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Rally this morning for alleged gang members charged in conspiracy case

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on April 16, 2010 at 8:07 am with 53 Comments »
April 16, 2010 3:01 pm

There will be a rally outside the County-City Building this morning in support of 36 purported gang members who’ve been charged in a criminal conspiracy case.

The one-hour rally begins at 9 a.m. outside 930 Tacoma Ave., the New Century Justice Network announced this morning.

“We will stand together and fight the power of injustice,” the release states.

Pierce County prosecutors have charged 36 suspected Hilltop Crips gang members with criminal conspiracy and a slew of other charges. Two have pleaded guilty and two remain on the loose. The case of another defendant, James R. Henry Jr., is likely to be transferred to U.S. District Court, with federal prosecutors seeking to try him under the “career armed criminal” statute.

More than 30 defendants will be in court this morning for a pretrial hearing. Prosecutors have proposed a plan for trying the men. The plan will be discussed as part of today’s hearing.

The New Century Justice Network reported it is working with other community groups and friends of the accused men for today’s community rally.

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  1. sgtherren says:

    I thought I read this wrong…hmm. Support criminal activity?

  2. Pat_riot says:

    A rally to support criminals? What a joke, these “supporters” should be arrested too, simply for being dumb .

  3. tubbythetuba says:

    Sounds like a good chance to round up a few more.

  4. mdchristia says:

    Seriously? Why on earth would we come to support a well-established criminal activity based gang? The Hilltop Crips have been a blight to society for some time. Kill ‘em all.

  5. summit98446 says:

    Herein lies the problem. A bunch of criminal enablers.

  6. HammerCity1689 says:

    Can’t wait to see the photo in tomorrows paper of the folks who would support this.

  7. DeschutesMan says:

    It takes more than 10 generations to get away from the mental habits of being in a tribal mentality of youth and adult(s). Break this gang mentality and grow with us, not against us.

  8. After the jury trials, I imagine they will need to find transportation to Walla Walla for future rallies.

  9. juandd11 says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised look at all the support that “cop killer” Clemons received and this was after he committed the Murders. All these so-called supporters should have their records check, I’ll bet that more than a handful would end up being indicted themselves.

  10. Sounds like a good time to “round up” the rest of the low life scum. Hang them all I tell Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. surveyor1 says:

    I also think that this would be a great opportunity to round up a few more criminals! For the past year and a half I have watched as the lowlifes pull up to the house across the street to buy drugs. I was excited to see these arrests in the hopes that it may slow the flow of these losers in my neighborhood.

  12. ptproudnative says:

    i think maybe a handful of these guys were trying to do something to change their lives so i dont think their all bad.going to school to me is changing your life and showing younger ones there is another way of life.but i dont support the criminal life .

  13. wonderwhy85 says:

    Wow… Listen to all of these comments. Do you know any of these men? Or are you silly enough to really believe they are all guilty. I know the girlfriend of one of these men. She is a great mother, and a hard working woman, and so is he. I have been in their normal, loving home. I know for a fact he has not done what the lynch mob is claiming he did. FOR A FACT!!! Comments on here like kill them all, is really making his mother cry…. Some of these men may be guilty…But some have grown up, and are hard working men, supporting their families. Conspiricy… what a joke. For spending time with someone who may have done something?? Please. The whole thing is botched. Don’t you think they should have figured out how to try them prior to arresting them. I am sure once their trials start, several will go home, not to prison.

  14. Many of these scum go to school because it’s part of a mandated program. It keeps them housed and out of jail, but they aren’t really trying to change anything. They are just trying to circumvent getting a real job or going to jail. Just because someone is in school doesn’t mean they aren’t still gang-banging.

  15. LOL the gang bangers are bringing it right out in the public. If they step on inch over the line I want to see them getting night stick aversion therapy.

  16. mososodbob says:

    There should be a rally to celebrate the reduced level of violent crimes in our community with the round up of these THUGs.

    Thanks to the Police and the Prosecuting Attorneys for their hard work in getting them off the street.

  17. pnwnative56 says:

    Why don’t these people get up and rally for safer streets and neighborhoods instead of these low life criminals. Elect me president of this fair land and I’ll show you my justice system. 75 cents for a piece of lead for these people who can’t function in our society, no free room and board, free medical and dental, internet and TV in prison. Just a long dirt nap. Maybe if we started offing these scum instead of rewarding them with prison they might, just might change their ways

  18. tubbythetuba says:

    Let’s see…Is or hangs out with Crips….ya, model citizens, everyone of them….ROFLMAO. A little Beat & Release would have served those young people years ago, now they are criminals and need to be treated as such. Every Mother’s Son is a “Good Boy”…..

