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Kent Mundell had a colorful career in law enforcement

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on Jan. 4, 2010 at 12:01 am with 1 Comment »
January 4, 2010 8:10 am

Here are some of the highlights of Kent Mundell’s nearly 10-year career with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, as compiled by sheriff’s department employee Lauren Wallin (the number in bold is the sheriff’s incident report number):


Just after midnight on November 29th, 2009, Deputy Kent Mundell was the first deputy to arrive on a domestic violence assault call in Graham. The 911 call stated that a young woman had been assaulted by her boyfriend, she was bleeding, and she had run from the house to hide. Deputy Mundell arrived on scene and found the victim hiding in the bushes, with her face and mouth covered in blood. The victim was frightened and crying, and begged Deputy Mundell to get her away from there because her boyfriend had assaulted her and was looking for her. Deputy Mundell told the victim he would protect her, and stayed with her until the fire department arrived to treat her wounds. Deputy Mundell then contacted the victim’s boyfriend, who refused to come out of his residence. Deputy Mundell ordered the intoxicated suspect out of the house multiple times, and the suspect continued to refuse to come out. Deputy Mundell saw the suspect in an open window, removed the screen, and with the assistance of two other deputies pulled the suspect through the window. The suspect began fighting with Deputy Mundell and the assisting deputies until he was subdued and placed into custody. Inside the suspect’s house, deputies found 4 guns belonging to the suspect.


On the night of September 12th, 2009, Deputy Kent Mundell was the first deputy to arrive to a 911 call of a man with a gun threatening customers at a tavern on Kapowsin Highway in Graham. When Deputy Mundell arrived at the tavern, he saw the heavily intoxicated suspect laying on the sidewalk with blood on the back of his head, an empty gun holster on his waist band, and a magazine full of bullets in his pocket. Deputy Mundell stayed with the suspect until the fire department arrived to treat his wound. Deputy Mundell then began interviewing witnesses in the tavern, who stated the suspect had become enraged after being refused service due to high level of intoxication. The suspect threw a glass at the bartender, then pulled out a gun and pointed it at the customers. One of the customers picked up a pool ball from a pool table and threw it at the suspect, striking the suspect in the back of the head and knocking him out. The customer then took the gun from the unconscious suspect until deputies arrived. Deputy Mundell wrote in his report “Hearing what happened I congratulated (him) on having a great arm and had him complete a handwritten statement form”.


On the early morning of July 31st, 2009, Deputy Kent Mundell responded to a 911 call that three armed suspects had broken into a house, and had held a man (retired Tacoma Police officer) and his wife at gunpoint while robbing their residence in Graham. Deputy Mundell was driving to the victim’s residence, when he spotted two suspicious vehicles closely traveling in the opposite direction. Deputy Mundell turned around and stopped the second of the two vehicles. The three men in the car were acting nervous and kept reaching under their seats, and could not provide any information as to why they were in the area. One of the men allowed Deputy Mundell to search the trunk of his vehicle; inside of the trunk Deputy Mundell immediately spotted stolen property, helmets, flack jackets and guns. Deputy Mundell held all three suspects at gunpoint until additional deputies arrived and the three suspects were taken into custody.


On the afternoon of April 23rd, 2009, Deputy Kent Mundell responded to a 911 call of a suspicious man inside of a vehicle parked in a pharmacy’s parking lot in the Puyallup area; the pharmacy had recently been robbed by a suspect claiming to have a bomb and employees believed the man in the vehicle looked similar to the robber. Deputy Mundell approached the vehicle and saw the suspect’s face in the mirror and recognized him as the robbery suspect. Deputy Mundell ordered the suspect out of the vehicle at gun point, placed him into custody, and located a loaded handgun in the suspect’s waistband and a robbery note inside the suspect’s pocket. Inside of the suspect’s vehicle, they found a box full of ammunition, tape, wires, flares, a wig, and a pellet gun. The suspect was charged in three additional pharmacy robberies involving firearms and fake bombs.


On the afternoon on March 9th, 2009, Deputy Kent Mundell and a second deputy responded to a 911 call of a man who may be attempting to commit suicide at a house in Graham. Deputy Mundell and the second deputy arrived at the man’s house and received no answer at the door; they entered the house and yelled for the man, receiving no response; they searched the house and found the man passed in a bathtub full of water, with an empty bottle of vodka and a hairdryer plugged into an extension cord dropped next to the bathtub. Deputy Mundell and the second deputy disconnected the hairdryer and extension cord, removed the man from the tub, and attempted to wake the victim until medics arrived.


On the evening of September 29, 2008, Deputy Kent Mundell and three additional deputies responded to a 911 call of a drive by shooting committed by an unidentified hispanic male, where the suspect’s vehicle was last seen driving down a dead end road. Deputy Mundell and the three other deputies walked down the dead end road looking for the suspects and/or the suspect’s vehicle; the vehicle was spotted in front of a mobile home. As the other deputies confronted a female who walked out of the mobile home, Deputy Mundell spotted a Hispanic male matching the suspect’s description come out from behind the mobile home. Deputy Mundell ordered the suspect to show his hands and get on the ground; the suspect refused and walked away. Deputy Mundell took cover behind a junk vehicle as the suspect removed a large black revolver from his waistband. Deputy Mundell again shouted at the suspect, who threw the gun into the bushes, walked around the mobile home and attempted to fight with the other deputies. The suspect attempted to disarm one of the deputies multiple times as the fight ensued; eventually Deputy Mundell and the other deputies subdued the suspect and placed him into custody.


