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Owner of Tacoma medical marijuana dispensary arrested

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on July 29, 2010 at 3:13 pm with 29 Comments »
July 30, 2010 5:50 am

Tacoma police have arrested a 38-year-old employee of a medical marijuana dispensary on suspicion of drug-related charges.

Investigators booked the man into Pierce County Jail shortly after noon today on suspicion of unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, unlawful delivery of a controlled substance and unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance.

The man was arrested at his Tacoma home as part of an ongoing investigation into activity at the Tacoma Hemp Company, which is located near South Fourth Street and Tacoma Avenue, police spokesman Mark Fulghum said.

The investigation by the department’s narcotics officers was launched after several complaints were made and concerns were raised about activity at the dispensary and in the area, Fulghum said.

The department declined to release more information about the investigation or the allegations that led to the man’s arrest today.

The Tacoma Hemp Company is described online as a provider for the medical marijuana community since early 2009.

“Opened in November 2009 in our downtown location, we offer a wide range of organically grown hemp/cannabis products. From dry goods, edibles, genetics and textiles, we’ve got most things hemp covered for you,” according to information posted on

The man arrested today has been previously described in Tacoma publications as an organizer of the first Tacoma Hempfest, which took place last month in Wright Park.

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  1. Kevindot1 says:

    I am suspicious of this arrest.

  2. Marie220 says:

    I live a block away and wasn’t even aware they were there.

  3. Hey Marie, just imagine what else you DON’T hear about going on in the city.

  4. he cops go bust some of the crack gangs that really do harm to the city, are you afraid you might get a bloody nose..

  5. Justsayin says:

    Do things the right way and you”ll give the cause credibility. Break the law and it looks like a bunch of hippies gone wild. When will these people learn how to further their cause without looking like fools to those that have the inlflunce over thier agenda?

  6. Sawmilldon says:

    Until we get the forfeiture laws repealed, the police will constantly be doing things like this.
    It is in their budgets best interest.
    Meanwhile, crime is happening elsewhere…..

  7. arcticbob says:

    No one should be arrested for cannabis. Why would the city/county even waste money on prosecution and incarceration. He is helping people get well. It is ridiculous what reefer madness has led to. Re-Legalize it! Don’t criticize it!

  8. dster420 says:

    Lets send him to prison for 10 years!!! But leave the child molesters alone. Not to mention all the tweekers. They need somewhere to steal from, because they want your identy. I’m sooo sick of the police wasting all the time, manpower, and expensive resources to bust some pot smokers!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!! WOULD you all PLEASE READ THE EMPERIOR WEARS NO CLOTHES> Maybe then ………….

  9. dirtydan54 says:

    Now I’ll sleep tonight knowing that a threat to all of us is no longer on the streets waiting to get us.

    For crying out loud, our government officials have the collective intelligence equal to that of a fruitfly, at least a fruitfly serves some purpose by its existance in the world

  10. richroby says:

    This whole bust smells kinda skunky to me. I agree with getting after the crack dealers. You never hear about some one smoking some weed and eluding officers or shaking people down. Pot smokers are sitting on the couch eating cheetos watching reruns they have seen four time but don’t remember.

  11. mdawg2110 says:

    Yeah that is the first thing need is a bunch of dumb people high on Marijuana. Not only do I have to worry about the drunk people driving around, I now have to worry about the people who are high driving around.

    People who smoke marijuana become dumb! Legalize it and now we have more dumb people running around mooching off the taxpayers.

  12. guidocarmasi says:

    boy what a lack of priorities.

    Makes good press not much sense

  13. indolesrex says:

    Why can’t we just legalize drugs, we waste so much time and money on the problem. Tax it , make some money and take the pressure off the normal people who work hard every day and don’t get loaded. Lower our property tax and sales tax with the proceeds. I am a native and know school administrators and superior court judges that smoke it, and many average productive citizens, after fifty years of watching them I have seen very few casualtys and many succesfull individuals.

  14. Why would you publish a story like this, when you don’t even know why he was arrested? Make work I guess. No real investigative reporting anymore.