  19. fivecardstud says:

    Alot of these gangsters parents are also affiliated too. So this looks like a great place to arrest some more of the gangsters that plague our citizens. They stick together and the police should accomidate them and put them in there with them.

  20. teresa5291 says:

    wonderwhy85: Didn’t the newspaper print up all of these men’s pictures along with previous crimes? (if not current charges) sorry. don’t buy your argument. those you hang around with tend to define who and what you are. they looked like a bunch of gang bangers to me; people I wouldn’t want hanging on my street. already have enough of the lowlifes around my neighborhood anyway. if these men are “innocent” (I’m laughing here), then it will come out in court.

  21. i went to cloverpark tech. with two of them.i know for a fact that they need taken off the streets. they would get there finanial aid checks buy dope to sell.great use of tax dollars.yes they still are working the system today at cloverpark! the police need to look at how these criminals are really getting there money.the school doesnt care. should you? and why hasnt the news reporters looked in on this?

  22. ReformNow says:

    To Wonderwhy85…in that you are completely convinced that some of these “alleged” CRIMINALS are squeeeeeky clean, please convince them to testify against those that are guilty. Not only is it “the right thing to do”, it will get those that are not guilty off the hook and in good standing in the community. Surely you can see the value and logic in that. Short of that, shut up. Normal society is tired of your thug crap.
    Perhaps an IED can clean out the rest of the vermin. Where is Osama when you need him?

  23. interWOLFone says:


    When a criminal has served his/her time and is paroled, one of the conditions of that parole is that they are required to stay away from other felons. Period.

    It doesn’t matter if their old pals have claimed to clean up, and swear up and down they are changed men/women.

    If they are ex cons…it is a clear violation of parole to hang with them. Period.

  24. interWOLFone says:

    I know a young man who fell in with the wrong crowd while he was a boy We had known him as a baby, a toddler, and a wonderful little boy. And without direction, or adequate supervision from concerned parents, he and these other youngsters who had befriended him, got themselves into trouble as adolescents and teens.

    They committed crimes. It started with shoplifting candy and other items. They all did time in Reman Hall. As teenagers, their crimes became increasingly serious, and they were apprehended, arrested, tried and convicted.They served time, and eventually were paroled.

    Each one of these young men were warned to stay well away from their former cronies as a condition of their parole. It didn’t matter if they had no other friends.

    A few of them heeded the conditions of parole, avoided their past friends, and worked hard to make permanent changes in their lives.

    A few of them committed new crimes shortly after their release from prison. A couple were caught and are still in prison, one was killed in a shootout with police, and the young man I know can only be visited at his grave in the cemetery. He violated the conditions of his parole, and a rival gang spotted him and one of his pals on their turf, and killed them.

  25. delia2069 says:

    Is this a joke?? THey terrorized their neighborjood and now they are rallying injustice? What about their victims?

  26. greenriverkate says:

    OMG, are you kidding me? I have had it with gangs, drive bys, bullies, tats, you name it. I am soooo fed up with children dying in the name of gangs! I am soooo fed up with these weak minded kids looking to be “big” when they amount to nothing and give nothing back to their communities. The time has come for tough love and responsibility. Is there a meeting for us that want to support the police???!!!!

  27. janetnielsen says:

    Dear mdchristia , ReformNow, tubbythetuba, pnwnative56, t1954, JonJuan:

    The core of the gang mentality is us vs. them, with violence as the preferred method of expression. You have recommended hanging, beating, beating administered by law enforcement officers, killing in an unspecified manner, blowing up, using illegal explosives to destroy, and shooting these people.

    Please explain to me how your methodologies differ from those of gang members, and why.

  28. UnbiasedReporter says:

    Come on guys – you could have come up with a better headline, like:


  29. pnwnative56 says:

    To janetnielsen, As a law abiding and law respecting citizen who functions with all members of society, If I was to steal, assault, sell dope and abuse the system I would expect to be rightfully outcast from our society. The problem with these thugs and other criminals who can’t and won’t be part of a law abiding society, they know if they get caught they get a slap on the wrist, a little free room and board, earn their stripes in the joint and come out doing the same thing. They have no fear or respect for our system. Maybe if these punks knew that they would be put out of our society on a permanent basis they might change their ways. Hey, I’ll be the first one in line for a chance to put a bullet throught their skulls or to flip the switch just to get these POS’s out of society and off the taxpayers backs

  30. madmike272 says:

    wonderwhy, I wonder why your parents had you! Obviously they had to know about your mental defects before birth.

