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UPDATED: LaTanya Clemmons sentenced to five years in prison

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on June 17, 2010 at 3:00 am with 33 Comments »
June 17, 2010 11:03 am

The sister of cop killer Maurice Clemmons was sentenced this morning to five years in prison for helping her brother’s alleged getaway driver following the massacre of four Lakewood police officers late last year.

L. Clemmon


A jury convicted LaTanya Clemmons, 34, of two counts of first-degree rendering criminal assistance last Thursday.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Arend previously ruled that LaTanya Clemmons should be sentenced on only one count.

Pierce County prosecutors Stephen Penner and Kevin McCann filed a pleading Tuesday asking Arend to reconsider that ruling. They wanted Arend to sentence Clemmons on both counts, to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Arend stuck with her prior ruling Thursday morning and sentenced LaTanya Clemmons to five years in prison. The standard range for rendering criminal assistance is six months to a year in jail, but the jury found that Clemmons’ crimes were worse than normal, qualifying her for the maximum penalty prescribed by law.

News Tribune courts reporter Adam Lynn attended the sentencing hearing and will update this post with more details soon.

FYI: There have been a couple of questions regarding what happens to LaTanya Clemmons’ conviction if Dorcus Allen later is found not guilty of being Maurice Clemmons’ getaway driver.

As far as I can tell, what happens in Allen’s case won’t matter.

The rendering law states that the person being helped must be sought (emphasis added) by law enforcement when the defendant helps him or her. Whether that person is later convicted apparently doesn’t matter.

In LaTanya Clemmons’ case, the prosecutors had to convince the jury that Allen was being sought by law enforcement for the commission of a crime when she drove him to Federal Way and bought him a motel room Nov. 29.

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  1. puyallup_leon says:

    Make her spend ALL the time given

  2. georgerosie4u says:

    I pray that she will get the max, with no appeals or pardon. She is just as guilty as her brother that pulled the trigger. Thanks to our Judicial System, hopefully the rest will go down for even a longer period of time. I am anxious to hear the Judges ruling today!!

  3. paulkathyann says:

    Wow. I sort of disagree that she is just as guilty. I don’t know the full details but though she deserves prison time, it WAS her brother that was the evil one and committed the crime.

  4. I am not sure how the laws work now days, But LaTanya Clemmons was convicted of rendering criminal assistance to somebody who has yet been convicted of anything. What happens if this person is found not guilty?

  5. mediadarling says:

    JUST as guilty? Are you serious? She was woken up AFTER it happened. Even the Prosecutors office and the cops ( they printed this) said we aren’t saying you did this. She wasn’t there at the Thanksgiving dinner she was working a double shift, she heard from the cousin who isnt getting charged with actually giving Maurice money and bandaging his wounds with her mom. That one makes me disgusted, the cousin actually provides money to MAURICE. AFTER he ADMITS he killed 4 cops and gives him bandages and nothing is done to her. This woman, she gave Dorcus money, and a hotel room for a night. The JURY found her not guilty of giving him money and a bus ticket. I looked on Google and hers is the only court document not able to be located but the other Clemmons 7 are. Read through them, she isnt mentioned til after, but the cousin is a lot and not being charged… Guess since Maurice is dead they needed closest blood kin they could find. Hopefully when all 7 are done the families get some much deserved peace. This whole thing has disgusted me. ( ejs my question exactly what happens if he is not guilty)

  6. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    Before all the pro-criminal posters work themselves into a great big huff, it would behoove them to go research the penalty given to similar criminals. Latonya is going to do time, and whining about it only makes you look foolish. The laws regarding “aiding and abetting” are there as a deterrent to prevent that behavior and obviously wasn’t a big enough deterrent to these individuals. Those laws are there to protect the rest of us from becoming the criminals next victim.

    The people posting on Latonya’s behalf are transparently obvious criminal supporters….where’s the outrage for the part of the family who did the “right” thing and had their home trashed for their efforts?

