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UPDATED: Man wounded after altercation with Puyallup Tribal police officer

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on May 28, 2010 at 8:39 am with 25 Comments »
May 28, 2010 4:08 pm

A Puyallup Tribal police officer shot and wounded a man who screamed and threatened the officer while he was gasing up his patrol car Thursday night in Fife, Fife police reported.

The man, whose age was not released, was hit in the leg and taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries. The injuries were not considered life threatening, police reported.

The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure in officer-involved shootings.

The officer had stopped at a gas station in the 3400 block of Pacific Highway in Fife just after 9:20 p.m. Thursday, police reported.

While he was refueling his car, a man walked out of the store and headed towarded the officer. The man screamed at the officer that he was “going to kill him,” police reported.

The officer told the man to stop but he continued.  The officer retreated, moving around and telling the man to stop.

“The subject continued towards the officer stating that he was going to kill him,” police reported.

The officer requested backup. He used his Taser on the man but it had no effect, police reported.

When the man again continued toward the officer, the officer fired his gun and hit the man in the leg.

The other officers arrived and detained the man.

The investigation was ongoing.

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  1. Never fight with the police as you may be injured or even killed, and justifibly so.

  2. DeschutesMan says:

    Stupid people need to be shot! I hope that is where he was aiming..

  3. jpeters says:

    Yea its easy to say that its the suspects fault. First its tribal so if the officer wants he can shoot for almost no reason because he is employed by a soverign nation. It would take a internal tribal investigation oh and by the way tribal members cannot be fired just transferred so good luck. Tribal police are far more dangerous than any other entity out there because it is a legal mess of foreign nations and legal jurisdiction.

  4. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    Hoooooold up! They have guns? I didn’t even think they had tazers! Either way, after Joan Jett played the EQC New Years Eve (two years back?), I stopped relying on ” Tribal Security “. About a dozen of us had to wait in the parking lot to be shuttled back to the lot in Fife (never do that!). We were accosted by drunks, some of them funny, some of them combative, none of them were apprehended by security. Oh, the tribal security people were present, and yeah, they tried to talk and reason with the drunks, but when it came to keeping people waiting for the shuttle from being physically accosted, they didn’t do anything until pushing and shoving ensued, and then it was just lip service. Nobody was arrested, detained, or even given a good taze. I’ve never felt more unsafe at an event, and yes, I’ve been to some scary ones.

    The subplot to that little story is even scarier, because sadly, there was a race component involved and although I really liked taking my friends there for drinks (AND smokes!), I wouldn’t subject my caucasion friends to a security team that didn’t consider everyone’s safety a priority, or allow special treatment to tribal elders. Tribal Security is a community hazzard.

  5. Stacey Mulick this story is the primary reason I don’t like blogs. You drop a story without any pertinent information, Like where and why. Is this a gambling insident.
    People reading this Native American Casinos don’t abide by the same laws as other WA state businesses.There are significant difference that don’t protect worker rights. The latest independent evaluation commisioned by the Puyalllup Tribe indicated significate job resentment by the rank and file worker because the attitude or treatment and possibility for promotion.
    Is it possible the indian police are the protection service for their golden egg casinos.

  6. @jpeters…

    Do a little research before publishing some seriously erroneous data. If you want the truth about the officers and the Department, why don’t you contact the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, or Puyallup Indian Nation Law Enforcement and get the facts straight? Powr1, your post is almost racist in nature. You are invited to do the same–contact the Tribe before publishing inflammatory comments.

  7. Ooooh! I think @jpeters and Powr1 struck a nerve!

  8. At least he was only wounded. Too many policemen shoot to kill.

  9. HilndLord says:

    How about, it happened at a service station near a casino, not at a casino, and the suspect threatened to kill the officer before he was shot… ?

  10. How about the cop is more than likely lying. It happens all too often. The thug cops beat or shoot somebody without cause, then they all lie for each other to cover it up. Oh, don’t forget their victims usually get charged with resisting arrest or some other bogus charge.

    But too many of you consider a cops word gosspel.

  11. lonergan says:

    Wow, we all look at life through our own lenses, don’t we? Some readers already know there is a lying cover-up going on, others are confusing the commissioned Tribal Police with casino security officers–two different groups, and of course the Police do carry guns. With hundreds of police officers on duty every day in Pierce County, the number of people shot by them is small. In fact, more local police have been killed by citizens shooting at them lately than vice versa. Let’s give the Tribal authorities and Fife Police a chance to investigate this and furnish more details before reaching all these conclusions.

