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UPDATED: Amber Alert canceled; two boys taken from Lewis-McChord safe and father in custody

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on March 17, 2010 at 11:24 am with 28 Comments »
March 18, 2010 7:37 am

THE LATEST: The Amber Alert has been canceled. Both boys have been found safe and have been turned over to police in Salem, Ore., Joint Base Lewis-McChord reported at 1:39 p.m.

Police in Salem have arrested the father. The boys will be returned to their mother at the base later today.

Military officers and FBI agents are investigating.

FBI spokesman Fred Gutt said the children were located a relative’s home in Salem. The father was being held on suspicion of violating his wife’s restraining order. He’s also facing possible federal charges.


Local law enforcement authorities are searching for a man who’s suspected of taking his two children from Joint Base Lewis-McChord this morning.

The Amber Alert information is going out now to area law enforcement officials.

Honda Element

According to that information, the father, identified as Alan Ray Fish, took his two children – 4-year-old Dylan and 5-year-old Reuben – from the base at 6:45 a.m. today.

He left the base and headed southbound on Interstate, Fort Lewis military police reported. The children are believed to be in danger, authorities reported.

Fish, 35, has blue eyes, blonde hair and is balding. He is 6 feet 4 and weighs 220 pounds. He was last seen wearing a dark T-shirt and blue or black jeans. He’s believed to be driving a silver 2002 Honda Element with Oregon license plates. (The plate number was not been released.) It was last seen heading south toward Oregon.

Dylan Fish is 2 feet 5, weighs 50 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. Reuben Fish is 3 feet tall, 55 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. Both boys are described as Filipino and were wearing two-piece pajamas featuring a star and spaceship pattern.

Here’s the link to the Amber Alert. No photos of the boys or Fish have been posted.

Anyone with information is asked to call 253-967-7112 immediately.

UPDATE: The brothers were living on base with their mother, who is a soldier assigned to 4th Squadron, 6th Air Cavalry Regiment, according to JBLM officials. Their father is not a service member.

UPDATE 2: The boys’ mother obtained a temporary restraining order against Fish on Tuesday. She claimed she was a victim of domestic violence during their six years of marriage, according to court documents.

“It became normal to me so I never really cared much anymore,” the woman wrote in the petition. “I have called the cops about 6 times.. and only filed a report once. I stopped filing reports because I end up having to get him out of jail and I can’t afford it. Also, at the end of the day, I always have to rely on him on transportation and child care so I can keep my job.”

The order, filed in Pierce County Superior Court, requested that Fish stay away from his wife and their boys, her home, her workplace and the boys’ daycare. It also requested that she be granted custody and that Fish not be allowed to take the boys out of state.

A hearing on the protection order is scheduled for March 30.

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  1. jrs020328 says:

    I pray that the children get back safely.

  2. duckfan4ever says:

    If they are his kids, why should the public be so concerned? This sounds like a routine “custodial interference” situation to me. If the children had been actually kidnapped by someone that would be another thing and would certainly warrant the assistance of the public as an Amber Alert is designed to elicit.

  3. fivecardstud says:

    duckfan4ever, I agree.

  4. baxterman says:

    Great an well needed imput.

    Maybe he has a history of child abuse or worse. Until they are found I don’t think comments like yours are helpful.

  5. lgcnelson84 says:

    duckfan4ever – do you have knowledge of custodial laws in WA? If the father is not the legal guardian of the boys, if he has limited visitation rights, and does not have joint-custody, than this is absolutely considered a kidnapping case.

    I am one of the first people to point out over zealous actions, needless time consumption, etc, however I find your comment ill advised. If someone, be it a family member or not, took your children without your permission, I am sure you would appreciate the help of local law enforcement in getting your children back.

    I hope the kids are found safe and sound. I pray it is all a miscommunication and I am very thankful for the quick actions of law enforcement and the Amber Alert program.

  6. bobbysangelwife says:

    Amber Alerts are issued when the children are taken from a custodial parent.
    Amber Alerts are issued when the children are in danger of the other parent—as it states in the article.

    If you are not the custodial parent, if there are viable and legal reasons a parent is NOT to be ALONE with the children, then Amber Alerts are warranted as well.

    Do you people ever watch the news??? At all?? Amber Alerts are out ALL the time for children—over half of them involve a parent/family member….usually stemming from custody disputes/kidnappings.
    And yes, you CAN be charged with kidnapping your own kids—depending on what the courts/judge determined in your custodial/divorce proceedings.

    We don’t know what the deal is with these people. But the AA has been sent out, these kids need to get back home safely.

  7. luvmygirls82 says:

    According to Pierce County court records, the mother filed a petition for a protection order against Allen Fish on Tuesday…that warrents an AA due to the protection order being violated.