On the night of July 19, 2008, Deputy Kent Mundell responded to a 911 call of a teenage boy who had suffered a severe injury when he fell off of a tractor at a residence in Graham. Deputy Mundell was the only deputy available to respond to the call and handled all of witness interviews and scene photographs, and stayed with the family and friends for several hours after the victim was transported to the hospital by medics. The teenage boy died from his injuries later that night.


On the night of June 17, 2008, Deputy Kent Mundell responded to a call from a social worker reporting that two young boys were being raped by their foster brother at a house in Roy. Deputy Mundell went to the house, interviewed the witnesses, victims, and suspect, and placed the suspect under arrest for multiple counts of child rape and ensured the victims received proper medical care. Deputy Mundell’s work was so thorough on the initial contact that no additional investigative resources were needed to charge and prosecute the suspect.


On the evening on April 20th, 2008, Deputy Kent Mundell was driving on routine patrol through the Graham area when he stopped at an intersection. Deputy Mundell looked at a vehicle approaching in the opposite direction and recognized the driver as a suspect wanted as “Pierce County’s Most Wanted” who had been sought by law enforcement for several months and featured on Crime Stoppers. Deputy Mundell turned around his patrol car to apprehend the suspect, when the suspect took off at speeds over 80 miles an hour. Deputy Mundell pursued the suspect’s vehicle until the suspect crashed into a power pole and fled on foot into heavy woods and brush. Deputy Mundell instructed a responding K9 unit as to the suspect’s last known movements, and the K-9 unit successfully tracked and apprehended the suspect. The suspect had extensive history of assault, police pursuits and assaulting law enforcement.


On the morning of October 7th, 2007, Deputy Kent Mundell was driving on routine patrol when he spotted a suspicious vehicle parked at the Kapowsin Boat Launch on Kapowsin Lake. Deputy Mundell approached the vehicle and observed a man and a woman sleeping inside of the car. Deputy Mundell awoke the vehicle’s two occupants and asked them for identification; the male provided a fake name to Deputy Mundell, who recognized him from a previous contact years prior and knew the man’s true name. Upon being confronted for lying, the man took off running down a trail alongside the lake. Deputy Mundell chased after the suspect, and when he closed in on the suspect, the suspect dove into the lake and swam out toward the middle of the lake. As Deputy Mundell shouted at the suspect to swim back, the suspect removed all of his clothing, swimming around naked and refusing to come back in. An Eatonville Police officer arrived to assist Deputy Mundell, and they borrowed a small boat from a boat rental company, rowed out to the suspect and provided him a life preserver. The suspect continued to refuse to be taken into custody until a larger Sheriff’s Department boat arrived with additional deputies and the hypothermic suspect was taken into custody.


On the early morning of September 29th, 2007, Pierce County Sheriff’s detectives responded to Mary Bridge Hospital, where a 15-year-old female had been brought into the emergency room suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Before being airlifted to Harborview, the victim provided detectives with the name of the man who had shot her and a description of the truck used by the suspect in the shooting. The detectives contacted Deputy Kent Mundell, requesting his assistance in locating the shooting suspect. Deputy Mundell assisted detectives in interviewing the suspect’s family members in an attempt to locate the suspect, and then he began an extensive search of the Graham-Eatonville areas the suspect was known to frequent. Deputy Mundell approached an intersection and spotted a vehicle containing the shooting suspect in the passenger seat. Deputy Mundell placed the suspect into custody, then began searching for the truck used in the crime, which he also located abandoned a short distance away. Upon further investigation by Sheriff’s detectives and Deputy Mundell it was learned this suspect had given the young female victim a ride in his truck, pulled over the side of the road, shot the victim multiple times, forcibly raped her, then placed her back in his truck and drove around looking for a place to kill her and dispose of her body. The victim was able to run from the suspect’s truck to a nearby residence and call for 911 before being transported to the hospital.


On the afternoon on June 27th, 2007, Deputy Kent Mundell responded to a 911 call of a naked male walking around the Graham area following after women. Deputy Mundell drove to the area where the suspect was last seen, interviewed several witnesses who had seen the suspect. Deputy Mundell began driving around the area and soon located the suspect, who was only wearing a pair of shorts. The suspect was heavily under the influence of methamphetamine and mostly incoherent. As a second deputy arrived to assist Deputy Mundell, the suspect removed his shorts and stood alongside Deputy Mundell’s vehicle completely naked. As the deputies attempted to arrest the naked suspect, he began struggling with the deputies before being wrestled into handcuffs on the ground. The deputies placed the suspects shorts back on and transported him to the jail for multiple counts of indecent exposure.


