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Man tries to shoplift tweezers, lands in jail

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on July 13, 2010 at 9:05 am with 14 Comments »
July 13, 2010 9:08 am

A 48-year-old man is facing theft and assault charges over an $8 pair of tweezers even he admitted he didn’t need.

The charges stem from an incident Friday at a pharmacy in Gig Harbor.

According to charging documents, Troy J. Montgomery went into the store, selected a pair of tweezers and put them in his pocket. A store employee spotted the activity, confronted Montgomery and told him she was calling police.

Montgomery took the tweezers from his pocket, threw them and headed for the door, court documents state.

The store’s pharmacist stepped into Montgomery’s path to stop him and was shoved aside. The pharmacist fell to the floor and suffered a 3-inch cut to his arm, court documents state.

Shoppers took Montgomery to the ground and detained him until Pierce County sheriff’s deputies arrived.

A deputy asked Montgomery if he wanted to answer questions about what happened.

“Not really,” he replied, according to charging documents. “Besides being stupid, don’t even need the thing, about the dumbest thing I ever did.”

Pierce County prosecutors have charged Montgomery with third-degree assault and third-degree theft.

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  1. sixpackjoe says:

    Stop tweezing me lol

  2. PolarBear53 says:

    Wow P.C.P. has this one backwards- and this man is not to bright for opening his mouth- Mr. Montgomery needs to get a lawyer.
    There is no crime in placing an item on your person, if you leave thru the doors without paying then it becomes a crime but he never did, The crazy thing is the Pharmacist could be liable for damages to Mr. Montgomery because intently tried to stop Mr. Montgomery along with the shopper’s. Once again technically no crime has been committed. Burden of proof is on the State for sure in this case.

  3. spacegoddess says:

    He secreted them on his person with the intention of taking them without paying for them. If he had been confronted by the employee, and had stopped and waited for police to arrive, he still would have been charged with shoplifting. Stop defending someone who was trying to commit a crime, and a needless crime at that.

  4. shaboo999 says:

    A cry for help?

  5. $8 for a pair of tweezers?

  6. ufc_fighter says:

    PolarBear53, I agree, according to the law written by idiots.

  7. ufc_fighter says:

    Many laws are designed to protect criminals, not the victims.

  8. PolarBear53 says:

    spacegoddess you need to read and understand the Law . You have to prove intention and in this case you can’t because he never left with the tweezer’s. Im not defending, Im just trying to point out that legally a crime was not committed. I just highly doubt these charges will stick under legal process. Unless he himself admits his intent and agrees to plea quilty-thats all

  9. champton says:

    The pharmacist should have just accepted his merchandise back and let the idiot go…

    for a shoplifting charge to stick in this state there must be documentation of selection, intent and concealment. Part of that intent is that he had to have gone past the pay station and (usually) leave the store with the merchandise. It sounds like the employee and pharmacist confronted him 10 seconds too soon.

    Aside from that, is an $8 item worth getting hurt over? It’s not even a felony… Theft is so very frustrating for those of us who are victimized by it daily with increased prices or even our own property stolen… but really… is any material item that I own worth my life or safety or that of someone else’s? And I’m not talking about my children or a living being that I care about… I’m talking about STUFF… The pharmacist should have just been glad that he got his STUFF back and let the fool go!

    A whole lotta hassle for $8… (which is expensive by the way!)

  10. champton says:

    Further… if this guy gets a good attorney… he may even be able to sue the pharmacist for assault… by saying… I didn’t have a basket so I put them in my pocket but I INTENDED to pay for them when they mistakenly confronted and assaulted me…

  11. sixpackjoe says:


    I think you had too many blows to the head my friend… you statement…

    “Many laws are designed to protect criminals, not the victims.”

    Is a typical dumb American response. 3 out of 5 Americans can’t even list a few a of the bill of rights we have… I would assume this is where you fall in. Let me try to say it in a way you might understand… It is not that there are laws designed to protect criminals… there are laws designed to protect your American “rights” to a fair trail… not every one accused of a crime is guilty, maybe you are like the other girl a few days ago that said, why plead the fifth? only if you are guilty and don’t want to incriminate yourself is when you do it, this kind of simpleton idea is why we American’s are laughed at around the world. You are guaranteed certain unalienable rights in this country and taking action on them to protect your rights is a smart thing to do… but I’m sure if you are in any position one day, I will just label you a criminal and be done with it as per you dictate. haha

  12. Alaska47 says:

    This theif should have complied when the employees attempted to detain him.He raised the level of the crime when he assaulted the Pharmicist.I could not work in retail because I would give him the beating he deservered to defend myself against assault.To the people that think it is okay to just let him go,you should just leave your possessions everywhere unsecured.Just tell the next theif that comes along that it`s okay to steal from you.If you don`t do this ,you are a hypocrite.

  13. LOL it sounds like he was just asking to go to jail… I just think it’s funny; all this commotion over a pair of tweezers.

  14. Sure it was only a six pack Joe??? …you statement??? fair trail???

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