  15. We’re putting people in jail for what the “WA Governor’s Office Calls Pot Legalization ‘Legitimate Idea'”

    Now all we have to do is educate the uninformed like mdawg2110, who simply doesn’t know any better as he’s been the victim of propaganda, lies, distortions, fabrications, demagoguery, hysterical hyperbole, chick little projections, –and we’re on our way.

    Marijuana has never killed anyone. Marijuana prohibition kills.

  16. This is a political arrest and prosecution, plain and simple.

    This man was arrested for publicly advocating changing the marijuana laws.

    The Tacoma Police Department should be ashamed of themselves.

    What’s the matter, officers? Afraid to go after real criminals? Pot patients are so much easier, aren’t they?

  17. patriot62 says:

    All you pot heads need to quit whining. Dumb should kill more often! Along with Stupid!

  18. I live directly across the street. My family was friendly with him and never complained to the police. My biggest concern is with his dog and cats which are at the humane society, and I wish we could help get them out. I feel sad about this. I really do. He was pulled out with no dignity. I don’t know all particulars, so I can’t side with either end. I just felt an emotionally powerful moment seeing him surrounded by swat. Swat seemed unnecessary. Feeling very concerned and sad tonight.

  19. dirtydan54 says:

    Jeez swat was involved also? Didn’t know Tacoma is so eager to define stupidity and wasteful overkill in dramatic fashion. The real victims are his poor animals.

  20. Yeehaw.
    Our children will be so proud of us that we took down these crimelords… while women are still legally paid less than men, we allow poison to be purged into the air, and corporations have stolen our freedom.
    We used to punish people for claiming the earth revolved around the sun, working on the Sabbath, or “shuck peanuts on the street” in Bremerton.
    Why are cigarettes legal? Or lottery tickets? Or schoolyard bullies?
    If VA clinics allow their clients to smoke marijuana, can it be harmful? Do you think pharmaceutical company lobbyists want marijuana to be legalized? Unlike drug companies, have you ever heard of a marijuana recall?
    We can blow millions fighting that deadly weed, or we can make billions taxing it.

  21. jesalvaggio says:

    I would like to remind ” The People” out there “who” this medical marijuana movement is all about. In ’06 I was a very healthy man, one day out of the blue I buckled over with severe abdominal pain and was rushed to the ER where it was discovered that I had blockage in my portal vein system, after 3 failed attempts to clear the blockage and almost dying on the operating table, specialists were able shunt the veins enough for me to live, however as a result and in addition to, I now also have vericese veins on my stomache and esophogus which in turn has had a negative affect on my ability for appitite among other things and my condition is progressing. “Medical” quality marijuana is the only medicine I can take that stimulates me to eat, reduce vomiting and live. If that makes me dumb, so be it, but I know there are thousands and thousands of us that really need this natural remedy. Our Govnmt really needs to get this one right. As citizens in your care, we beg you.

  22. decomposing1 says:

    mdawg and patriot62 you two must subscribe to the same ideals. Let our goverment tell us what we should think type of propaganda. You talk down to these people who smoke while sitting there drinking your cocktail. How about you all step off your soap box and beat each other with it.

  23. Not cool Kops…………….Swat? Seems like the kids needed to use their toys so they can justify the cost.

  24. arcticbob says:

    Hello mdawg there are already people driving around with you that are high. You tolerate people to drive around intoxicated by alcohol up to .08 limit. I don’t see you complaining about that. This guy was helping people whether you like it or not, the laws in this state for mmj patients to get their meds are way to vague. Definitely not conducive to healing the sick. That is why his arrest has occurred. Cannabis heals. You really should do some research.

