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Keep memory of Crystal Judson, other DV victims, alive

In 2003, David Brame killed his wife, Crystal Judson, in a parking lot before turning the gun on himself. The murder-suicide sent shock waves far beyond Tacoma, the city Brame served as its Chief of Police.

A decade later Brame’s specter continues to haunt the city.

Sean Robinson’s critical analysis of the events leading up to Brame’s crime (Trib 4/21) provides answers to the “who knew what and when” line of questioning. What is now clear, after ten years’ worth of hindsight, is that David Brame was a deeply disturbed man whose final crime should have been predictable.

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Recent killings have an invisible link: domestic violence

“Some men you just can’t reach.” An excerpt from “Cool Hand Luke”

In past columns I have made the case that some criminals could have been steered away from crime had the mental health system not been dismantled. For all the money we spend incarcerating the mentally ill, not to mention drug addicts, there is certainly an argument that money could be better spent on preventive and long term care for these unfortunate souls.

But when the crime involves domestic violence, I make no such case. I have no pity for criminals who prey on their own family, who physically assault

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All American, Destined, Wired or Gritty, Tacoma is all that

While on a bike ride across the Narrows bridge this morning my eyes drifted up from the pavement to a sign on the eastern shoreline. It was one I’ve seen hundreds of times and it read, “Tacoma – All American City” (or something like that – my brain was in vapor lock). For some reason I always failed to notice that there were numbers underneath those words: “1998  1984  1956″.

Instead of thinking, “Wow, Tacoma was an All American City three times?” I actually thought, “Wow, Tacoma was an All American City only three times in the last 56 years

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‘Tis the season for domestic violence

We may be rushing into the season of happiness and good cheer, but underneath that veneer lies a seasonal undercurrent of stress. In addition to the halting job market, people everywhere are also trying to fill stockings while continuing to pay for heat and rent. The cold weather and diminished daylight also forces people inside where they fight colds, germs and more often each other.

This seasonal trend became evident after just a couple of years as a police officer. Crime statistics, which are typically calculated over a period of years, also vary depending upon obvious elements, such as weather

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