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Tacoma police officer charged with assaulting his wife, making threats

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on Aug. 14, 2009 at 5:02 pm with 7 Comments »
August 14, 2009 5:02 pm

A 27-year-old Tacoma police officer pleaded not guilty Friday to assaulting his wife and threatening a fellow police officer, according to court documents.

Patrol officer Aaron Joseph was allowed to remain free on the $15,000 bail he posted following his arrest Thursday evening. He is charged with second-degree assault with a firearm and felony harassment and is scheduled to appear in court again for a hearing Sept. 1.

Joseph has been placed on administrative leave and his department-issued equipment confiscated, Tacoma police said in a statement released Friday.

Joseph has been on the force for nearly three years and was assigned to the night shift, TPD spokesman Mark Fulghum said.

Puyallup police are handling the criminal investigation, and Tacoma police are conducting an internal investigation as well.

Joseph pointed a pistol at his wife’s head during a recent argument and threatened to kill her and then himself, according to a petition for a ¬†protection order filed by his wife earlier this week.

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  1. Milkshaker says:

    Sonic- Lets hope you are never convicted of something before you get your day in court.

  2. naykidmxer says:

    You work nights on the hill or eastside, and then tell me you wouldn’t wear the bluing off of your pistol too. Still no excuse for going all ” Thug Life” on your wife but can make a guy or gal a little tense!

    All in all we didn’t end up with another Brame so thanks be to God and good police work for that one!

    Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Komrades!

  3. SonicCruiser says:

    Milk, are you mildly insinuating that this incident did not happen and there is nothing remotely similar to this that actually took place?
    I’m aware one can’t always believe everything they read, and there are two sides to a story, but only one side is presented here. The other side won’t dare speak up for fear of self incrimination and in light of pending litigation. I’m just saying that this story reminds us of DB, there is an uncanny resemblance in the story. And if I were to pull a gun on a spouse or domestic relation, I would not be allowed to possess a gun. Based on this story, do you think he deserves to have his gun back?

  4. as living in neighborhood, the wife had an affair with this partner for over one yr. many arguments outdoors with husband, including abuse. it’s pretty low for a partner to have an affair with an officer he was to have a close relationship. on several occ. the wife has moved out. the partner even had a key to the residence. the husband would drive by the residence several times to find his partners police vehicle there,and suspected this for a long time.. the wife is as much to blame. the husband found his partner in bed with his wife. both officers aimed their weapons. the facts will be out in court, I have no empathy for anyone of these people. only one side of the story is being told. a professional that wanted to save his carrier should of had a level head if he valued his profession. just think about why the wife filed a restraining order, obviously to prevent being abused again. both officers should be charged. they not only made poor decisions, but misused not only their weapons, but their patrol car’s by being out of their area several times, not patroling their assigned area’s. how safe is the public with officer’s so quick to use their weapon’s. It doesn’t matter how well this officer was in his past,
    it’s obvious he had choices, and made the wrong one. Him and his partner both should be found guilty and it’s sad the wife wasn’t charged also.

  5. line 4) several times in past.
    If this was an event that didn’t involve the police dept, they would be facing a harsher charge, stat’s prove that many officers take the job home and the same happen’s, but you never hear about it until someone is shot or dead. they should be trained about their ego’s and unathourized abuse to the public. Example; the neighbor in his later 70’s yr/old, was tasered by several officers while he was on the ground, because he couldn’t tell them where his crimminal son was. This was witnessed by several neighbors,even though he was taken by ambulance, he didn’t press charges due to going against several officers that would have denied the incident. Do you feel protected?

  6. If this aws an event that didn’t involve the police dept. They would be facing a much harsher charge. Stat’s prove that officer’s take the job home with them and the same abuse happen’s, but you only hear about it if someone is shot or dead. They should be trained about their ego’s and unathorized abuse to the public. Example; the neighbor in his late 70’s was tasered several times while on the ground, because he didn’t know where his criminal son was. This was witnessed by several neighbors, as he was taken by ambulance. He refused to press charges due to going up against several officers that would have denied the incident. Do you feel protected?

  7. Steven Rideout says:

    I find this disturbing being he is one of the officers involved in the killing of Jacqueline Sawyer’s what is your thought on this

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