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5 arrested, 10 kilos of herion seized during Tacoma police drug investigation

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Oct. 21, 2010 at 12:39 pm with 12 Comments »
October 21, 2010 3:05 pm
Heroin, guns and cash seized by TPD

Tacoma police arrested five people and seized more than 10 kilograms of black-tar heroin Wednesday night as part of a drug investigation.

Investigators believe the five are part of a larger drug trafficking organization that has been distributing heroin in the Tacoma area on behalf of a Mexican drug cartel, Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum said.

The investigation into the organization started with an undercover drug buy and quickly evolved, Fulghum said.

After the buy, the investigation led undercover drug officers to a home near 140th Street and Canyon Road.  They got a warrant to search the home and knocked on the door Wednesday night, Fulghum said.

“When they went to the door, they were confronted by a man armed with a shotgun,” he said. “His role was to guard the home and its contents.”

The man put down the shotgun and was taken into custody after a short standoff.

Inside the home, investigators found more than 10 kilos of heroin, two shotguns, a handgun and cash. The drugs were valued at $800,000, Fulghum said.

Investigators had stopped a van seen leaving the home. The Tacoma Police Department’s drug dog located some drugs inside the van. He also found a bundle that had been dropped along the roadway, Fulghum said.

The five people were arrested at the home and in the nearby area on drug-related charges.  They could face federal charges stemming from the investigation.

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  1. Concernedfather says:

    Nice work! Now it is up to “Our Prosecutor” to give them the maximum sentences; and if illegals, send them back to Mexico (after they serve their time)

  2. No after they serve their time they will then linger here in Tacoma while they await deportation taking from the taxpayer $120 a day while they fight their deportation.

  3. I don’t get it “Concernedfather”, why would you NOT want these drug dealers sent back to their nation of origin? Why don’t you want them to serve time in Mexico or wherever they’re from? Why don’t you want the Mexican government to pay their incarceration fees? Come on man, time to really start thinking.

  4. ghost_guard says:

    This is a huge bust, and I’m very glad it’s off our streets. The damage that could have been done would have been catastrophic. But I disagree with “Fantum” and “ConcernedFather”. Calling them “illegals” is giving them a label and this is not what our country is supposed to be about. Congratulations to all of those who made the bust possible. And to those of you who feel that just because people came into this country under other than legal pretenses–Our country is founded on immigration. Even if they did now bring drugs into the US, I assume that they will always be “illegals” to you. Such a shame. I almost fell badly for you.

  5. Whatever1214 says:

    When a person comes to this country “under less than legal pretenses” they are, by definition illegals. No matter what your politically correct dictionary says. Some activities are defined as illegal and crossing borders and dealing drugs are but a few of those activities. Yes, if they are not in this country legally, they are illegals and no, they are not unlicensed pharmacists.

  6. ghost_guard says:

    And what is the “legal” definition of “illegals”?

  7. ghost_guard says:

    What of the car salesman who was found with over a pound of heroin? Was he an undocumented resident? No. This problem exists domestically as well as internationally.

  8. “ghost_guard”, I think that drugs should be legalized and that anyone who wants to kill themselves using drugs can do so, the effects of drugs are very well know. Anyway, please tell me what the difference is between the immigration of today and 100 or even 70 years ago and where the people came from, then we can talk about who built this country.

  9. We’ve been fighting a drug war since the early 1900’s and still haven’t won. Time to try something new. Perhaps the government could give the drugs away for free and at the maximum strength. If the addicts are hellbent on killing themselves they might as well go out with uncut and pure organic shift. The police could be in charge of the distribution centers, they’ll have more time on their hands and we might as well use them.


  11. ghost_guard says:

    acarman ??? You are aware that I am arguing FOR immigration, as that is what built this country. You don’t have to tell me all about it. I just feel “illegals” is more of a slur than of an actual and legitimate label.

  12. John doe says:

    I was an addict who quit… What u people need to understand is that this will never end.. I knew many Mexicans that are forced to sell drugs in this country. They are ordered by these drug cartels to work for them for 5 years and then they can stop. the Mexicans told me their families were under threat of death. They didn’t want to deal drugs. The Mexicans were caught with 1 million in heroin and 250.000 in cash… The nation needs to legalize all drugs and put these Mexican drug cartels out of business. Later on i found out that the drug cartels went to other families and forced a new group of kids to start dealing for them. If we legalized all drugs and tax the shit out of it we could use the money to help some who want to quit. We could also empty the prisons and save even more money… The flow of drugs into this country is so bad that you will never stop it… Imagine being a mexican who owns land. All you have to do is grow a million dollars worth of heroin and your retired… That lure will never end unless we legalized all drugs.

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