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At the intersection of Violence and Stupidity

Guess which one of the following scenarios actually ocurred:

1) A young gang member shoots at a rival under the mistaken impression that the rival was responsible for a previous shooting. Fortunately, the rival is unhurt and the shooter’s gang realizes their mistake. But rather than make amends, they return to finish the job, shooting the rival five times.

2) A man calls 911 with the simple complaint, “There’s a dead guy in the bushes.” Police arrive at his house and find a dead guy in the bushes. After a brief investigation, during which the caller states, “You can’t arrest me, I’m the one that called 911!” he is arrested on homicide charges.

3) A man asks his neighbors if he can borrow their trash can to hide a dead body.

If you’ve been reading the Trib lately, you already know that the third scenario is, according to police accounts, a true story. The latest update on the incident states that charges have been filed against Anthony T. Clark for the killing of sixteen-year-old Devondre Davis. The story grabs us because we simply can not believe someone would ask a neighbor if they could “put a dead body in their trash can”, according to the report (9/9).

Believe it.

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