  25. pcruised says:

    This is a friend and a good guy and yes the clinics are technically not addressed or accomidated for in the medical marijuana statutes, but the alternative for those without this semi-legal source is the street drug peddlers who the police are supposed to be most interested in since their products are from black market sources and a lot of their ( WA law inforcement) funding is home land security related. I really thought that Tacoma might want to lead this progressive approach to holistic and more natural pain and relaxation aid. Marijuana’s not for everyone and its not a miracle drug either but it is relatively safe and far safer then the currently prescribed opiods, anti-depressants and sleep aids and of genuine medical and relaxational benefit. The effects of med. Marijuana are suttle in a daily user, about the same as a beer without the woozy. And PS other poster, pharms make you plenty stupid and more so then med marijuana. So…to sum up Marijuana not miracle herb…but of GENUINE medical and social value…for SOME. And a really good guy, a Tacoma home owner and stand up citizen sits in jail for supplying legal med marijuana patients with varying and some very serious illnesses with some temporary, gentler
    relief. It’s just not good business for anyone to take this kind of stand on a issue that the WA state government has made quite clear that they support. Your sending a mixed, unprofessional and disorganized message here as a law inforcement agency, if you disagree with the statutes vote them out but don’t ignore or Pick Apart the medical marijuana ruling. Law inforcement is supposed to be held to a higher standard as our safety representatives and public servants.
    It really is time to find a new hobby and let the public have their pot ( if they choose to use).

  26. minxraven says:

    Part 3 I arrived on Friday the 30th because I was in pain and out of medication which I desperately need. Without my medication, I would not be able to attend my college. I have severe back, leg and foot pain and with out the medication taking the edge off of the pain, I would not be able to walk to my classes, sit without getting up and moving, or being able to do my work. I have been on vicoden, oxys, spinal injections, and I am tired of all the prodding and pain. This makes it easier to handle.

  27. minxraven says:

    Part 2 On July 19, 2010 another officer went in, also with professionally made fake ID, marked bills, and another allegedly authorized wire tap that was concealed on the officer. “HEY Cops, did you know that a fake ID is a Class C Felony!!!” Both officers signed a form provided by Green Health where they listed their medical provider. On Thursday July 29, the dispensary was raided. The police took and destroyed all the marijuana, and money. They also took a fund that Green Health was trying to raise money that was set up for Sydnie, who suffers form an extremely rare disease. The fund was to go for her medication, and her family to help them pay for her doctor’s bills, hospital bills, and toward the operation that she most desperately needs.
    Officer Brown stated that Green Health was not in compliance with Law #6951.
    The police separated Domisi and his wife, and threatened Domisi that if he does not provide the officers with the patients records, that the cops were going to have their nine children taken away form both of them and placed with child services. Domisi refused because the documents are protected under client provider confidentially laws. The children were placed with their mother, and Domisi was told that he could have no contact with his wife or his nine children, if he did it was a violation of his conditions.

  28. minxraven says:

    Part 1 I am a current patient of Green Health. I have been going to their location on Tacoma Avenue for a while. The dispensary was purchased not to long ago, and the new owners called it Green Health. The name Tacoma Hemp Company no longer exists.
    Three people were arrested, Erica Lorenza King, her husband Domisi Thrashhis, and Justin Prince. For helping patients with their medical needs. They were allegedly charged with selling marijuana to unauthorized “to undercover officers”, acting as a medical provider and other alleged charges. All three pleaded not guilty at their arraignment.
    In June an undercover officer went into the dispensary (the department used their professionals to create a legitimate looking fake ID that had an authorized doctor’s signature. Because there are various ID’s from different medical providers out there, they have not yet become familiar with the cards. (Mine was a card that they have never seen.) The officer used the fake ID to enter the secured premises, used marked bills to trace the money that was used as a donation for the medication $60 to receive 6 grams, and the officer wore an alleged authorized wire tap concealed on his person. The police report says, “the wire tap was authorized to record the conversations.” The conversations met activity in the waiting room and in the medication room.

  29. MissInformed says:

    Mdaw and patriot….What have you been smokin? You’re probably pill poppers, no worries there!! The last thing we need is a bunch of cops running around committing felonies by forging prescriptions, falsifying identifications, and posing as patients in need of medicine. It’s too bad cannabis isn’t a recognized treatment for ignorance!! You and the other idiots on the wrong side of this issue could use a prescription. Your real fears should be the perverse nature of the police who get their kicks by destroying the lives of decent people. If you are real “patriots” you would recognize the real danger is corrupt power and an ignorant population!!

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