  12. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    Lonergan: While I appreciate your remarks, and they are true, if misinformation among us posters is really that prevalent, who’s at fault? I might not know the difference between “Tribal Police” AND “Tribal Security”, I do know that in my experience neither of their presence has made me feel any safer, and, for the record, both were present at the EQC on the night I referenced. However, you are right, and we shouldn’t be armchair coaching while the investigation continues.

    Doesn’t really matter what title you give them, out of control “Rent-A-Cops” with an attitude are a hazard to everyone. Most people I know already harbor bad feelings toward Fife and their overzealous police force that will pull you over if they think your license plate has lost reflectivity. Having these “Tribal” authorities patrolling through the streets of Fife doesn’t instill confidence in the sheeple.

    BTW: Loooooove your name! ;0)

  13. Ronny42 says:

    Umm the tribal police are commissioned by the State of Washington as full fledged police officers they have the power to enforce any and all state laws so I can’t see them as “Rent-A-Cops”. 2nd Fife is a pretty small city and like any other small city you end up with bored cops over policing. Not to mention cops in small cities are hassled by their superiors to help with the city revenue stream.

  14. pungentsound says:

    The whole city is a school zone with double fines. It’s easy for the cops to be head hunters there. The tribe deserves a good police force after all look at all the tax money the state makes of the casinos.

  15. fatuous says:

    “The tribe deserves a good police force after all look at all the tax money the state makes of the casinos.”

    How much money does the state receive from the tribes?

    The gaming pact only states the following:

    Tribes would be required to make contributions to the community by providing for such programs as governmental services, law enforcement, job training, health care, and public works.

    0.13% of the net win from Class III gaming would go to organizations that helped reduce problem gambling.

    0.13% of the net win from the machines would go to organizations that helped discourage tobacco use.

    Tribes would be required to make charitable and community contributions

  16. Mudbone says:

    The tribal police also patrol the port and I have always been quite pleased with any interaction with them. MUCH MUCH better police than Tacoma!

  17. I guess he lost at blackjack…

  18. special__k says:

    Hey fatuos, what you didn’t mention is that even the tiny amount the tribal gaming pacts say they should contribute to these programs, absolutely no oversight or accounting is made of the tribes profits and therefore, they give what they want.

  19. Alaska47 says:

    My interaction with Puyallup Tribal Police has always been a good experience.They are very helpful and patient even under stressful situations.They take the time to get to know their Tribal members and look out for their welfare.I believe that most people commenting assume the situation and have not dealt with them first hand.The Tribal officers go out of their way to help motorists in the vicinity of tribal land. The Chief Of Puyallup Tribal Police attended Lincoln High School with me and has always been a first class person .The officer was right to take the death threat seriously.Fife is a small community that unfortunately gets a large amount of serious crime(most does not get reported in the newspaper.)Fife P.D does a great job as well.

  20. Norwester4life says:

    Aim a little higher next time, officer!

  21. jimkingjr says:

    AreYouHighOrWhat- Can you tell the difference between a Tacoma Police Office and security at the Tacoma Mall. If not, you’ve really got a problem.

    If you can, then what is your difficulty in making the same distinction at the EQC? Or does it just get in the way of your anti-tribe rant?

  22. skippythedog says:

    Puyallup Nation cops are morons! I called them repeatedly over several days about meth lab debris on tribal land adjacent to a private home where children lived. No response. So I put on some safety gear, bundled up the debris and took it down to their headquarters/mobile home/trailer and dumped it on their porch. They had a bit of a freak out. Bloody morons. Screw them!

  23. witchiwoman says:

    Tribal police have the same powers as non tribal police. And they are level-headed enough to shoot the guy in the leg to stop him cold without killing him. I’d say that is excellent work.

  24. Tribal Police and EQC Security are completely separate entities of the Puyallup Nation. AreYouHighOrWhat’s name should be retitiled “AmIHighOrWhat”. If you can’t distinquish between mall cops and real cops then you shouldn’t be posting because you’re an idot. In fact most of the posters on this website seem to be morons (you know who you are).

    This officer did an amazing job! With all the crazy cop-killers that have been in the news in the last 6 months it’s good he was on his game. The suspect was obviously either on drugs or a crazy whack-job that didn’t take his meds.

    I’m sure shooting the suspect in the leg wasn’t intentional, cops aren’t trained to shoot-to-injure. 2 to the body and 1 to the head would have been ideal, but at least he stopped the threat in this stressful situation. Hopefully the suspect gets his head out of his rear and thanks his lucky stars he’s still alive. Hats off to the Puyallup Tribal Police!

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