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Let the sun shine, minus the crime

When the sun shines down, as it occasionally does here in the Northwest, its densely packed clusters of photons do a lot more than just deliver a megadose of Vitamin D.

The results are a mixed bag as sunbeams turn houses inside out and people spill forth. Many use the invigorating power of sunbeams for summer activities such as outdoor sports, barbeques, parties and events that can only be done outside.

A small percentage of people, whose summer activies are always anticipated at the cop shop, meander along the heated pavement and contribute to the seasonal spike in street crime.

Like the Taliban awaiting the Spring fighting season, much of the crime stats spike during the long, hot (or at least warm) summer days. Some of the criminal activities that move outside during the summer include drug dealing, tagging, random street crime and gang shootings.

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