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October the month to reflect on the toll of domestic violence

Back in the old days, when computers were bigger than cars, cops used a simple sheet of paper to jot down the details of a call for service. I saved a few old worksheets and occasionally pull one out to see what was happening on the street in, say, 1992.

Turns out the average workday twenty-plus years ago bears a striking resemblance to my last shift about a year ago, to include the inclusion of at least one domestic violence dispute per shift.

The continuing presence of domestic violence is disappointing, to say the least. Though mandatory arrest laws (passed

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‘Tis the season for domestic violence

We may be rushing into the season of happiness and good cheer, but underneath that veneer lies a seasonal undercurrent of stress. In addition to the halting job market, people everywhere are also trying to fill stockings while continuing to pay for heat and rent. The cold weather and diminished daylight also forces people inside where they fight colds, germs and more often each other.

This seasonal trend became evident after just a couple of years as a police officer. Crime statistics, which are typically calculated over a period of years, also vary depending upon obvious elements, such as weather

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