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The prime time crime of 2012

Year end reviews are a time-honored tradition in print journalism. Looking back on the year’s crime stories may not match the feel-good quality of other reviews, but it may highlight our progress on the many challenges we have faced. And vice versa.

So, here is a laundry list of the most popular topics addressed in Blue Byline this past year (based on site visits and commentary).

January: We began the year with the steamy topic of marijuana legislation. The state legislature was under a great deal of pressure to fix the gaping, truck-sized holes in the then current statute, and

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Funding mental health means saving lives

On a warm and sunny day a few years ago my partner and I were rolling slowly on police mountain bikes up 7th St in the Hilltop neighborhood. I remember hearing a loud noise from behind us, a noise that sounded like a wild animal screaming, when something crashed into me. I flew threw the air, landed on the street and tasted pavement.

That something that tossed me off my bike and into next week was a human being. In fact, it turned out to be a homeless man with whom I was familiar. At least I thought I knew him.

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