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UPDATED: Man dead, overnight standoff over in Bonney Lake

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Sep. 16, 2010 at 5:41 am with 20 Comments »
September 16, 2010 2:41 pm

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies found a 47-year-old man dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound early today after an overnight standoff in the Bonney Lake area.

No sheriff’s deputies or others were injured during the incident in the 14600 block of Prairie Ridge Drive East, Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. No deputies fired their weapons during the standoff, he added.

Investigators suspect alcohol and drugs played a role what happened.

The incident began about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday when a woman called 911 to say two men were arguing over a missing iPod in the home. Dispatchers could hear the arguing in the background, Troyer said. The woman also reported there were guns in the home.

When deputies arrived at the home on Prairie Ridge, one of the men allegedly fired two shots outside and  in the direction of where deputies and the other occupants of the house were standing. The shots missed, Troyer said.

The man retreated back into the house by himself. No one else was inside the home.

The SWAT team responded to the scene and surrounded the home.  Roads were blocked off around the scene, according to a neighbor.

Negotiators attempted to make contact with the man inside the house but never reached him. Some distraction devices were fired in the house that caused explosions.

Around 3:30 a.m., members of the SWAT team looked inside the home and saw the man lying on the floor, Troyer said. They went into the house and found a man dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Investigators suspect the man shot himself shortly after the standoff started and that’s why SWAT team members were not able to make contact with him, Troyer said.

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  1. Alison7613 says:

    Gee, I wonder who got the electronic and if it was intact afterwards?

  2. Again I say- do what the cops tell you to do or you may be hurt or even killed. Sometimes it’s a surprise as to who actually does the hurting/killing.

  3. Drugs suspected in Prarie Ridge shouldn’t come to no suprise to anyone who knows that area.

  4. At least spell it right. Drugs in any community, including Prairie Ridge should come to no surprise to anyone.

  5. sixpackjoe says:

    Yes I agree ItalianSpring, if an officer says jump off a bridge, you should do that because god knows they are to be obeyed and not questioned for their actions because they can never do no wrong. lol

  6. madmike272 says:

    I don’t know what some of you are whining about. The guy shot at deputies, and killed himself. Saves wear and tear on the legal system.

  7. treeclimber says:

    proubly fighting over the latest halo game the cops didn’t say who won our what happend to the other guy. ounce again drugs take a toll on a human.

  8. gearster24 says:

    How about the “clean and sober” people who live in the Bonney Lake area? I am sick and tired of hearing how this area is affected by drugs. So what if he was a drug user. Glad he “cleared the chamber” and saved our taxpayers money on housing him in a local or state corrections facility because he couldnt control a family member. Let them uses as much drugs as they want and kill off each other. I know i can protect my family from the “riff-raff” of this area and will do what it takes to get them procecuted at any means. Glad it ended this way. Another dollar saved!!!!

  9. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Where is your compassion?

  10. gearster24 says:

    What Compassion are u talking about? Fighting over an IPOD or IPhone? I have lost numerous good friends fighting over in Iraq and the Persian Gulf area over something much more important than an IPhone. Geez…. get a grip……. If shooting at the police is a reason for getting an electronic device from a family member, then you have whats coming to u. More power to the law enforcement for protecting the “true and real” members of a community whose taxpayers dollars go to protecting the citizens who dont create problems for the community. This is a great area to live and should be in the future. If this is what needs to occur, then so be it.

  11. sounds a little like the remains of the roseberry cartel?

  12. n3ighb0r says:

    I hope that any friends or family who might be reading some of the heartless comments only come to realize that he’s in better place now. I didn’t know this neighbor (or most neighbors) very well but he was decent towards the members of our household. Times are tough and sometimes things get out of hand. I’m glad no one else was hurt. May he rest in peace.

  13. gearster24 says:

    U can call it heartless. Thats fine. But if one of those shots he took at the police had struck one of ur kids or entered ur household or a neighbors, i would bet you would think different. Asking for compassion and saying comments are heartless are insane when a person fires a weapon at another human for no reason. And if drugs were involved, then it only makes the entire situation even worse. Im sorry someone perished but he caused his own problems. If he wanted help, he should have stopped and just walked out instead of endangering the entire community by his behavior.

  14. spankalot says:

    .Ya no you people in the bonny lake,prairie ridge area should be ashamed
    of your self. I cant believe what im reading ,how thoughtless and inconsiderate of all you people that have responded to this. None of you people know what realy happened that night .If you people were looking out
    for one another like most good communities do,this probably would never have happened. Its hard to keep an eye on thi brother and sister behind
    those locked doors of yours.I personaly new this man ,he owned his own home ,payed his taxes, and was never on the wrong side of the law.When the truth comes out your going to feel pretty bad. I sure would’nt want to live in a community that does’nt care about one another, shame, shame

  15. Trustinhim says:

    The first thing that comes to my mind is that no one human being has the right to judge anyone. Especially considering the fact that you were not there and have no real facts. The news brings you instant stories with as little evidence and as much gossip as possible. It is what brings in readers. I personally know many of the parties that were involved in this case. I am saddened to hear anyone would be happy about another man losing his life. What about how heart broken and confused the people involved feel? It is the people that point blame that help create and continue the problems our country has. They put themselves on a pedestal and dont want to offer a helping hand. Anyone with half a brain would know that someone willing to take their own life would only do that out of despiration. It was not about an ipod, an argument, or even booze. Yes that played a part but was not the overall cause. The man who died owned a home, worked, paid taxes and was NOT rif raf. Take the time to smile at someone, volenteer your time, offer a hand to prevent situations like these and put your pointer finger away.

  16. gearster24 says:

    First of all I have “volunteered” my time. 20 Years in the service and retired. I was not forced into the service. I was and am still a patriot who cares a ton about this country. I am understanding of this man’s ownership of his property and care for his family. But shooting at another individual because “you are having a bad day” is absolutely not the correct answer. I am on the other side of this fence who have good friends who are police officers who risk their life each and every day to provide yourself and others the freedom to do and go where you want. I know many do not care for police officers and their attitudes, but put yoursleves in their shoes and see how you would react. I bet you wouldn’t and couldn’t even deal with it. How will you react when you get shot at? How would you feel if a neighbor of yours was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and started shooting within your neighborhood? Bet you would react different. Yes, I do live close by to where this occurred and am not happy at all that someone would shoot openly to the neighborhood that you occupy and supposedly support and was a community member. Showsdisrespect. When someone in the neighborhood would put my family and other neighbors in danger by shooting openly at police officers and bystanders (Read the article) then i have ZERO remorse for someone who is completely selfish. Enough said. You all can look through “rose colored glasses” and think everything is so cool. Say a prayer at church this weekend for the loss of an individual but realize how costly this could have been over a fricken electronic device. Peace. Support your Soliders and Sailors who fight for all of us to live and speak our peace.

  17. The man who shot himself was my cousin.

  18. gearster24 says:

    sorry 4 ur loss……. but he needed help if he had these issues. Wish I could have helped also, but im sorry 4 ur loss.

  19. nutmegs504 says:

    @ gearster24…..THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!! Thank you for putting your life on the line for our country & in doing so, upholding our rights & our freedom, which gives everyone the right to think freely and write comments freely! You are a true HERO!! Again, can’t say it enough, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your service & sacrifices! I’m truly sorry for YOUR losses in Iraq and I’m glad you had a safe return!!!

  20. Helencl, I am so sorry for your loss. I think I may have know this man also, have they released his name yet to the public?

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