On the morning of May 17th, 2007, Deputy Kent Mundell responded to a welfare check of three children living in a camping trailer in the Graham area. Deputy Mundell inspected the living conditions of the children and noted there was no bathroom, running water, and the only food was a jar of peanut butter and half of a loaf of bread; Deputy Mundell also discovered none of the children were attending school. Deputy Mundell removed them from the property and placed all three children into protective custody with a social worker.


On the morning on April 30th, 2007, Deputy Kent Mundell and an assisting deputy responded to a residence in the Roy area, after being alerted by the State Patrol of a Lojack signal of a stolen car being at the residence. The deputies located the stolen vehicle on the property, and walked around the residence looking for any suspects in the area. Deputy Mundell noticed several large ventilation pipes on the home’s garage, potting soil, light bulbs, and a motion activated alarm system on the driveway, leading him to believe the garage contained a marijuana grow operation. The deputies then found several suspects hiding in the woods around the residence; Deputy Mundell talked with one of the suspects, who unlocked the garage and showed Deputy Mundell the large marijuana grow operation and directed Deputy Mundell to firearms inside of the residence. The suspects were placed into custody, and Sheriff’s Department’s Narcotics Unit responded for a thorough search of the property.


On the afternoon of December 6th, 2006, Deputy Kent Mundell was driving on routine patrol when he spotted a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle. The car pulled into a nearby driveway, and the driver jumped from the car and took off running. Deputy Mundell chased after the suspect, who ran toward a nearby house. Deputy Mundell caught up with the suspect near the porch area of the house and ordered the suspect to show his hands. The suspect reached into his pockets, refused to show his hands and began swearing and shouting at Deputy Mundell as he continued to dig in his pockets. Deputy Mundell noted in his report “I then used language (he) would understand, swearing at him and telling him to show me his hands or he might be shot.” The suspect then pulled a handgun out from his pocket. Deputy Mundell continued to order the suspect to the ground, and the suspect threw his gun toward Deputy Mundell and complied. Deputy Mundell handcuffed the suspect and recovered the handgun, which he discovered was loaded with two rounds in the camber ready to be fired. The suspect was found to be a convicted felon with extensive criminal history.


On the evening of November 27th, 2006, Deputy Kent Mundell assisted several other Sheriff’s deputies on a 911 call of a driveby shooting with a man hit by one of the shots at a residence in the Graham area. The first deputy onscene interviewed the victim while waiting for medics to arrive, and was able to obtain first names and a vague description of the suspect’s vehicle, which was relayed to Deputy Mundell. Deputy Mundell began driving around the area, looking for the suspects and their vehicle used in the shooting. Deputy Mundell contacted a man walking down the road, asked the man if he recognized the description of the suspects, and the man was able to help Deputy Mundell obtain names of all suspects involved in the shooting. Deputy Mundell then located addresses for all of the suspects and relayed their information to area law enforcement. Within minutes all of the suspects were taken into custody due to Deputy Mundell’s work.


On the early morning of November 4th, 2006, Deputy Kent Mundell was the first deputy to arrive on a call of a stabbing during a fight at a party at a residence in the Spanaway area. Deputy Mundell began interviewing numerous persons at the residence while medics treated the stabbing victim. None of the people inside the house claimed to have seen anything, and Deputy Mundell noticed one of the men in the house was particularly intoxicated and appeared to have a small scratch on his face. Deputy Mundell talked with this man for several minutes as the other partygoers began to leave the house. Deputy Mundell received a description of the suspect that the victim had provided at the hospital and believed the man he was talking to was responsible for the stabbing although the man denied any knowledge of the incident. After confronting other partygoers on his suspicions, they confirmed the man was indeed the stabber and he was placed into custody by Deputy Mundell.


On the afternoon of October 23rd, 2006, Deputy Kent Mundell was dispatched to perform a welfare check on a suicidal elderly woman at a residence in the Kapowsin area. After an extensive conversation, Deputy Mundell persuaded the woman to allow him inside her residence to talk about her threats of suicide. The woman told Deputy Mundell that she had been depressed for several years and wanted to end her life; Deputy Mundell persuaded the victim to tell him where the firearms were located inside of her house, and allow him to take them for safe keeping. Deputy Mundell also persuaded the elderly woman to allow herself to be transported for evaluation and treatment to prevent her suicidal thoughts.


On the night of July 12, 2006, Deputy Kent Mundell and an assisting deputy responded to a 911 call of a man firing an assault rifle at his sister during an argument at a residence in Eatonville. Upon arrival, the suspect had already fled. Deputy Mundell interviewed the victim, then went with the other deputy to the suspect’s residence in an attempt to locate him. When the deputies arrived, the suspect was standing in his driveway behind a locked gate and refused to open the gate and talk to the deputies. The suspect turned and sprinted toward the front door of his house – and presumably his rifle – and the deputies gave chase, running and jumping over the gate after the suspect. The suspect ran toward his house and released two larges dogs in an attempt to sic them on the deputies. Deputy Mundell and the assisting deputy were able to grab ahold of the suspect, who began fighting, kicking, and punching at the deputies. The suspect was subdued and placed into custody. Just inside the front door of the suspect’s house, Deputy Mundell located a loaded SKS assault rifle.

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