  7. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    How cute, pro-criminal supporters whining about injustice for Latonya……5 years for accessory to a pre-meditated RACIST HATE CRIME is a gift from a guilt ridden society with waaaaaay too much mercy. Hurry up and prosecute the rest of the enablers, and then start tracking down the people who are posting on her behalf, I suspect they’re not the honorable citizens they’re trying to imitate with their hysterically absurd posts.

  8. Dwatson18 says:

    Anybody surprised that her lawyer went to court with this and didn’t try for some kind of plea bargin? Also I am shocked that they were willing to go to court so fast. I would think the jury wanted somebody to blame and she was first up. I would have thought her attorney would have continued this as long as possible to wait unitl the “passions of the public” had subsided a bit. 5 years for this seems about right. Anyone who aids in helping the offender flee justice, while not as guilty as the offender has something to answer for. However, I don’t think we should execute her for it. She IS NOT as guility as the shooter.

  9. Yeah looks like alot of the people that support criminals are posting today. If you follow the story HER brother Maurice admitted to family that he was planning to do this ANYWAY. And she helped her BF who was the get away driver basically hide. THAT IS RENDERING! Obviously they HAD enough to find her gulity I say give her the MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had she done the right thing HER brother may be alive as well. That way that SCUM could face the charges, but instead hopefully he’s ROTTING in HELL. Im sorry if my family member did something I would give them the option of turning themself in first OR I will. She knew what she was doing and that’s why her @ss is sitting right where she needs to be. She gets NO EMPATHY

  10. Unfortunately, unless somehow her sentence is different than others, she will never serve anywhere near 5 years because of 1/2 off for good behavior and other considerations for parole etc. I would be surprised if she serves more than a day over one year.

  11. Yeah I agree with tck512 she wont do the full five. I’m not sure what her prior felon was but they do consider that in sentencing as well. I think atleast this sends a message out there that if you render criminal assistance you will be prosecuted.

  12. mediadarling says:

    well of course, if there is any honesty associated with what we say then we are pro criminal supporters. Four cops were killed. THAT is a tradgedy. A CRIME. ANYONE associated needs to go down. So why isnt Cicely Clemmons being brought in? Thats my point…

  13. Maybe she can share a cell with Angel.

  14. ffgandarajd says:

    I love how people are defending her actions on this blog. For example: “JUST as guilty? Are you serious? She was woken up AFTER it happened…” Look at the big picture stupid and see what happened! She is scum and helped him hide… I CANT BELIEVE PEOPLE!! She is a criminal.

  15. Shattah206 says:

    Time served needs to be enough to have a deterrent effect on the next chick who gets this kind of call from her ‘squeeze’. tck512 & WTF1976, I think you’re right, she won’t serve anywhere near 5 years. I thought it was an automatic 1/3 off for good behavior, not 1/2 though. You mention a prior felony for her. I missed that . . . off to do some reading.

  16. bkeyport1970 says:

    5 years? Bah. She should have gotten death.

  17. footballscaa says:

    Yeah. Unless your pulling the switch down on the electric chair, your pro-criminal. Stupid is, as stupid does.

  18. At the end of the day IM GLAD that she was found guilty! Get that message out there that if you ASSIST your booked. Just like with the edge wood killing, the shooters GF is not being charged LIKE SHE SHOULD. I’m sure the people in this site that defend these criminals would sing a WHOLE other tune if it were THIER family member was murdered and one of the murders friends/family TRIED to help them. Bet you would have a different look on this.

  19. I meant to say the edgewood killers GF IS being charged.

  20. SickOfThePolitics says:

    ffgand, thank you for your comments. my sentiments exactly!!

    bkeyport, me too!!! I’m sitting here thinking, 5 years?? Bah!! She got off wayyyyy to easy for her part in this. Latanya, and anyone else arrested and awaiting trial for this terrible hate crime deserves the death penalty.

