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UPDATED: Warrant issued in road-rage shooting of Tacoma girl

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on Jan. 22, 2010 at 3:29 pm with 21 Comments »
January 22, 2010 3:46 pm
Sauni Misi

Tacoma police investigators have identified the man suspected of firing a gun during a road rage incident Sunday and striking a 2-year-old girl riding in a car on the East Side.

A warrant was issued today for Sauni “Johnny” Misi, 33, Tacoma police reported. He’s been charged with three counts of first-degree assault and one count of driveby shooting.

The incident occurred Sunday about 2 p.m. Police reported the girl was riding in a car with her father and his girlfriend.

The father told investigators that he and the driver of a black Ford Explorer had been exchanging gestures and involved in aggressive driving in the 8400 block of Pacific Avenue. The father reported he stopped at a light at East 84th Street and East McKinley Avenue and watched the other driver pull up on the passenger side. The driver displayed a gun and fired one round, then fled.

The father initially didn’t believe anyone was injured. He pulled over in the 600 block of East 56th Street and discovered his daughter, who was buckled into her car seat, had been shot in the thigh. The bullet was later found in her diaper, according to court documents.  Her injury was not life threatening.

Several witnesses identified Misi as the driver of the SUV. The witnesses had been in the vehicle at the time and reported that Misi “became enraged and demanded a firearm,” court documents state. When they refused to provide a gun, Misi rifled through a backpack and pulled out a gun wrapped in a towel.

“Misi rolled down his window, made statements to the other driver then fired a single shot at the other car,” court documents state. “The witnesses told police that the other driver did not display or threaten the use of a firearm.”

Misi is Samoan, 5 feet 6 and 325 pounds. He has long, black hair and brown eyes. He has several tattoos. He has the letters “S O S” tattooed on his right arm. He’s known to frequent the Tacoma and Parkland-Spanaway area as well as hotels in the Des Moines-SeaTac vicinity. Police advise he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Tacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers is offering up $1,000 for information leading to Misi’s arrest. Tipsters may remain anonymous. Reach Crime Stoppers at 253-591-5959.

Send a confidential tip to Tacoma police here.

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  1. nashabee says:

    wow this is crazy.

  2. myhomeloan101 says:

    Apparently it was going to take an actual shooting, especially that of a child, to bring some attention to this particular group of hoodlums!! Several close aquaintances of mine have been physically assualted several times by these thugs.. They nearly killed two good buddies of mine at one of the local watering holes on Pac. Ave. Beware fellow “good guys” there is a gang related to Sauni Misi, that peruses the Pac Ave bar scene, and it includes both males and females, that targets white males and females. They use tactics like striking one in the head with a bottle while one’s back is turned in the men’s room, to gang beatings outside of a bar while one is waiting to be picked up by a cab or friend. They are pure criminal and much like Clarence Clemmon’s, they travel in groups that are typically closed mouth…. Beware, the streets of Tacoma are very dangerous indeed!!! High 5 to law enforcement when they nail this maniac, and any of his scumbag outlaws!!!

  3. we need to get a handle on this, shooting into a car and striking a two year old this guy needs to do a life bid….

  4. SearchAndScan says:

    This criminal is foul and has the lion share of the blame, however, the father’s actions are inexcusable. He had his child in the car. He got caught up in juvenile nonsense with his child there and he was fortunate that the child didn’t pay the price.

    If the mother doesn’t take this child away, and ensure that the father can’t ever be near the child again, she’s as culpable. This is unforgiveable.

  5. witchiwoman says:

    I wonder if we’ll find out whether the gun was registered or not. I am guessing from this story it probably was not.

  6. klthompson says:

    I would think this guy might be fatally shot resisting arrest. At least in the good old days.

  7. fivecardstud says:

    You can tell this guy is a punk and a coward. He isn’t nothing unless he’s with a crowd or a gun. When they get him in the joint alone I bet he cries like a baby. Maybe even like the one he shot.

  8. MissMelody65 says:

    I’d have to agree with SearchandScan a bit as far as the father allowing himself to become involved in such nonsense with a young child in the car. I caution my own daughter about her road rage because u never know when you will come across some who has had a bad day or maybe just got his pink slip and already pissed off. Sometimes, it’s the innocent ones that get hurt. Best option is to just get out of their way and don’t make eye contact before the situation escalates.

  9. Thesnowqueen says:

    Yes, the father should have known better than to get into it with someone when he had his child in the car. Is he a gangster *pile* too? A normal person would know better. Shame on him either way.

  10. adratliff says:

    When are mothers and fathers going to stop letting the kids run wild until they join a gang and then end up shooting someone. Teen age boys need a father to keep them in line and teach them you don’t have to be thug to be a man.

  11. Home Loan, Clarence Clemmons plays tenor saxophone for the E Street Band. You know, Bruce Springsteen? MAURICE Clemmons, on the other hand, was a cop killer. SearchandScan, you’re absolutely right, in that the father shares a good deal of blame here. I just hope he realizes that, although I doubt it.

  12. myhomeloan101 says:

    oops, my bad,,,, meant Maurice,,,, my fingers were typing faster than my brain once again… thanks for the correction pnoguy!!! and I believe Clarence just got out of the hospital for some sort of surgery…..

    sorry Clarence, didn’t mean to put you in such crappy company as this moron….

  13. skippythedog says:

    This dirtbag has been a defendant in no less than a dozen cases since 2003…….maybe this one will take him off the streets…..

  14. sharon_kingskid says:

    @fivecard stud re immigration law.

    Did you read this story? He is Samoan. Do you know from which part of Samoa he or his family comes or how many generations have lived here? If they hail from American Samoa, I don’t believe the immigration laws would apply, even if his ethnic heritage were actually a valid argument, not just venom spewing.

    The entitlement thinking and bullying tactics on the part of both the participants in this road rage incident are deplorable. It is inexcusable that a young child was injured because of the ignorance of both men.

    Men (and women, too) put your macho posturing away and ignore the rudeness or just plain inattention of others. Go home and take out your aggression out on a video game where you can’t injure other people.

  15. lefty_coast says:

    This guy is a real piece of work, and is not going to have much fun in jail. Short and fat puts him near the bottom of the food chain. Hurting a small child will also endear him to his fellow bunk-mates as well.

    But, immigration law and its reference here is most likely out of place and as said earlier, just mindless rant.

    If he is American Samoan (most likely), American Samoans are American Nationals. Unless one of their parents were American Citizens, then they are American Citizens, too.

    As an American National they are not subject to immigration law. As American Nationals, they can’t vote.

    And as far as being protected by his family, if you read the article, if was someone riding with him who turned him in.

    Behavior like this is not limited to any race. The few Samoans I have met have been very mellow, kind people.

  16. nashabee says:

    i agree immigration dosnt really play a part in PEOPLES choice to hurt someone.catch this guy.get him off da streets!!!

  17. MissMelody65 says:

    Very good comment, LeftyCoast. It’s not an immigration thing. It’s about people who have anger issues or whatever the case may be. I have a large Samoan family as a result of marriage and they are very kind, loving and giving people. So, the comment about immigration was just mindless ranting…..All people, regardless of race/origin can have the ability to catch a case of Ass-itus and not just a certain group. Just be careful all you drivers out there and don’t get caught up in this type of violence.

  18. What a handsome man…not!

  19. Apparently a “Bench” Warrant has been issued, does this mean that they are not actively seeking him, but will arrest him if he happens to come in contact with law enforcement? He seems pretty dangerous to me. I hope he is off the streets soon.

  20. SearchAndScan says:

    I bet his family is proud of him.

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