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Mythical monsters come to life – on drugs

On a busy street corner, in the fading light of a crisp autumn day several years ago, I witnessed a truly bizarre scene.

A man was sprawled on the ground, his limbs pinned by the four cops who arrived ahead of me. He was thrashing around, sweating and screaming incoherently, and I realized with a shock that his flailing limbs were actually lifting the four officers off the ground.

The surreal nature of this scene, reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster rather than a real man, is no longer remarkable. Though at the time I was not aware of the physiological

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Synthetic drugs and ignorance are dangerous mix

Consider, if you will, a drug specifically engineered for the pleasure of the recreational drug user. Compared to its natural derivative, marijuana, this synthetic version can produce a high up to 800 times stronger, last hours longer, and foil routine drug screen tests. All that for just a few dollars more than the comparative cost of a joint.

For people willing to risk their health and freedom on illegal drugs, synthetic marijuana must sound pretty darn good. Instead, they would find this perception to be unequivocally and tragically wrong.

There is a general lack of public knowledge regarding the newly

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