  8. duckfan4ever says:

    First, one cannot be charged with kidnapping in this state under these circumstances. The criminal charge is in the nature of “custodial interference.” Second, I agree entirely (and never said I didn’t) that law enforcement should be involved. My point was that this is not an appropriate use of an Amber Alert, which is designed to get not law enforcement but the public involved (There is a huge difference.) And, third, nothing, absolutely nothing, in the new story we are commenting on even remotely suggests or implies that there has been any finding that the father who took his own children actually presents even the slightest threat of harm to him. Therefore, it is no more inappropriate of me to assume that he presents no threat of harm than it is inappropriate of you to assume that he does! My point is that Amber Alerts should be reserved for cases in which there had been an actual abduction by someone other than the child’s parent, or someone (even if a parent) known to present a substantial risk of harm to the child, just as tsunami warnings ought not to be issued when there is no known threat of one.

  9. duckfan4ever says:

    Filing a petition for an Order for Protection is a whole lot different than such an Order being entered by the Court after a full and fair hearing. Frankly it has been my observation that it is a very common occurrence that a Protection Order petition is filed as a strategic move to get the upper hand in a child custody case. Now let me guess, the petition claims that this man is “manipulative and controlling,” right?

  10. lgcnelson84 says:

    “He left the base and headed southbound on Interstate, Fort Lewis military police reported. The children are believed to be in danger, authorities reported.” – From the article… we don’t have to be told WHY they think this… but it’s there, the children are believed to be on danger with their father.

    duckfan4ever – “My point is that Amber Alerts should be reserved for cases in which there had been an actual abduction by someone other than the child’s parent, or someone (even if a parent) known to present a substantial risk of harm to the child, just as tsunami warnings ought not to be issued when there is no known threat of one.” – Unfortunately in cases like this, we wont know the “substantial risk of harm” to these boys until they are found either dead or alive… and at that point, it’s really too late isnt it?

  11. ldozy1234 says:

    Sadly the Amber Alert via Comcast TV was muddled and unable to be clearly heard. Not sure who to contact about this but it didn’t work via TV here ( was on Disney Channel)

  12. curiousasacat says:

    A person (parent or not) who illegaly takes children is obviously a little disturbed to be taking that action. Some Non-custodial parents have been known to be violent by nature and sadly use the children to threaten the ex-partner. And sometimes they hurt the children. I am glad they use the amber alert in these situations, better safe than sorry. Get the defenceless child* out of harms way.

  13. lgcnelson84 says:

    According to King 5 they were taken to a law office in Oregon and the guy has been texting people along the way. I hope this is true and that the kids are ok. This probably is just a custody battle gone nasty, and I hope everyone involved can smooth things out.

  14. thevelvetchef says:

    An Amber Alert DID need to be put out but also once the kids are settled and stable again (if you can call their life with a mother that stands and will take abuse) stable Social Services needs to seriously look into stepping in and removing the children from both parents care OR bringing neglect charges against the mother for the infractions she has forced her children to endure and witness due to her lack of ability to stand up to her abuser. If not for herself she should have respected her children enough to act in the better good for their mental and emotional welfare. The mother is just as much to fault and blame almost as the abductor. Why would he take this ONE act seriously….she never responded seriously to his abuse???

  15. PolarBear53 says:

    The Charges wont stick, they will be dropped.

  16. PolarBear53 says:

    The charges will be no doubt dropped. This is what is wrong with our system. Just about anyone can walk into a court room and file Domestic charges, regardless of fact or fiction. A judge reviews the affidavit and if he thinks based upon what is written could be truthful will honor a temporary order until the court hearing 2 weeks later. That is what exactly happened yesterday afternoon, she must have walked in wrote a statement and temp order was issued. The problem; he is wasn’t served. They are his children. It won’t stick. No if’s and’s or but’s about it.

  17. I was under the impression that the amber alert system was NOT to be used in these custody cases gone sour.
    Mom apparently left Fish, took the 2 kids with her and join ed the army.
    I seriously question if this is the kind of soldier the army should want. someone with all this drama in their life. I know men joined the French Foreign Legion to re-invent themselves.
    Another little matter that posters have overlooked….all we’ve gotten is the mom’s side. Was her custody legal?

  18. lgcnelson84 says:

    thevelvetchef – The mother is just as much to fault and blame almost as the abductor. – I ask that you get to know some abuse victims before pointing the finger at the mother in this case. Physical abuse more often than not starts with manipulation and verbal abuse, breaking the victim down until they submit no matter what. We can all sit here and point out ways she could have handled the situation, but she has obviously gotten to the point of trying to get out from under her abuser and get her children out of harms way by taking the first step and filing the court order.

    jonj – An amber alert is issued whenever a child is taken by ANYONE who does not have legal custody/guardianship of the child. In this case, a court order had been taken out against the father barring him from being anywhere near the mother and the children, their house and the daycare the boys went to. The mother in this case has been in the Army for a while, and she just recently took out the court order against her husband.