  31. Commandtiger says:

    I wonder if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpe are going to speak or be there? It is their kind of thing, Also where is Obama? If you can’tdlo the crime don’t do the crime!!!!Enought said

  32. takeofftheblinders says:

    Why did it take so long for the prosecutor’s office to bring a conspiracy case for gangs? They do it for identity theft cases. I know victims of identiy theft. Is it because it is election time? If it is a legal tactic to use gangs in our state, shame, oh shame on the prosecutor’s office for not doing this for years and for waiting for election season.

  33. slugoxyz says:

    I am laughing so hard, I can’t finish the article. OK. Wonderwhy, here’s the funny thing about conspiracy. If you have first hand knowledge of a homicide and aided and abetted the murderer, you are guilty of conspiracy and or criminal rendering. So, the criminals have grown up and we should forgive their former lives? Hmm. Funny, the victims are still dead or traumatized. Maybe convicting your wonderful criminal is what the victims need to recover. Did you ever think of that? What about the victims? Lynch mob? No Sir/Ma’am. This is a justice system. If it were a lynch mob, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I wouldn’t say the judicial system runs like a well oiled machine. More like a rumbling, grumbling, squeaky bucket of rust but it’s better than anywhere in the world I’ve ever been. If they’re innocent, they’ll go free. If not, then they’ll pay. That’s the way this stuff works.

  34. janetnielsen says:

    I abhore gangs and gang violence, and all kinds of violence. I must agree with slugxyz about the justice system. The whole purpose is to put all the conjecture and opinion to rest and look at the evidence. When each of these individuals comes to trial, he will have his opportunity to introduce evidence supporting his contention of “not guilty”. He will be able, encouraged actually, to present in his own words what he believes happened. The criminal investigators will be able and encouraged to present evidence and their opinions of what the evidence means. Then the jury evaluates this information and renders a verdict.

    pnwnative56, fortunately, your willingness and outright glee at the prospect of performing executions of people not yet convicted would disqualify you from performing that duty.

  35. wonderwhy85 says:

    I love what you said janetnielsen. MadMike272.. If talking about my parents, and my mental health is your only way of commenting on what I said, that clearly shows your level of intellegence. I never said that they were all innocent. I spoke of one household that I can say for sure, he goes to work everyday, and comes home every night to his family. Perhaps he got in trouble in the past, I did not know him then. I am glad that my comments have changed the conversation a little bit. I love some of the comments. I was trying to show that there are two sides to every story. They have only been charged thus far. The truth will come out about who did what. My comment was to state that not all of them are guilty as charged. Yet the public is making comments like shoot them, blow the up etc…that is lynch mob mantality. I wonder if they are ever going to go after the gangs with white skin? Yeah I said it!!!

  36. teresa5291 says:

    oh please. here we go with the race card again. I am sick of it. They would go after white gangs, orange gangs whatever. whenever something goes wrong with a “person of color”, the race card is pulled. Jeez. quit it already. As a person with white skin, I believe in diversity and equalness. What I don’t agree with is that stupid comment that was just made!

  37. teresa5291 says:

    I’m sure the next argument will be that because they were black, they weren’t given all the opportunities that non minorities were given and so they turned to crime. Let’s not turn this into a race thing. These thugs were arrested for criminal activities; they would have been arrested if they had been any other color than black.

  38. angelofdeath says:

    What ever happen to – The presumption of innocence – being considered innocent unless proven guilty. They didn’t even go to trial yet and all of you have commended them to the gallows. What’s wrong if family and friends were there to support their son? Maybe their child is innocent. It up to the courts to decide their future and a family being there is not a problem in my book. This country has really gone down hill. You’re treating them as 3rd class citizens and you no nothing about them. I wash my hands over this entire blog.

  39. first blame their parents. second guilty by association.third they are responsible for there own actions.

  40. The bias of the News-Tribune is apparent in the headline; shouldn’t that read “alleged gang members”? It’s bad enough that there are lynch mobs out there screaming for blood before anyone has even been tried, but for the TNT to assume guilt without proof seems extremely irresponsible from a journalistic perspective. I don’t want gangs in my neighborhoods either, but the TNT does the community a disservice as well by misstating the facts.

  41. teresa5291 says:

    weren’t these men “known gang members?”

  42. wonderwhy85 says:

    So you don’t think there are gangs that are non black warrenting the same type of so called investigation that these black men received? I am very curious about these arrests. It is an election year. There are many gangs, Many, Many gangs. I know for sure there are other gangs out here doing just as much if not more than what these 36 men are being charged with. This is not playing the race card, it is a fact that there are hundreds of non black gangs, in Washington commiting if not the same crimes these men are accused of commiting, very similar. I live in East Tacoma, I see it often. The gangs on this side of town are not black, and they are killing people just for the fun of it.

