level. But still know that there are more to come however it comes , yeah I still look forward to those and I know God forgives , but I have never heard anyone say that he forgets…………… Deliver us from evil Lord and give us our daily bread…Amen

  87. more2come says:

    One final thought , for the greif of the children and the heavy painful loss to the parents of MAP for no parent should have to bury the children, my prayers are with you and I know God will be with you during your time to grieve. God Speed

  88. more2come says:

    jluvz269wm I am curious, you made mention to Hahapriceisdead about a list that Mike had. Are an idiot? Honestly you give public testimony about a premeditated list that price carried as if he had a grand plan to further inflict ruthless acts of crime and hate upon citizens of our town. Tell me something were you the one who fired that fatal shot that struck him down all because you or whomever was to scared face the demons chasing you or whomever down. Or was it all part of the masterplan to shoot blindly and cowardly all the while yours or whomevers back was turned. I depict a faint smell ah yes and I think I see the makings of a white yep a white stripe running down whomevers back it was………………. goon or goof you chose either one probably fits you.

  89. christinejonzey says:

    I met Mike Price a long time ago, and he didnt always make the best of decisions but he was a good friend to alot of people. He got stuck in a lifestyle that was hard to get away from, and unfortunately it got the best of him and he wasnt able to get away from it. He will be missed dearly by so many people.

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