    Read the whole article along with others, check local court documents, and do some research before passing judgements.

  19. I guess we can dispense with the trial phase. We have all the facts in this article. Bolstered by mom’s statement.
    Custody battles and divorce cases contain nothing but the truth.

    Send Fish directly to prison.

  20. Fish may be the rottenest person who ever lived. We don’t know this tho. All we have is mom’s side of the story and she got to the courthouse first.

    As well as the news media.

  21. SonicCruiser says:

    How did he get on base??

    So glad this turned out with a happy ending.

  22. lgcnelson84 says:

    jonj – You are right that the mother got to the courts and the media first. I agree with you that we dont know if the father is the “rottenest person who ever lived” or not. I am not passing judgement on his character at all. However, due to the fact that there was a court order out against him, he did not have the legal right to leave the state with the children.

  23. Agreed, he probably knew about the court order.
    Part of the AA system is the abductees need to be in danger. Here again, the cops took moms word.
    She is a whole lot better at playing the system than he is.
    This should be the receipe for a happy future for the kids. THIS is going to be very messy.

  24. bobbysangelwife says:

    Wow…I guess you just know everything there is to know about spousal abuse, divorce, the military, how long she’s been in, and all the little details about this woman don’t you Jonj…..there’s no need for anything to go to trial, you just go ahead and decide the entire matter based on the facts you’ve gathered here today.

    Sonic–probably had a post sticker still on his vehicle.

  25. Charlene_Thompson says:

    My father kidnapped my brother and I when we were about the same ages as these kids that were taken today. He didn’t do it out of love he did it out of anger and spite. They never found us until we were older and realized that we were taken from our custodial mother who we were told never wanted us and abandoned us. My biological father was extremely abusive and very neglectful with us. Just because someone takes a child they gave birth to or helped give birth to does NOT mean they love the child. Amber Alerts are imperative to the safety our children. I don’t claim to know everything about divorce, the military and spousal abuse but I was married to a man who was abusive many years ago so I know what it is to be in that situation and be concerned for your child’s safety. I am married to military and understand the issues that face military families and their children (I have 2 step children whom I adore) and my husband and I spent $20000 trying to keep his children from a woman who could NOT house and feed them and constantly introduces them to men she meets on the internet. She is a pedophiles dream and doesn’t care because the only person she cares about is herself and her needs. Furthermore, no one knows if the father in this case has threatened to take the kids and run. My step kids’ mother made those kinds of threats so if the kids disappeared from daycare, school or a friends house because she signed them out, we will know exactly who to go to first! Don’t assume you know all of the facts unless you were there for the conversations between the soldier and her former spouse. Assuming that she got to the courthouse first and saying that she plays the game well also assumes that you know her personally and were with her when it happened. Were you? In order to get on post you have to have the decal or be signed onto the post. When a soldier and their ex spouse share a child, if the child is in the custody of the soldier the non-custodial parent gets a decal because they still have post access to pick the children up for visitation. It is a contractors decal held for one year at a time. It also allows the Non custodial parent to get on post to take the child to the hospital or the physician during times of visitation and deployment. To assume that the mother up and left to join the army is just as ignorant as assuming you know all the facts. There are many military families who have been destroyed by infidelity, deployments and marriages that happened too quick and at an early age. This results in separation and divorce. The reality is that a judge saw fit for a restraining order to be invoked. The fact that the man left the state with the children without the mothers permission or apparent knowledge says alot about him. If he was doing the right thing, he would have planned to fight for the custody of the children in the courtroom rather than just showing up wherever to take them. I would have reservations about a woman who allowed herself to continuously be involved with someone who is abusive yet I also understand this. It is very difficult to leave someone with whom you have spent 5+ years with and especially in the instance of intimidation and abuse. The bottom line is that Amber Alerts were designed to protect our children. If we had Amber Alerts 35 years ago I may have lived in a safer home with alot less violence.

  26. interWOLFone says:

    Duckfan…this guy had a history of domestic violence against his wife. No doubt she had a pretty good reason to fear for her children.

    Remember…all too many of these stories end with the murder of the children.

  27. rosehaven says:

    I think the Amber Alert worked just like is should and the children were located. The court order said he was not allowed near them and not allowed to take them out of state. He defied the order even if the entire custody case was not settled yet, as the hearing is up coming soon.

    This will likely go against him at the hearing and even though he wanted to see his kids, he needed to wait…..If he were a soldier, he’d be in double trouble for doing this as well. He’s a BIG guy and domestic violence is real dangerous for any in the family,

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