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Category: Autos


South Sound gas prices down for the holiday

South Sound gas prices, which last weekend appeared to have stabilized at about $3.75 a gallon, have moved lower as the Independence Day holiday approaches.

In the Tacoma area, according to The News Tribune’s Gas Deal Finder, the average price of a gallon of unleaded regular Wednesday was $3.70 a gallon, down about four cents from this time last week.

And the price of petrol declined below the $3.50 mark at least one station, the CFN station at Puyallup and Portland avenues where a gallon cost $3.49 Wednesday afternoon. The Safeway in Federal Way at 1207 S. 320th St.

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Yakima tops state list for car theft; Washington places two in U.S. Top Ten


Go to the National Insurance Crime Bureau website and look for Hot Spots 2012. There’s a map of the United States and 10 little red dots, each marking a hotbed of auto theft.

Everything east of the West Coast is empty, pristine, unsullied by a serious problem with car theft. But eight red dots reside in California. Two sit in the Evergreen State.

Yakima ranks fifth in the nation for car thefts with a 2012 rate of 674.15 thefts per 100,000 people. Spokane and Spokane Valley come in ninth nationwide with a rate of 568.34.

The Tacoma-Seattle area

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Gas prices stabilizing as holiday week approaches

If you’re driving on a holiday trip next week, here’s a little good news to make your trip a bit less trying.  Absent a major political development in the Mideast, you’ll be paying about 30 cents less a gallon for your gas over the Independence Day holiday than you did on Memorial Day.

Just a week before the holiday, gasoline prices in the South Sound appear to have stabilized at just over $3.70 a gallon.

The News Tribune’s Gas Deal Finder reports that the average price of a gallon of unleaded Wednesday in the Tacoma area was $3.73 a

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South Sound gas prices continue sharp decline while nationwide prices are steady

Average gasoline prices in the South Sound have fallen nearly 10 cents in the last week and more than three cents since Monday.

That sharp decline continues the trend that began in the third week of May when prices here briefly topped $4 a gallon.  Average prices, The News Tribune’s Gas Deal Finder reports, have dropped 33 cents a gallon in about three weeks.

That average Tuesday morning was $3.69 a gallon in the Tacoma area.

Price leaders were two Arco stations, one at North 11th and Pearl streets and the other at 11908 Pacific Ave.,

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Port of Tacoma container numbers up nearly 35 percent for year

The Port of Tacoma’s container traffic numbers, a key measurement of the port’s prosperity, have jumped by nearly 35 percent in 2012’s first four months, new figures from the port show.

The port’s terminals handled 617,076 container units through April.  That compares with 458, 477 in 2012.

Much of the credit for those bigger numbers goes to the Grand Alliance, a consortium of four shipping lines that moved to the Port of Tacoma from the Port of Seattle last July.  The four container lines, NYK, OOCL, Hapag-Lloyd and Zim, share ships and capacity in the transPacific container trade.

For April,

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South Sound gas prices once again pass $4 level

Average gasoline prices in the South Sound once again have moved beyond $4 a gallon.

Unfortunately, those prices aren’t exactly unmapped territory for South Sound consumers.  Average gas prices have crossed that $4 barrier, four times in the last two years and six times in the last five years.

Average prices at Tacoma area stations Monday were $4.02 for unleaded regular, a little less than 4 cents higher than a week ago and about 40 cents per gallon higher than a month earlier.

Chalk up those price increases to higher priced crude oil moving into the refineries and to seasonal

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Gas prices rocketing upward in South Sound

It’s only been two days since we last visited the gas price situation in the South Sound, so it’s unusual that we’re back here talking about gas prices so soon.

But, the situation merits notice because the changes over the last two days are so dramatic.  Gas prices have jumped an average of 11 cents a gallon in just two days in the Tacoma area.  In the last week, those prices have jumped by 22 cents a gallon to $3.84.

Why?  It’s hard to say other than that station owners and gas suppliers have decided to raise prices, and most

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South Sound gas prices moving upward again

After a nearly month-long decline, South Sound gasoline prices are climbing upward again this week.

The average price of a gallon of unleaded regular in the Tacoma area hit nearly $3.73 a gallon Tuesday.  That’s up nearly 12 cents a gallon since last Tuesday.

That average price is the same as it was at the end of March in the South Sound.  Prices hit a low at the end of April when the average descended to about $3.58 a gallon.  In early March, those prices peaked at $3.86 a gallon.

Gas was still available at some stations for less than

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