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Red light cameras are intrusive, annoying and necessary

Several years ago I was I was running late for my first shift with a new department. I made a right turn at a red light, fervently hoping none of my new coworkers were close enough to view my rolling stop.

Weeks later, I fished out an envelope mailed to me from my employer. The $100 ticket inside was not only an unpleasant surprise, but it was also my introduction to Redflex.

Although I had heard about red light cameras, I had no idea that I had just rolled through an intersection equipped with one of Redflex’s infamous new contraptions.

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Task forces really are the long arm of the law

When cops work together, good things can happen.

Last week a mixed bag of local, state and federal cops put the finishing touches on a cooperative effort known as Shiny Penny. After six months of work the officers and agents working for Pierce County’s Auto Crimes Enforcement task force (say that three times fast), netted a treasure trove of stolen vehicles, firearms and other property (Trib 3/2).

Twenty-one people went for that shiny penny, and ended up dangling on ACE’s hook. That is the type of successful collaboration that the other Washington would do well to emulate.

Unfortunately, even

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Eyman’s I-1185 is a tired cliche

Tim Eyman is not my hero.

Eyman is, of course, the consummate citizen-activist who in recent years has made it his mission to dismantle our state’s taxation system. Proponents are wildly ecstatic about his ideas, which have included legalizing slot machines, down sizing the King County Council, cutting taxes that provide general public funding, and reducing property taxes by 25%.

This time Eyman’s initiative is a reboot:  I-1185 would require a 2/3 majority for future tax increases. This initiative mirrors past attempts, such as I-1053 (2010) and I-960 (2007). While these measures passed, both were relegated to

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