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Rob McKenna: a non-partisan endorsement

In my former police department the television in the break room, like the police officers themselves, worked 24/7. Sporting events, sitcoms, even nature shows were acceptable programming, but when someone switched over to one of those loud political commentary channels (MSNBC, Fox News, take your pick) I headed for the door.

It’s not that I don’t care about politics. The problem is that when we restrict ourselves by partisanship – red or blue, conservative or liberal –  our voting choices become too narrow, too divisive. Selecting a candidate by the qualifier (R) or (D) is also no guarantee that the

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McKenna: A candidate for all seasons

About a year ago I trudged into yet another of the countless meetings it seems I attend. This one, the Public Policy Committee for the Tacoma-Pierce YWCA, promised a speaker whose reputation as a champion for victims of domestic violence was well known at every level of the YWCA.

The speaker was polished and passionate. He spoke without notes and with a depth of knowledge that was surprising given the broad spectrum of his job description. He answered questions in a personable and articulate fashion, and in short, he impressed the heck out of everyone in the room.

All of this was accomplished despite the fact that the speaker, Attorney General Rob McKenna, was a Republican addressing a group comprised mostly of females (and a stray cop or two) in an organization most would consider to have a slight tilt to the left. This would also be that same Attorney General McKenna who just yesterday announced his intention to run (article) for Governor of our state.

Now I have a new definition for “good meeting.”

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