  43. teresa5291 says:

    I live in lakewood and apparently my neighborhood is Bloods territory. I hate all gang bangers and anyone associated with them. Last year there was a shooting at the end of my street-gang related. Thank God my child was dropped off from the bus before the shooting happend, but it was only by minutes. Ooooh and do I dare say it, they were black, but I really don’t care what color they were. what race card do I get to pull when something goes wrong? Listen, these guys were investigated and targeted because of their crimes and their association with criminals. Not because they were black, but that’s what black people do. Pull the race card whenever it suits them.

  44. takeofftheblinders says:

    The Pierce County Prosecutor has to answer this: if this conspiracy tact is legal with gangs, why wait to just before the election heats up. They should have been doing this for years!!!!

    How many people died from gang related violence? Bad thing is that if the conspiracy tactic does not work, voters won’t know until after the election cause that’s when the appeals will start! The judges are the check in the legal equation at the moment Watch what they do too.

    I am totally with Wonderwhy on this. The democratic process is supposed to protect the voters not exploit them.

  45. wonderwhy85 says:

    Thank you takeofftheblinders. These so called crimes happened a few years ago. Why now….HuM..Election year. And teresa5291, I’m not black, so I don’t fit in the catagory you are talking about, and I still speak upon this issue. The line that you wrote it’s what black people do” Do you know all of the black people in the world to make a comment like that? I know I don’t. That ‘s a terrible thing to say about black people..

  46. wonderwhy85 says:

    Furthermore, the question still stands. Are their non black gangs doing the exact same things these black men have been charged with?????

  47. teresa5291 says:

    I should have said “some” black people. Of course not all, but I have been on the receiving end of reverse discrimination and the loathing that some black people have against white people. It’s as bad as white people hating blacks, but how many times have we read or seen in the news that something doesn’t go someone’s way and they cry discrimination? That seems to be accepted.That’s all I was trying to say. It’s OK to go around and wear shirts that say how proud one is to be a certain race; that’s racist to me. I don’t care what the &**^% color you are. What you are saying is that the police investigated these men because they were black. I challenge you to bring up some facts on that issue. I say they were investigated because of their criminal activity and they just happened to be black.

  48. teresa5291 says:

    wonder why 85: you are making this a race issue and it shouldn’t be

  49. larkinvar66541 says:

    how many of you hate spewing sissies live or work on the hilltop? you hide behind the police and today you hide behind your computer. i suggest since you all are such tough guys take your messages to the hilltop and tell it to the people who live there. i doubt you cowards would. so mind your business about the problems of a community you know nothing about.

  50. wonderwhy85 says:

    And again, my reply teresa5291. There are white gangs, asian gangs. latino gangs, russian gangs, and so on and so on….MUCH LARGER THAN THIS GROUP, MUCH, MUCH LARGER, AND MORE DANGEROUS. Why weren’t they investigated? Look, since Clemmons shot those poor officers, I see the crack down on Black Men. I see it everyday. My job allows me to actually work in the communities of Lakewood, Tacoma, Puyallup, and all other counties. I tried my hardest to tell myself that it was not true that Black men are being targeted. Then reality hit, by seeing what I see on a daily bases. I just wanted to start a conversation that so many are in denial about.

  51. teresa5291 says:

    one more thing larkinva66541: just because someone can’t afford to live in a gated community in UP doesn’t mean that one should be subjected to the criminal activities of people who want what others have. I work my ^&% off to afford my home and a life; lack of financial prosperity does not equate into deserving to have to put up with gang activities. Trust me, I have had it with working with trying to help people better themselves. I work with minorities, immigrants, families with extensive histories on welfare; drug addicts, the homeless. Where did it get me? burnt out thats where because the bottom line is most people don’t want to change-including gang members. someday I’ll live in that gated community where idiots like you are not allowed in, so why don’t you shut up?????

  52. wonderwhy85 says:

    You know, it really bothers me when someone on here tells someone else to shut up. Comments posted on here, are opinions of the residents of Pierce County. Sure, I don’t like some of the comments. Remember, freedom of speech!!! If you tell someone to shut up, you will more than likely anger them. We all have a right to our feelings. I don’t agree with teresa5291, but I respect her right to voice her opinion.

  53. truepride says:

    really? support these maggots? I support them all to be in prison along with the ghetto mothers that raised them…tired of ridiculous, useless parasites who poison our neighborhoods with nonsense then boo hoo when they get nailed. it’s always the pathetic lowlifes who scream racism. The dumb hoodrats that are out marching and blaming are just mad because they benefit from their nasty children or their useless boyfriends drug dealing and thieving and they dont want to lose their income!! These prideless, gutless maggots should all be forced to live with each other far from civilization…they bring nothing positive to anything yet want all the money and respect. I had to sell my house to get away from these putrid maggots…support them? NOPE!

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