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Archives: July 2007


TNT’s editor explains decision to publish Adhahn’s photo

This is a special Lights & Sirens appearance by TNT editor David Zeeck. Here’s what he had to say on his blog today about publishing Terapon Dang Adhahn’s photo in the paper and online:

Since Tuesday the TNT had a photo of the man charged in several rapes of young South Sound girls. But we didn’t decide to print it until late yesterday.

Why wait?

Tacoma police asked us not to print the image while they were out questioning witnesses in other cases linked to the man. They wanted to present half a dozen photos of

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Adre’anna’s disappearance still resonates at the TNT, in Tillicum

The case of Adre’anna Jackson made quite an impression on us here at Lights & Sirens, so much so that you’ll notice we have a category devoted to her on this blog.

Stacey, who wrote a great profile of Adre’anna, still keeps the case file on top of her desk, more than a year after the girl’s remains were found out in Woodbrook.

She was the first person I thought of when authorities announced last week that Terapon Dang Adhahn was a prime suspect in the death of Zina Linnik.

The effects of her

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Adhahn was a registered voter – how?

One of the many searches we ran on Terapon Adhahn over the past few days revealed that he has been a registered voter since 2002.

That doesn’t make much sense – Adhahn was a legal permanent resident, according to the immigration folks, but not a U.S. citizen. Plus, he was a convicted sex offender, which should have barred him in another way.

Since it’s the weekend, we can’t call the bureaucrats at the county or the Secretary of State’s office to get a clear answer on this one, but we’re working on it. Meanwhile, I

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Calling jerrygarcia

One of our online readers, who goes by the handle jerrygarcia, raised a question about naming Terapon Adhahn, which we first did in web stories posted yesterday, before Tacoma police formally named Adhahn as a suspect in a news conference a little later.

The answer: high-level editors decided to go ahead with the name, which we had known for several days, because of the previous night’s disclosure that information from Adhahn led to the discovery of Zina Linnik’s body. Up to that point, we had relied on our general standard of not naming people before they are charged

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Adhahn’s arrival in Pierce County – 1989 looks right

When police announced yesterday that they were looking for links to Terapon Adhahn’s possible involvement in other cases of missing or slain children, the timing of his arrival in Pierce County became a burning question.

A closer look at the court records from his 1990 conviction for incest provides the best answer I’ve seen so far. (Obviously, all the reporters looking at this case are reading the same set of records – it’s a 133-page file. We’re not posting the actual document, because it includes some private information about the victim.)

The jail intake form for that

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No announcements on Zina expected today

This is Sean Robinson, pinch-hitting for the Lights and Sirens crew today.

We’re still following developments in the Zina Linnik case, pursuing a a few stray angles. Tacoma Police spokesman Chris Taylor said there won’t be any major announcements today. Five or six detectives are assembling their case for prosecutors. According to chief Don Ramsdell, that work will lead to charges against suspect Terapon Adhahn – but not until next week, perhaps a few days in.

More to come…


Harold Wright’s codefendant makes bail

Richy Carter posted $20,000 bail Thursday evening and was released from jail pending his Aug. 31 sentencing.

Carter is the friend of Baker Middle School principal Harold Wright Jr. and was convicted along with Wright of third-degree rape in an assault on a 19-year-old woman three years ago.

Wright is also out on bail. He’ll be sentenced the same day.