    I’ll say this again – to me, what she did was just as bad as pulling the trigger that day. 5 years is not enough and clearly we as a society need to get cracking on making our laws tougher. I encourage you to contact your legislative people and congress man/women to help make tougher laws so people like this does not get off as easy, in the event that, God forbid, anything like this ever happens again.

    thank goodness for the right of freedom of speech in this country that allows us to be able to speak our minds. I am very thankful to live in this country where I’m allowed to do this. Even in forums and blogs like this one here, at the TNT. I am thankful to our troops and our law enforcement officials that enable me to exercise my right of freedom of speech.

    Now, for those of you who want to bash my post – go ahead. I have no problem hitting the report button or flag comment button.

    Remember kiddies, the TNT puts rules in place to protect those freedom of speech rights.

  21. Concernedfather says:

    Credit for time served? Are you high on crack?
    Four LEO’s are executed in public and the entire region terrorized, and you think credit for time served is a sufficient deterrent? You 206 area code left wingnuts are out of touch with reality! Your touchy, feely, compassion for the criminals surpasses the compassion that the main stream reserves for the victims. How twisted.

  22. concernedfather- WELL said. Time served my @ss, plus she’s only been in there since Dec 09. Bye Bye, off to purdy you go! Good thing is she was sentence so she wont get time served. Sad part is she she will only do about 2.5 years.

  23. tacomaguy30 says:

    Hey, when she’s done her time, maybe she can join Felony Entertainment, start rapping/producing hippity hoppity music and run for office! Horraay!

  24. a woman judge drops half the charges, and hands out a relative light stntence for a female criminal. not much new with this case either.

    stay tuned folks to find out what the others (males) get for thier crimes. that is if they go to court.

    5 years for someone that was directly a part of the deaths of 4 police officers probably sounds about right to some folks. i dont think life is that cheap.

  25. glad someone put the words hate crime in this blog. thats exactly what it was. the unfortunate thig is that hate crimes are only used one way. i have never seen them used equally. times change, things change, people change. and the laws and especially enforcement dont seem to change on selected items. maybe latanya can be housed with o.j for her few months stay in the greybar hotel? he could teach her how to write a book.

  26. ValleyTarts says:

    10-15 years would have been appropriate rather than 5. With the pityfull state of Washington’s Justice system, she’ll be home before Thanksgiving 2011.

  27. Unfortunetly if you read other state laws and for rendering criminal assistance is about 5 years. Maybe after this incident as well as the edgewood murder they will “revisit” this law how much time could be given for such a HORRIBLE crime.

  28. Kevindot1 says:

    This woman got what she deserved. In fact, she should probably seek out a new community to live in when she is released. Same goes for all other Clemmons supporters.

  29. saywhat79 says:

    You people are so judgemental. You don’t know what she went through. You don’t know if Darcus told her what was going on, or if he munipulated her into giving him money. It very well could be true that she had no idea at the time, what happened. Unless you were there, you don’t know what happened. You are only assuming. The comments on here are outrageous. I know half of you are lying, you know damn well, you can’t say what happened, if you were not there. I feel sorry for her, she is a mother too you know. You are all mad at her brother, but she is now the scapegoat.

  30. legalegl says:

    She should qualify for half time. That makes the sentence 30 months. Minus the credit for time served and early release for work release, she should serve around 16 months. Pretty long sentence for handing someone some cash.

  31. madmike272 says:

    She will look very nice in a extra large orange jump suit.

  32. AreYouHighOrWhat, are you serious.. a RACIST HATE CRIME…. no way.. what r you talking about.. It surely cant be a hate crime if the dead are white.. Only whites commit hate crimes… kinda funny how the media really downplayed this aspect….. lol… glad at least you agree its a HATE CRIME

  33. Kevindot1 says:

    saywhat79, justice was served. And will continue to be served as everyone connected with this crime comes to judgement.

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