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South Hill barista cited for indecent exposure

Post by Brian Everstine on Oct. 8, 2009 at 8:04 pm with 16 Comments »
October 8, 2009 8:26 pm

A 19-year-old woman was cited for indecent exposure Thursday while working at a South Hill bikini barista stand.

The woman was walking to a storage shed at Bikini Bottom Espresso when a woman driving by saw her and called 911, Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. The barista was wearing “pasties” – small pieces of what appeared to be black electrical tape covering her nipples.

The caller was with her children when she noticed the barista at the stand at 7919 176th St. E., Troyer said.

A deputy arrived and cited the barista. Investigators are now working to see if this is more widespread, Troyer said. They will look at other stands and cite businesses if they are violating indecency laws.

Investigators took the pasties as evidence.

Pierce County
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    This should increase business at the hut considerably. Glad to see the caller is helping out small business.


    She called 911 and did not get charged with abusing the system?

  3. abswhiten says:

    So indecent exposure, but the investigators took the pasties as evidence? Did she put a shirt on after that? Hope not.

    Might have to start drinking coffee now.


    Troyer’s parents should be so proud! Two less pasties on the street.

  5. saissingh says:

    Murders, rapes, robberies….nah, we can cite 19 year olds for making coffee in attire that offends women probably not attractive enough to wear it themselves.

  6. Rowdy_Rob says:

    This is along the lines of the whole “shock jock” radio DJs on the the air. Does it make me wanna listen to their radio schtick? No; nor does some underage bimbo wearing electrical tape across her n!pples make me wanna buy my coffee from her.

  7. whocares09 says:

    im sooooo tired of hearing about our tax dollors being wasted just because these wemen whos husbands or if they are single, which most should be, complain because these younger girls look better in less clothing than they ever have or ever will. i say if they are naked ok, maybe thats the line, however, indecent exposure is when you flash your gentitals at someone not wearing electrical tape. and yes i know wemens breasts are consider “genitals” but why arnt mens breasts the same then. lay off them for showing what really is only “cleavage” and go catch the real criminals. oh and if this ladies children are going to be scared by “pasties” then this lady has shelterd them WAY to much. just my opinion.

  8. knowumsayin says:

    Omg why do people think the body is so sinful. If the stupid mother had just ignored it the kids probably wouldnt even have looked up from their video games.

    When women have a night of sex and become a parent all of a sudden they’re the self-righteous moral authority on everything. It’s the highest status a woman can attain in this society – all they have to say is that they’re a mother and throw in the words “my children” and they pretty much get their way on everything.

  9. interWOLFone says:

    Re: Dakotanative

    I agree. A few years back, a group of men and women from the local LDS Church decided it would be a good idea to picket a local adult bookstore. According to the owner of the bookstore, he had been just about ready to quit business until these people began to stand in clusters in front of his store waving their protest signs. And people passing by began to stop to see what all the fuss was…and began to patronize the store.

    Pretty soon, he was able to afford to fix the place up a bit, paint the store, and buy a new sign for his storefront. He requested an interview with a newspaper reporter, because he wanted to personally thank the Mormons for giving his business just the boost it needed.

  10. interWOLFone says:

    Re: Whocares09

    Women’s breasts are only considered to be genitals by those who are uneducated, or misinformed.

    Re: knowumsayin

    I agree. Americans are WAY too uptight about mammary glands. Uptight to the point of so many being offended by the sight of a mother nursing her baby. To where a nursing mother is asked to take her baby into a RESTROOM, or to go sit in her car to feed her baby.

    Utterly ridiculous.

  11. interWOLFone says:

    I have to laugh…thinking about that call going out over the radio.
    Citizen is complaining about a young woman wearing electric tape-pasties in public?

    Can you imagine how many cops maneuvered to respond to that call?
    Can you imagine how many traffic laws they disregarded in their race to be first to the scene?

    If I know cops…half the force busted tail to respond to that call.

  12. PolarBear53 says:

    Double standard?
    Its a womans right and now law to breast feed her baby in public, and I completely agree!!!! I’ve seen some woman bust a boob out right in front on my children. and really its no big deal.

    But a young woman who does cover up with Pasties and make coffee walks outside to her car and is charged?

  13. Palin2012yup says:

    Address to the location? let’s support our local businesses!

  14. mr_sandman says:

    My first thought, was this lady who called 911 driving or did she pull off to the side of the road? Odds are she was driving.
    Didn’t she put put the safety of her children at risk because she found that barista offensive? Shouldn’t she be keeping her eyes on the road?
    It’s getting old to see uptight women wasting our law enforcement resources. That stand is off the road, has bushes in front of it. Rubbernecking while driving to make a complaint is not only poor judgement, she put the community on the road at risk.

  15. Daisydog says:

    How about they cite some of those ugly people, or some of them dang furenirs????

  16. waterdude2 says:

    Ha…Jay Leno just read this story on his “headlines” segment. You stay classy South Hill.

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