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18 months of misery better be worth new SR 16 offramp

As the Trib’s editorial (6-24) so eloquently points out, the newly completed DOT offramp will create a seamless connection between I-5 and SR 16, solve the long-term traffic engineering problems in the T-dome area, and create a brighter future for drivers, everywhere. Yay.

For those of us who have slogged from I-5 to SR 16 every afternoon, the last 18 months have been a descent into a merging, tail-gating, road rage-filled hell.

If you’ve been driving the I-5 northbound to SR 16 route regularly, I don’t have to tell you about the colossal backups, the abrupt lane changes, the aggressive cutting and brake-locking horror that our off-ramp experience has become as a result of DOT’s highly incapable group of puzzle masters.

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