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Eyman’s I-1185 is a tired cliche

Tim Eyman is not my hero.

Eyman is, of course, the consummate citizen-activist who in recent years has made it his mission to dismantle our state’s taxation system. Proponents are wildly ecstatic about his ideas, which have included legalizing slot machines, down sizing the King County Council, cutting taxes that provide general public funding, and reducing property taxes by 25%.

This time Eyman’s initiative is a reboot:  I-1185 would require a 2/3 majority for future tax increases. This initiative mirrors past attempts, such as I-1053 (2010) and I-960 (2007). While these measures passed, both were relegated to

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Turning off the Internet pimp engines

Last Thursday, with a flourish of her pen, Governor Gregoire finally confronted the malignant growth of sex trafficking. It’s about time.

Most notably, the Governor’s signature places culpability on the Internet companies that have been unwilling to eradicate the presence of human trafficking from their sites (Trib 3/29).

It has been at least three years since this crime has become a repititive topic of conversation at the regional gang meetings I attend. Since then I have been briefed on numerous prostitution investigations involving young girls, most of whom where under the age of 18,

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Continued violence demands legislative solutions

If you’ve been keeping up on news in the Puget Sound area you already know that 2012 has been a violent year. In January a park ranger, Margaret Anderson, was shot and killed at Mount Rainier National Park. In early February our region garnered unwanted national attention due to the domestic violence homicide of two small boys by the now infamous Josh Powell. Just last week we lost another police officer, State Patrol Trooper Tony Radulescu, at the hands of a meth-crazed criminal.

Violent crime remains a critical issue. The question is, what are we doing about it?

One hurdle

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